3 rd qingxiao fairy land Lin lei

The Fourth Langxiao Fairyland is outstanding.
5 th Bixiao Fairy Land Jia Lanxian
6 th Langxiao Xianyu YunMubai
7 th zixiao fairy land Dingyuan
Shige in the first blue sky and fairy land
The ninth god, Xiao Xian Yu Yue Hua
The tenth Dan Xiao Xian Yu Ling Huang Xian
The true fairy list is quite special this time.
Ten seats not only have three immortals at the top, but also a true fairy.
It is the first time that the true immortal list has been established!
Moreover, there is no real fairy in the real fairy list.
At the beginning, in the battle of Langfeng City, Yuxiao Fairyland was expected to compete for the true fairy list, and the five immortals were killed by the wild town of Magic Land, which caused great damage.
The true fairy list Lohan list has two huge lists hanging to build a wooden tree.
A total of 20 true immortals, each name is blooming brilliantly!
These 20 are the most powerful and outstanding tianjiao genies in the fairyland and the pure land of bliss in the past 100 thousand years!
In 100,000 years, I don’t know how many true immortals were born in the fairy land and the pure land of bliss.
But only these 20 people are qualified to leave their names on the Lohan List!
The group looked at the real fairy list and the names all showed admiration and envy.
It is definitely a high honor in life to be able to leave a name on your face!
It won’t be long before the names of these twenty true immortals will go down in history all over the world!
Nine fairies and pure land, all the fairies, Wang Jiangzhe, are all relieved at this time.
There was no change in seven days.
It’s quite quiet over there.
The list of true immortals and the list of arhats have been completed, that is, the first 100 true immortals in the two domains went to build a tree to practice.
He’s a real fairy, and he can also practice on the top of a wooden mountain. The vitality here is much stronger than that of his fairy mountain.
This is almost a perfect ending for the Nine Clouds Conference.
The first nine fairy land and the pure land of bliss, the emperor Xianwang, are always worried about one thing, that is, what will happen to the demon land.
After all, in recent years, two peerless devils have re-emerged.
Every statue of the devil makes the monks of the two domains fear.
Who all don’t know whether there will be any action in the magic field of the Nine Meetings?
Now it seems that they worry too much.
At the end of the two lists, the enthusiasm for group repair discussion has not dissipated.
Take part in the competition of the two lists, the true fairy capital returns to the top of Jianmu Mountain to rest and wait for the official practice of Jianmu Shenshu in the morning.
The Nine Meetings seemed calm, and everything went smoothly and peacefully.
At this time, all the immortals and monks, including all the immortals and kings, could not guess what would happen in the future.
Chapter two thousand six hundred and two out!
On the first day of the Ninth Congress, the morning sun rises and the sky breaks.