It’s irritating. It’s irritating. Tao rou’s whole person is about to explode, and his anger rushes straight into his head without thinking about it. Suddenly he shouts "buy all" "Auntie, the beautiful camper, this mother-in-law wants to buy two counter clothes at twice the price. Please help her pay theContinue Reading

There is a law here, the law of the jungle! Wu Daozun saw this information in vain. Before Cui came over, there were also weeping souls. This group of creatures would have scruples about his hand. Because the consciousness of this group of creatures in Cold Spring Prison is onlyContinue Reading

So when they looked into the distance, they saw Zhong Li’s horse and threw the whip to the hand, and asked people to present the saddle bag to Yu Wensu Ji, who also followed Zhong Li’s horse. It seemed a little embarassed. As usual, Zhong Liyi greeted Jia Di. BecauseContinue Reading