The explosive news that Blood and Heaven are going to duel on the platform immediately caused a small earthquake in the arena.

All this is not only because of their strength and fame, but also because of the forces behind them.
The news that God, who represents the spiritual temple, and Blood, who represents the Simon family, are going to have a life-and-death showdown is enough to shock the whole kingdom.
It was shocking to see him get up slowly and go to Taiwan as a teenager. Once again, people felt that their hearts could not bear this wave after wave of fierce information bombardment.
"Who is this man?"
"It’s going to be a life-and-death showdown with God, isn’t it?"
At this moment, he felt extremely calm as if he were going to be just a trivial game, just like all kinds of challenges in previous games. He never lost and never thought he would lose.
Every step is extremely calm and gentle from the face, and the mouth is closed and the mouth is’ your grandfather’.
Tong soul jade has been put away, and he doesn’t want to move this last killer until it is necessary.
The two men looked at each other at the duel platform, and the wind blew through the floating clothes, and the whole arena echoed with a sad atmosphere.
I don’t know how many people have been stained with the blood of the blood-stained bluestone. Every day, people will die here. Who will it be this time?
Xia Man is still very graceful and smiling, but for a moment, someone has recognized this teenager who once caused two uproar in Qiuyecheng.
"The king of destruction turned out to be him."
"It’s true that he turned out to be the king of destruction."
After recognizing Xia Man, the arena boiled again, and everyone cried out.
"King of destruction, King of destruction"
"win, win"
These people don’t have confidence in what they call the king of destruction, and even think that he can lose. But at this moment, someone in the Akiba City Arena actually fights with the famous God, which makes Akiba City and the young man who dares to stand out all over the world. Even if he loses, he will become a great event for Akiba City residents.
Among these spectators, the largest number is adventure hunters, who always admire strength and blood. Han people don’t blindly worship the top ten men. For them, it is truly worthy of worship to dare to challenge the gods and destroy the king at this moment. Blood heroism is what the hunters worship heroes.
God’s face became more and more deep. Listening to the cries around him, most Xia Man shouted suddenly and frowned. Zou’s chest was full of fame. With the appearance of a staff, the silver-gray staff was inlaid with a fist-sized crystal nucleus of Warcraft, which was beyond the gold level and reached a shocking level.
There are not many staves of odd rank in the whole continent, and even the hands of Saint Sophie, the temple of God, are just a golden stave. This providence should have a stave of odd rank, which shows that the spiritual god values him highly.
It can increase the attack power by twice, and reduce the spiritual power consumption by 20% when singing by half. Even in the face of such characters as Blood Gong, God didn’t use it, but this time he took the lead in taking it out.
This is enough to show that the master of God’s anger and spirituality has even made a strange staff for the spiritual younger brother, which also shows that God will kill Xia Man.
Xia Man’s eyes narrowed, and a sharp horse looked out of his eyes. generate and God were already immortal.
War, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war.
"Let’s go, don’t say I won’t give you a chance." God disdains to glance at Xia Man’s figure. The wind has automatically lifted his feet off the ground. The temple flying technique has made him float quietly three and a half meters off the ground. This distance has reached the limit of Wushu attack, and the martial artist has been abused in the face of the flying mage. This is exactly what God wants to plan his flying advantage as soon as he plays with a cat. Xia Man is playing with death easily.
The more I think about it, the more carefree I feel that I am sulking and condescending and staring at Xia Man.
"Shame, mean …"
"It’s shameless to call if you have something to do."
"What weather is really flattering?"
As soon as I saw the weather, I used this method, and some bad-tempered hunters began to abuse them.
I heard all kinds of ugly abuse around me, and my face changed, and my eyes stared at Xia Man intensely. If just now, God would still play residual Xia Man, so he was kind enough to save his life, so it was time to kill him.
The abuse of people has been once again imposed by God on Xia Man, and these accounts have to be recovered from Xia Man.
"Die!" When the weather broke off, it was like thunder for nine days, which immediately shocked the arena. Just now, people shouted that they had closed their mouths, and some people close to them could not help blocking their ears.
This move of "Rayman Sound" was born out of the spirit temple, the God of God, the Gospel of God, but the Gospel of God is a means to purify the spiritual strength of believers and influence believers. On this day, Rayman Sound is to shock people, but generate’s imposing manner makes people immediately become overbearing spells.
However, it seems that Xia Man’s effect is worse than that of Qiwu’s lion roar. Although the sound of Lehman shocked the surrounding people, his main goal was Xia Man, but Xia Man was like an unknown day. The shock of Lehman didn’t have any fart effect on him. A suspicious color flashed across his face. Although the sound of Lehman shocked the surrounding spectators, his main goal was motionless. It didn’t seem to be affected at all. The master intuition made him feel that the duel today might not be simple. Is there anything he missed? But the other party is just a spiritual teacher, even if it is surprising that Wushu is not enough to hurt him.