I was frightened by this scream. "What’s wrong?" Just lying in bed, Ye Bing immediately came running. When I came in, I saw Mo Yun Ye Bing’s girlfriend and I sitting in the toilet and looking at each other stupidly.
After staring blankly for a long time, I finally shook my head. The soldiers looked at me and burst out laughing. "I said Hao you two." The more he said, the more he wanted to laugh. He just laughed without saying anything.
Moyun blushed instantly and didn’t good the spirit said, "Laugh at you and get out of here."
Faced with embarrassment, I took the lead to go out and saw the soldier still giggling there. I couldn’t pull him out again and closed the door conveniently.
"I said, why is Bing Moyun in there? Isn’t this a joke?"
Ye Bing finally stopped laughing. "What happened to me when you startled me? That’s it. She spent the night with me last night. I, she went back early. Who knows she didn’t leave?"
I didn’t want to explain too much, because we are already too familiar with each other, and he also saw my embarrassment. "Don’t worry, I won’t mind if you don’t know yet. Okay, I’m freezing. I’m going to get dressed."
In order to calm my mind, I sat on the sofa, picked up the table and ate the apples. Soon I heard the toilet flush, Mo Yun knocked on the door and came out, looking at me flatly.
"I’m sorry, Mo Yun, I didn’t know you were in there."
Mo Yun shook his hand. "Forget it. I’m not going to blame you for anything. It’s not a day or two since you were short-tempered. By the way, Leihao, how did you come here?"
My expression is a little naive. "It’s a bit complicated. I’ll take a shower first."
"Go, go," Moyun felt that I had a great smell and didn’t say much.
The smell of smoke, rain, and oily hair has not been washed for two days, which made me wash it in the bathroom for twenty minutes. First, it refreshed myself, and second, it washed away my bad luck these days.
When I came out, I saw Mo Yun and Bing eating breakfast with great love, which reminded me of me and Yu Fei.
I broke my memory and walked over. I sat down and put breakfast in front of me. "I haven’t had breakfast yet, so I’ll save it for you."
Looking at the table bread and Jin Dian, I didn’t think much about eating it directly. They seemed to see that I was surprised, "Hao, how did you think of me?"
I don’t want to tell them that I have no place to live, because once I tell them, they will be worried, "Don’t you want to come and see you? By the way, soldier, do you have money? Lend me 1000 to save the emergency."
When I say this, I seem to be used to it. "You know that there must be something. I have money, but Hao, you have to tell me honestly if something happened."
"Yes, LeiHao, did something happen to you?" Moyun agreed, holding Ye Bing’s hand.
"Tell me honestly whether you broke up with Yu Fei." The soldier stared at me with extremely serious eyes. I dare not look at him guiltily. "No, we are in love."
Mo Yun is a clever ghost, and my guilt seems to have been seen by her. "Really? Then I’ll call Feifei now and ask her to pick you up." Then she took out her mobile phone and dialed it.
"Feifei, your house" I grabbed her mobile phone and didn’t let her go on. It was because I was guilty. I moved my watch. However, I found that I was cheated again. Mo Yun’s mobile phone is also an interface that pretends to call. I wonder if women can cheat men like actors.
"I knew you were a ghost. I thought it was true. Leihao, did you break up with Feifei? Tell me the truth." Mo Yun stared at me with big eyes and asked me if I was guilty. I became more silent
I threw my phone to her and said slowly, "Yes, I broke up. What’s the matter? Is it necessary to force me like this? Isn’t it just a breakup? Who hasn’t broken up? So are you?"
As soon as I finished saying this, Mo Yun slapped me. Even Ye Bing didn’t expect that Mo Yun’s expression was very angry. "Leihao, do you know that I really want to beat you for Feifei? I haven’t had a chance."
"What have you done over the years? Feifei is such a good woman. You are willing to make her sad. If you don’t feel bad about me, my sister will feel bad about it."
Mo Yun is not only Yu Fei’s best friend but also her cousin, and I also regard her as my sister in my heart. It can be said that Mo Yun can catch up with Yu Fei and help me a lot.
I didn’t resist, and I didn’t want to answer. Mo Yun also glared at me angrily. Ye Bing took out a cigarette and handed it to me. He knew that I was also annoyed now.
I didn’t refuse to smoke. I thought maybe smoking could relieve my troubles.
Aside Ye Bing didn’t know what Mo Yun said, and I didn’t catch it clearly. Mo Yun also gradually became calm.
I pressed my half-smoked cigarette into the ashtray and looked at them and said, "Maybe it’s my scum. Now that she broke up with me, it’s better. It’s better for her to meet someone better than to suffer around me."
Although Mo Yun became calm, her heart was very angry with me. "Did Feifei tell you what she was going to do?"
Yes, she said she would go to America to be a dancer.
Mo Yun nodded as if he always knew the same thing. "What are you going to do? Do you want to keep fooling around like this?"
I thought for a moment, "Let’s have a look first. I’ll find another job to stabilize myself first."
"I said Hao, I don’t know how many times you’ve said this sentence. Even if you do, it’s third nature. If you must work hard, my friend has a job for you to do."
I looked at Ye Bing curiously and asked "What job"
"Security" Mo Yun shook his head. "Are you kidding? He will do it."
"Okay, I’ll go." I readily agreed without much thought, which made them a little unresponsive.
"Hao, are you serious?" Ye Bing asked me again.
I nodded. "Let’s just do it. After all these years, I’m still successful. Maybe I’m too arrogant. Now it’s okay to think about being a security guard."
"Well, now that you’ve decided, I’ll help you." Ye Bing took out his wallet and put twenty old heads on the table. "Give you 21 thousand. You’re sure it’s over. Go to bed. Look at your black eyes."
I didn’t accept the money politely with him. Now I really don’t have any money. Without saying much, they both changed their clothes and went out. As soon as they went out, I got up on the sofa.
Now I want to sleep peacefully without thinking about what to sleep.
The fifth chapter Yu Fei left
"Give me a reason to forget to love me so much" suddenly rang when the phone was being charged.
Hearing this bell, I immediately sat up from the sofa, and my eyes were still a little confused. I couldn’t answer the call "Who?"
"It’s me in the Philippines"
I immediately woke up and responded anxiously, "Sorry Feifei, I fell asleep."
I suddenly felt very happy when I received this word. It was that she could actually call me, which made the original anxious heart feel excited.
"Oh, can you come to my place? I have something for you."
I was curious about what she would give me, but I didn’t think too much, put on my shoes and ran out.
As soon as I got to her door, I saw her wearing a red dress outside. I went over. "Are you okay?"