The Fourth Langxiao Fairyland is outstanding. 5 th Bixiao Fairy Land Jia Lanxian 6 th Langxiao Xianyu YunMubai 7 th zixiao fairy land Dingyuan Shige in the first blue sky and fairy land The ninth god, Xiao Xian Yu Yue Hua The tenth Dan Xiao Xian Yu Ling Huang XianContinue Reading

Looking at a blue spot on his face, Chen Lichu didn’t care about washing it with water for several times, only to find that the spot actually grew on his face and his hands felt as hard as a stone. Although he tried his best to get rid of thisContinue Reading

Although she had a bad prediction in her heart, she still felt a shock when she heard that Teacher Su had fallen. "Teacher, master, teacher younger brother Su, he is really …" The ink-tilting sound is a little shaky. Yuehua Sword Fairy frowned and said, "Sister, you still call himContinue Reading