At the same time, it is they who benefit the most from the recovery of the western land.

Zuwu, a shaman, is doomed not to stay in the West for a long time, but has a higher status than them.
Time is the most terrible weapon in the world.
After a few years, the western creatures are constantly changing. Who will remember the contribution of Houdi except immortality?
At that time, all the credit will be given to them, and the west is still unshakable.
There’s nothing to be afraid of!
"Please ask Taoist friends to stay!"
After the vision of heaven and earth disappears, the earth is ready to leave. After all, he has come here to achieve his desire for the West again.
What are you still doing here?
It was Hou Tu who was just about to start to pick up the lead when he rushed over and stopped him.
In order to show respect, the approval did not make the avatar move, but flew directly, so it did not appear in front of Been for the first time.
"I have seen two Taoist friends in Houtu!"
It’s not surprising that the two of them appeared in the past.
After all, the western land is also their territory, and it would be strange if they didn’t come to see it, because so much noise has been made here.
"Thank you for your kindness!"
I came to the front of the been-soil, and I didn’t say anything. First, I made three salutes to the been-soil.
This first ceremony is to thank them for repairing the western land.
This second gift is thanks to the west!
This third gift is the thanks of western creatures!
The real master of the western earth has the qualification to thank the latter instead of the number of creatures in the western earth
In this world, besides heaven and earth, Hung-chun, Di Jun and Di Jiang can stand it, but no one else can.
Heaven and earth do not say much.
Hongjun’s ancestors and saints were all taught by him and naturally received their gifts.
Lord of heaven and earth in Di Jun; Di Jiang Pangu Chang, who is not a saint, can certainly be treated by them
However, today, Houdi can stand this gift because of the restoration of the western land, and the will of the earth keeps rising.
"Can two Taoist friends still have something to do?"
"If the soil is left after the event, there are still important things for me to deal with!"
Calm by the two sacraments been asked
Of course, I am calm after I have helped you so much.
"Since Taoist friends still have important things to do, being original won’t leave Taoist friends."
"When you have leisure and poverty in the future, the two of you will visit in person to thank the Taoist friends for their kindness today!"
Once again, he took a gift and said,
Chapter two hundred and ten Wu people come
"Big Brother, I’m back!"
Zu Wu Dian Hou Tu said to sitting in the first Di Jiang.
"Is the map of the vast wilderness ready?"
Nodded his head and asked the emperor’s river expression.
But I don’t talk about western things.
At the end of the day, in addition to being praised, the witch tribe gained little and paid no price. Instead of completing the comparison, it made a wedding dress for the lead.
Been done this thing completely lost properly.
I didn’t discuss it with everyone in advance, and I said that the offensive point is that the arrogant people have never regarded Yu Zuwu as their own.
Many years’ experience has been consumed by Houdi-Di Jiang hasn’t lost his temper for many years, but it’s hard for Houdi to think of a smiling face here.
Get merit in Houtu witch clan!
Hehe, why can Xuan Huang’s merits be compared with Pangu’s heart strength?
However, it is not a good thing for Houdi to do so. At the very least, after this time, the wind commented that the twelve ancestors had overwhelmed the Sanqing for the first time and became the most recognized Pangu people.
This is actually gratifying.
"I already know the trend of western landforms and veins, and I can draw a map of the flood and wasteland in a short time."
Knowing that you have made a big mistake, your tone of voice is difficult to take a few minutes carefully.
"In that case, you can stay in the Pangu Temple and draw a map of the flood and wasteland, and strive to refine it as soon as possible. My witch family will add a great foundation!"
Nodded Di Jiang continue to say with a straight face.
"By the way, don’t forget to inform the Terran Zichen’s family to pick him up after refining the map of the Great Wilderness."
"How can our wizard not attend such an important event?"
In the end, Di Jiang seems to have thought of something about been told.
Words have clearly identified Feng Zichen as a witch teacher.
Feng Zichen’s image in Di Jiang’s mind has risen to a higher level because he founded the innate kendo and became the ancestor of the wild sword.
This also prompted Di Jiang to make up his mind to give him the position of wizard!
Of course, the wizard’s position belongs to Feng Zichen, but that’s after a great development of ghosts and gods
Di Jiang decided to dispense with sending the results to Feng Zichen before the process and let him be a wizard.
"It’s big brother!"
"I will definitely pay close attention to refining the map of the wilderness!"