Although she had a bad prediction in her heart, she still felt a shock when she heard that Teacher Su had fallen. "Teacher, master, teacher younger brother Su, he is really …" The ink-tilting sound is a little shaky. Yuehua Sword Fairy frowned and said, "Sister, you still call himContinue Reading

"Since I’m here, leave your life!" Yun Fan a cold drink palm roaring continue to display Xuan Yue big handprint to attack to six people. Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Yun Fan breath even six palms! In vitro, the six true qi were transformed into two-meter-high handprints, which respectivelyContinue Reading

"What?" Saying wondered, "Don’t you know?" "I don’t know" Nie Shuang shook his head. "Hum" snorts and spits out a white mist, which increases the anger. "What are you stronger than me besides your identity? !” Sure enough! Nie Shuang instantly released Sa Ying. What would hate him? The answerContinue Reading

"Why not track the target?" Lynn asked them a flash. "Tracking the target will be countered", "will be attacked" and "it is safer to walk around" Generally speaking, they seem to be afraid that if they pursue the target, they will be attacked everywhere. However, walking around is obviously uncomfortableContinue Reading

Such a situation made Cannon’s variation bite his teeth. He didn’t come back at all. Instead, he was surprised that he couldn’t come, but the other party’s direction made him really surprised-he was single-handedly preparing to pierce the position of the phoenix meeting from the north to the south …Continue Reading

Su nine niang said in a hurry, "Dad, this cow is a flower that won’t cost you money. I won’t get dirty if I take it home." Xia Fu’s feet are still hesitant. Xia Kong’s mouth towards Xia Fu Nu Nu gave him a hard stare. "There is no rigidContinue Reading