Even Fangzhou feels that she is still very generous and respects personal emotional development if it does not affect her family’s life.

"I didn’t say anything," Jane said with a relaxed smile. "I told her I didn’t!"
Even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze couldn’t help laughing.
"But," Jane added, "she also played the Sue’s home and said if this was Sue’s idea? And asked me if Sue said something and knew something about it. I didn’t respond to her. "
Even Fangzhou had long thought that such a big move would definitely attract attention. The villagers have already divined, and now their interest has passed. But how can Zhao Rujun, who is so sophisticated, not ask around?
"She is so ask! Anyway, I didn’t tell her family that she couldn’t stand it in our family! " Lianfangzhou service road
"I think so too!" Jane nodded and laughed
So everyone left this conversation and talked about it again. Don’t talk and laugh all the way. It was also lively and soon arrived home.
My third aunt saw that she bought so many things again. "Ouch!" She helped to carry them together, but even Fang Qing and Lian Che couldn’t help watching.
"Is it going to build something at the village entrance?" Third aunt asked.
Even Fang Zhou never avoided people when discussing things with Jane, but he also took Lian Ze together and asked him a few comments from time to time, so his third aunt said that she was careless and listened to it.
"Well, start the day after tomorrow! Let’s make lunch as usual! " Even fangzhou nodded.
The third aunt "oh" looked at the donkey cart and said, "Go back and buy more shallots. They can’t grow so fast in our garden!"
Aunt San doesn’t object now that even Fangzhou treats workers with meat and bone soup. It’s good to have bone soup to drink and eat almost every day, and more importantly, she earns a lot of money!
Even Fang Zhou promised a smile "really forgot this! Go back and buy more onions and keep them in the corners of the vegetable garden! "
Allium fistulosum is very fragrant, which is an excellent seasoning for pancakes and cooking. Adding some to cooking on weekdays not only makes the color better, but also tastes better.
By the afternoon of the next day, the work at the fork in the road was finished, and even Fangzhou took her siblings to have a look and was very satisfied.
The fruit pits in Xiaohuaguo Mountain have also been dug according to her requirements, with a total of 4,360 pits, which means that 4,360 fruit trees can be planted.
The top of the mountain was leveled out to build a wooden house.
Lian Fangzhou plans to draw a sketch from those beautiful villas in previous lives, and then build a high watchtower with the size of an ordinary pavilion next to it, so that you can have a panoramic view of everything around you from the watchtower.
Lian Fangqing and Lian Che looked at the fruit tree pits one by one, and the monkey was so anxious that even Fangzhou couldn’t wait to go into the mountains to dig fruit trees at once.
Lian Fangzhou smiled and said, "Don’t worry, wait for three or five days, and we can go to the construction site at the entrance of the village if I don’t follow!"
Even Fang Qing and even Che Che, though impatient, knew what was more important and agreed.
It is very important to lay the foundation. It is very important to set off firecrackers and offer tributes to the gods. When you are with Lian Fangzhou, please ask him to make decisions.
This day early in the morning, even the four brothers and sisters of Fangzhou and Lian Ze, including three aunts, passed. Even Fangzhou invited Zhang Lizheng and his wife, Zhang Auntie, and several families in the village treated people well and had some contacts.
There are also many people who come to see the excitement uninvited.
Don’t talk about children, don’t say that it’s rare to see the excitement several times a year. It’s enough to attract many children to say that there will be a lot of candy divided up for everyone after the fireworks are set off.
Even fangzhou and others came to see a long square table with square meat, whole chicken and whole fish piled up neatly, a big pot of wine, three glasses, three pairs of chopsticks, a candlestick and a three-legged copper incense burner in the middle.
Gu Shi and a Taoist priest wearing a blue cassock with hexagrams printed on it, wearing a flat-topped square hat and holding a dusting hand are scattered around talking, which is surrounded by those workers.
When I saw Lian Fangzhou coming, I smiled and hugged my fist and called "Lian Girl!"
Even Fangzhou introduced Zhang Lizheng and others to Gu Shi, and also introduced the Taoist priest to her and the others, saying that it was the Taoist priest of Hongye Guanbai.
Zhang Lizheng seems to have heard or known this Bai Daochang and talked with him with a smile.
"I don’t know much about it. I’ll leave it to Uncle Li and Uncle Gu! Just say it if you are told! " Even fangzhou laughed
Zhang Lizheng and Gu Shixiao smiled and made polite remarks. It was almost time for them to discuss and start the ceremony.
Bai Daochang inserted incense and lit a candle. He brushed the dust in front of the offering table, shook two bells in one hand and held them high at the height of his ears. He shook Lingling’s mouth in circles and sang something. All the people didn’t ring and listened on both sides.
Even Fang Zhou listened carefully, and all his readings were parallel prose, which generally sounded quite interesting.
With the increasingly rapid ringing of the high-pitched bell, Bai Daochang led Gu Shi, and even a few brothers and sisters from Fangzhou lined up behind their backs and bowed to the table sweetmeats while reading some auspicious words.
So the ceremony is finished.
Atmosphere was a loose and they started talking and laughing again.
Looking back, he asked two workers to take out two long firecrackers, and the crowd laughed and automatically stepped aside.
The crackling firecrackers are deafening, and it is very festive that the red firecrackers are scattered in the smoke.
Firecrackers over a piece of red gas filled with thick cigarettes. Chapter 151 starts ()
Zhang Lizheng walked over and said "Congratulations!" to Lian Fangzhou and Lian Ze. They also more pleasure before follow said a few.
Lian Fangzhou and Lian Ze replied with a smile.
Followed by the children’s favorite link, four workers each walked in the crowd with a big plate in their hands, laughing and asking everyone to take snacks filled with melons, pines, dried dates, dried longan, cloud cakes and other sweets and preserved fruits.
The children cheered and the adults smiled.
They all praised Lian’s family for being generous and willing to give up
"Fangzhou, this is really a good day!"
"That doesn’t depend on how many houses have to be built on such a large piece of land!"
Even fangzhou and lianze laughed and entertained everyone, and everyone was very friendly and polite. When they saw that the construction was going to be started, they would no longer bother and leave in succession.
Of course, there are people who think they are "kind-hearted", especially those who come to Lianfangzhou’s brother and sister.
"This is a big deal. Why didn’t you invite your big uncle and aunt to such an important occasion? Even if your two families have had conflicts and they have gone a little too far, they are still elders. You should invite them to this occasion or others will gossip! "
Even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze exchanged a look with each other, and Lian Ze was still young and didn’t know how to hide his face. He hardly brought out his tracks without saying a word.
Even Fang Zhou felt a burst of disgust and disgust in his heart. He smiled and perfunctory a few words and even Ze went away to greet others.
Elder? A little too much? Is it really "a little too much" for those two couples to stand together?
Seize food, almost sell her, buy off lai gangsters to make trouble, insult her by lai gangsters, bully younger siblings and rush into the house to search for silver title deeds …
Can the elders do this one by one? Is it "a little too much"?
Even Fang Zhou really doesn’t like that kind of person who talks like it’s easy! It’s disgusting to say what you say and do, but
This kind of people seems to be everywhere. They always feel that they are at the moral high ground and that they are very important and it is necessary to "point" others.
What do you always remember when things are over? People should be generous, especially to their elders!
They never think about what they would do if the same thing happened to them.
They gradually left Gu Shi’s side and greeted the workers to start working and lay the foundation. Even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze, Jane and so on looked at Lian Fang Zhou and took Lian Fang Qing’s two little and three aunts back.
Jane and Lian Ze stayed.
"Sister, when this house is built, we will dig fruit trees, right?" Even Fang Qing could not help but ask 1 again.
I just saw such a wide piece of land here, and even Fangqing was happy that it was all her own territory, but I was worried that it would take a long time to build it!
Even Fangzhou laughed. "There is Uncle Gu leading people to work here. Our family needs someone to come and turn around from time to time every day. Well, let’s go to Xianteng Mountain in a couple of days when the weather is good!"
I’m afraid the two little guys won’t be able to sleep at night if they don’t go again!
"really! Great! Great! It’s all good weather these days. It must be all good weather! " Even Fang Qinghe and Che cheered.