Holy shit … Lin Chong took another hundred steps back.

Lin Man was also stunned.
No wonder Lin Man rushed back and forth for 30 times without provoking this powerful man to start work. It turns out that people didn’t wake up at all. Those attacks are probably like tigers waving their tails at will when they are disturbed by flies in their sleep.
At this time, ten’ crane’ class missiles made him feel dangerous.
"How dare the gangster and the like sneak attack on me …"
A thunderous sound exploded in the air, and the’ sneak attack’ was implemented before it was finished.
Boom boom!
Ten’ Crane’ class missiles blew up a virtual explosion, which made the body of this possessed and powerful temple shrouded in doom, thunder and white virtual tearing, but it did not cause any harm, which made him even more angry.
"Who is it …"
Boom boom!
Ten more missiles and …
"Who …"
Boom! Boom!
A total of five rounds, a total of 50′ crane’ class missiles were just 23 when they bombed the enchanted bridled eyebrows. At this moment, 50 crane-class missiles are already out of specification, but … Nothing?
Seeing that the huge temple was really blown off by 50′ Crane’ class missiles, the house was like a god, and a’ tree’ eye was left. The rock body was broken by most, but in all this peeling and fragmentation, the white virtual Lin Chong saw a glittering, extremely complicated and three-dimensional gold jade seal.
"That’s Daoyin!" Lin Chong’s ear came to Zer and exclaimed, "Daoyin begets gold! He successfully survived the fairy-scattering robbery! He is possessed and scattered! "
"Go, go, go, go, I want him to be a baby. No, no, it’s not a baby. It’s a fairy baby …" Zer was a little incoherent.
From the cracking of the elixir, mastering the world’s ingenuity to the Three Gods’ Realm, sending a false message, condensing the Taoist seal, and then passing through the scattered immortals to rob the Taoist seal, it seems that it is hard to find precious materials.
What’s more, this is still a fairy baby after Monty possessed it. It’s like an orange dress, and Zer can’t help but be jealous.
But it’s not that easy
Although the Daoyin was blown to the ground, the Chang Xianzong was stunned by a series of attacks. When he suddenly yelled at him, several white words emerged "Yu Yu! This world is born! "
Fiona Fang Shili was suddenly deprived of all life.
All the trees withered and died in a second.
Even mosquitoes and flies in the air and underground rats twitched and died at the same time.
Lin Chong and Lin Man broke their bodies, but there were no three consecutive batches of Dongfeng missiles. Thirty Dongfeng mushrooms were left there with two-dimensional mushroom people unharmed and positioned for the water mirror.
Chang Xianzong was so powerful that he roared to death the creatures within ten miles without stopping the fourth batch of missiles.
It is really the first time for this great energy to encounter this kind of missile bombing. He always made it possible to stop his opponent, but he didn’t expect his opponent to be thousands of miles away, but the missile was bombed correctly.
The fourth batch was also regarded as a killer by Lin Chong. Five F-class missiles were bombed one after another, and Chang Xianzong was possessed and powerful.
Five singularities
It seems that five stars flash in turn in the night.
After that, the black hole that swept through everything was born out of the virtual, and the crack of the broken weapon instantly involved Yuan Chang Xianzong’s possessed power.
"Ahhh ….." He roared, but his huge temple body was already blown up, and the golden jade seal in the virtual space was also cracked in layers of explosions. "Make the law! Often reincarnated! "
Going …
The great energy was completely broken, like a dead image in the mud, rocks, soil and dust during a landslide.
"Something is wrong …" Zer stared at the picture intensely and suddenly pointed to the right corner. "His! He is going to escape! "
Lin Chong looked into the corner of the water mirror and saw a whisked villain plunging into the ground and then disappearing.
This Chang Xian actually has something to drill.
Fortunately, a Dongfeng mushroom has quietly followed him.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Fairy Baby Avatar
The nameless Chang Xianzong was possessed by fifty Crane-class missiles and five Fu-class missiles, and he was still able to escape Fairy Baby and run like a doll without red ginseng.
Fortunately, an Dongfeng mushroom followed him.
Time positioning
That fairy baby is no longer as ethereal as a fairy baby, just like a living doll
But Shan Ye still has the ability to drill, tread and wave into the water, which can’t help but amaze Lin Chong outside the water mirror. It’s different after the robbery. Isn’t this the second life?
From the reality, he is a whisked baby, but from the virtual, it should be a jade road print with a golden grain.
"Normal fairy baby should not be so lively, which is stronger than the little tiger in those days." Zer is always staring at the fairy baby, and his saliva is almost flowing out. "But this is polluted by the magic bullet. Look at his eyes."
The fairy baby is lurking in a spring. The spring water hides the surging waves. The depth of the water is a piece of water. The water is like a piece of mercury. It spits out in the daytime and spits out at night. If Lin Chong guessed correctly, this water should be called the mother of surging waves.
This water is so powerful that it can be refined into a’ wonderful thunder’ in the Wan Fa Xian Juan, which can make the Chinese forget their worries and become an optimist idiot.
Xian Yingxian was raised by this green water temperature, and his eyes gradually turned purple from the day he was attacked. This color Lin Chong has seen is exclusive to Monty.
"I guess he can still remain sane after the apocalypse, but the monty will swallow him up sooner or later," Lin Chong asserted.