Four witch emperors shook their heads at each other. They have been arranging sacrifices for the ancestors of the Wu clan, but it is not clear about violet’s real body and Nianqi and others in the Kunlun market. Su mo nian qi and other protoss didn’t fuel qi and bloodContinue Reading

Active Skills Revive Doom Doomsday Destroyer Signboard Younger Brother can resurrect a Doomsday Meteorite into his excellent minion. Doom’s attack power depends on the caster’s intelligence. Consume magic for 7 points 4 minutes when cooling. Passive Skill Doomsday Destroyer Sighing Messenger Passive spell damage increased by 10% Make professional lawContinue Reading

As soon as it approached the pioneers, it released several attached worms, which quickly drilled the charcoal into pieces. At the same time, the pioneers rushed towards the square pot! The shell of this thing was drilled by the developer in an instant, but at this moment, a large numberContinue Reading

Taotao wind looked at each other and saw the same incomprehension from his eyes. The wind looked around and fixed his eyes on the two masked people behind Zhu Yan. "I am white." He gestured to Taotao to look at the two men. "The man in the gray mask isContinue Reading