It’s irritating. It’s irritating. Tao rou’s whole person is about to explode, and his anger rushes straight into his head without thinking about it. Suddenly he shouts "buy all" "Auntie, the beautiful camper, this mother-in-law wants to buy two counter clothes at twice the price. Please help her pay theContinue Reading

There is a law here, the law of the jungle! Wu Daozun saw this information in vain. Before Cui came over, there were also weeping souls. This group of creatures would have scruples about his hand. Because the consciousness of this group of creatures in Cold Spring Prison is onlyContinue Reading

I was frightened by this scream. "What’s wrong?" Just lying in bed, Ye Bing immediately came running. When I came in, I saw Mo Yun Ye Bing’s girlfriend and I sitting in the toilet and looking at each other stupidly. After staring blankly for a long time, I finally shookContinue Reading

A minute later Mark strolled past an armed sentry. Mark can see the armed sentry. The armed sentry couldn’t see Mark. "Hey, do you feel anything?" "What’s the matter?" "I feel like someone just passed me." "… the detector didn’t respond to your illusion." "… well, let’s go to theContinue Reading

Anyway, these black treasure hunters are well aware of their purpose of going into the wasteland. Just let them know that if they want to run wild in the wasteland, they must first ask them if they agree. "Ha ha …" Treasure hunters in black face upwards after laughing primlyContinue Reading

Wu Tianyin looked at him without saying anything. "Brother Yin, I was wrong. Please forgive me once … I beg you. I don’t want to go!" Chen Er blindly lay on Wu Tianyin’s legs and cried for decades. Men are just like children. Real people are like this. Impulses andContinue Reading

God emperor’s eyes changed greatly, his pupils contracted violently, and he stared at the protoss bones in the valley of God. After hiding, his palm was clenched into a fist and trembled slightly! Naturally, he can see that these protoss points have fallen for less than a hundred years! TheContinue Reading