Sun Ning Yan has already suspected that the descendants of God will lead themselves and others here. The biggest killer is that God beast Phoenix is said.

"It’s not that there should be no fire phoenix." Sun Ning Yan worried that Yanglingtian shook his head calmly. "This hole is full of sulfur. If I didn’t guess wrong, Lingfengshan should be a volcano."
"Volcano?" Sun Ningyan was slightly stunned. "Isn’t it a snowy field outside the cave?"
"Ha ha, what’s so strange about this?" Looking at Sun Ning’s smoke, I was surprised, but I couldn’t help smiling. "Didn’t the girl forget that it’s a volcano covered with snow and ice?"
Wei Bo’s first-class talk steps followed Yunluo’s footsteps and others slowly moved forward.
Suddenly the noise came from the front.
Looking up, it seems that the huge cave has come to an end, and there is a dark little hole in front of us-each hole is seven feet high, and one person can enter it. It is dark, as if every path leads to a deep abyss. There is a burning smell in the hole, and everyone is awake. The small hole is connected with a hot environment.
"You go here ~ ~ ~ I’ll go there ~ ~ ~" The highest of the first few linen-covered weirdos directed their three companions to enter four small holes respectively in blunt language.
Then he followed the crowd and chose a hole to enter.
Blink of an eye, there are only a few Chengtian and Yunluo sisters left in the bustling Phoenix Flame Cave.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ Yang" xianggong "which do you choose? Why don’t we sisters accompany "xianggong" into the darkness and I’m afraid? "
Yun Luo’s waist twisted slowly and his face was still full of charm. He came forward like a water snake and leaned over to Yangling.
Yanglingtian body slightly avoided throwing herself at one side, and wenxiang stared for a long time in front of the dark cave a few steps ago, and finally the body gently moved into a dark hole.
"Let’s go, too!" Spit out a sigh, lift your feet and walk slowly past.
However, when everyone’s footsteps have just been raised, they will follow Yangling into the moment. The charming colors of Yunluo sisters’ faces suddenly disappear. After glancing at each other, their white arms are gently lifted. At the same time, the hurricane immediately rises abruptly from the virtual, and it will bring life to life. Chengtian and others will be involved in another dark hole. The 35th ancestor of Zhangyangjia ()
"You ~ ~ ~" Looking at being involved in another hole, Chengtian and others, Yanglingtian Huo Ran turned around and walked back, but the seemingly nothing small hole suddenly gave birth to a barrier that blocked his slender body.
"Ha ha," xianggong "is in a hurry. Haven’t we come in yet?" Yun Luo scratched his shoulder with charm. "But if you don’t know how to get in and out of this hole, you can get in but you can’t get out. You can’t get out. Don’t be impatient. Will my wife come to accompany you when you get things done?"
Yanglingtian’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and ignored each other’s words. He carefully stared at the mouth of the cave for a long time before his hand gently lifted one finger to the mouth of the cave.
The finger has just reached the mouth of the cave, and a powerful violent force has come back along the arm.
"Alas ~ ~ ~ Yang Gong, you really can’t break the ban here." Looking at Yanglingtian’s white youth colliding with the ban, my sister Yunmeng sighed lightly.
"Did the descendants of God send you here?" Yanglingtian eyebrows gently picked to stop the impact and turned to look at each other calmly.
Yunmeng nodded, "It’s not hard to guess by public intelligence."
"What?" Yanglingtian’s eyes look straight at each other’s leisure face with a sharp gaze, and it seems that the woman in front of him will see through the general "on whether the descendants of God or inferno want to obliterate it, but it’s just a snap of your fingers."
"Maybe it’s the song of candlestick and maybe it’s the incomplete sword in your hand." Yunmeng’s expression is not as charming as her sister’s. "It’s very likely that Yang Gong came together with his brother and sister, regardless of the warning of God’s descendants, or why he always had to do this."
"Ask Tianque Song?" Yanglingtian one leng immediately shook his head with a wry smile. "I have seen it, but I can’t remember what it is."
"You’ll remember."
Yanglingtian’s wry smile has just fallen, and Yunluo has already shouted first, and a slender palm has reached her shoulder.
Hmm? Cloud slightly one leng looked round.
However, I saw Yunmengnai look at it and then shook my head and gave a wry smile. "It seems that you should be careful when talking to the public. You should know from your sister’s attitude towards the singer that we are doing less and singing songs, but I can also tell the public that we are not only the reason for singing songs, but also the descendants of God. We don’t know that it may be the same as us or different."
Then she paused for a moment before her eyes lifted gently. "If my husband wouldn’t spy on us at this time, it wouldn’t be good for you. What you should do now is to walk along the cave in front of you and live in it. It’s your ancestor Yang Zhuochen from whom you should get something. For now, the more secrets the public holds, the more secure you and your friends will be. It’s possible that these secrets will blackmail us to protect your friends, isn’t it?"
"Please think twice." Finally, she added that she walked with her sister to a cave in front of her. Yanglingtian quietly watched Yunluo sisters step into another small hole and thoughtfully for a long time. After all, she turned and walked along the narrow stone road.
It’s dark in the cave. I don’t know whether it’s because the cave is narrow or because of him. The temperature in the cave is much hotter than that in the cave and it’s so quiet that it’s scary. But for fighters in SHEN WOO like Yanglingtian, the cave seems to have been listening to their own steps for a long time.
Suddenly a faint sound came from the stone wall next to it.
"Hoo ~ ~ ~ Hoo ~ ~" seems to be a dying old man who suddenly can’t breathe, and it seems to be a mouse crawling almost weakly. If the surrounding silence is abnormal and Yangling Tianxiu has reached the realm of SHEN WOO, the root can’t be found.
Hmm? Yanglingtian slightly hesitated and finally turned around and walked back.
About three or four steps away, at the corner of the stone wall, one person can bend down through the gap and appear in front of Yanglingtian. Because the gap is not big and the hole in the corner is dark, it will be difficult to find it if you don’t hold the wall or deliberately explore.
Stay in Yanglingtian and finally frowned and slowly walked in.
After a short gap, it suddenly grew a lot, which was quite similar to the foundation of the outer stone cave. It could accommodate a person walking straight and still faintly revealed a little light.
Looking around for a long time, finally, a shameful square stone house appeared in front of Yanglingtian. Among the stone houses, a dim night bead embedded in a black stone wall gave off a little light and brought a little light to the surrounding dark environment.
The night pearl square is a small bed carved by Zhang Shitou. A ragged but not dirty old man with silver hair is lying on the bed facing the stone wall and can’t see clearly.
"Small spirit you come back? Cough ~ ~ ~ "
After a short silence, the old man in bed seemed to notice someone coming in and immediately called out softly, bringing a whole cough at the same time.
"Not a little spirit?" Didn’t wait for the imaginary answer. The old man couldn’t help but touch the edge of the bed and struggled to turn around.
Immediately before an old show.
"Huh?" Yanglingtian was slightly stupefied-old but with a somewhat familiar face, much like himself. In the secret passage of Anguo Wangfu, I saw the virtual shadow-the virtual shadow of Yang Zhuo, the first generation master of the King’s Palace, was the tall and heroic face of the virtual shadow, but the old man was as old as a candle in the wind.