"Little ye, that’s how I have the ability to hit me again! If you don’t have the ability, just admit that you are not as good as people and then walk on the stage, "Li Yi said.

"I fuck you!" This security guard was abused by others before he got angry directly, but now he’s been abused by others. How can this fucking security guard tolerate it?
"You idiot, don’t call names. What kind of vulgar language is grass mud horse? Others have long been silly to tease you. Where can there be people like you?" Li Yi skimming the pie mouth don’t care when it comes to
"Eat my foot" This security guard is completely angry. First of all, if this security guard can’t beat Li Yi, his job will be gone. Besides, Li Yi’s language is really a bit irritating, which has led to this situation.
"when!" Li Yi smiled as before, and then the security guard lay on the ground with a painful face.
Force is mutual. The security guard is lying on the ground now, just like how hard he kicked Li Yi.
"How about that? Is it fun? " Li Yi smiled and asked
The security guard "Death" still didn’t give up and got up directly, and then punched again.
"when!" It’s the same sound, but this time the security guard didn’t feel very painful, but he didn’t know how to look. He was surprised at the moment.
"It seems that this time you are smarter, less energetic, less energetic," said Li Yi with a smile.
"Who the hell are you? Did you deliberately come to the scene? " The security guard looked at himself, but he couldn’t beat others, so he prepared a plan.
"Hit a field? According to this broadcast, I said that I can release this security guard after three minutes in your hand, right? Look, it’s been three minutes now, and then this security guard is me, "said Li Yi."
"No, I want to compete with you. Only when I win can I be the security guard," said the former security guard.
If this broadcaster is happy, the security guard must be a strong man. If the two of them compete, they will definitely win that one, which is the strongest, and then they can be security guards.
"Are you sure I didn’t do it just now? If I had just done it, you wouldn’t know if you could be here now," Li Yi said with a curl of his lip.
"This ….." At that time the security guard is a bit difficult.
"Are you sure you want to have a competition?" Li Yi smiled and asked
"Not sure" said the security guard and ran away despondently.
"What should I call you?" Li Yi asked
"If you want to call me Prime Minister, I am in charge here," said the radio.
"Oh, the manager is good, can I?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Didn’t a security guard just challenge you? You won?" The manager asked.
"No!" Li Yi said
"Then don’t hurry to accept the challenge!" This manager is a little reluctant to talk about it.
"Oh, the security guard just abandoned and ran away," said Li Yi.
"Abandoned? No? " The manager was stupefied at first, and then he didn’t understand how he could be afraid of such a child when the former muscular man scared him!
"I really abandoned everyone and ran away," Li Yi said.
"Well, you can be the security guard. You just have to guard the front door of this supermarket. If there is any illegal division, you must catch it," said the manager.
"Is there anything else? When else can I get a monthly salary? " Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Three thousand a month and then days," said the manager.
"Wait a minute, isn’t it today!" Li Yi asked
"When it’s time to change, go home and prepare yourself well, and then don’t come late early." The manager said and left directly.
"Li Yi, there you are. Did you choose?" Lin Keer was born in front of Li Yi.
"Of course, Li Yi is a natural enemy when I come out of the mountain. Don’t worship me too much. If you worship me too much, you can still devote yourself!" Li Yi smiled and said.
"Dedicated to what, miss? I also chose." Lin Keer proudly shook his little head.
"Don’t blow Li Yi’s boast and scare a pig to death," said the old man, who didn’t know when to run out.
"Stay away!" Li Yi’s direct words made him extremely upset.
"Did Chloe say when will it be?" Li Yi asked
"We don’t know when you are," Lin Keer said with a clever shake of his head.
"Xiaoyi wants to buy me delicious food when she makes money," Li Lu said at this time
"Little heron needs to dedicate herself to me before I can buy you delicious food," Li Yi said with a smile on her face.
"The boss is them!" At this time, a sound came to Li Yi’s ear.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Security revenge
"Who are they?" Li Lu looked around and asked
"Boss, they must help me get revenge. I didn’t work because of them!" This man, who was robbed by Li Yi, is crying and yelling here.
"They? Do I know you? " Lin Keer asked some doubts.
"Boss, without these two little girls, it’s just this smelly little thing," said the security guard, pointing to Li Yi.
"Everyone has something to say. What are so many people doing?" Li Yi turned to smile and said
"I’ll let you know why the flowers are so red when I’m ready to beat you so that you can’t fucking take my job," said the security guard
"Oh, didn’t I tell you before? When you are ready to hit someone, you should first ask others who it is and whether it is possible for you to hit him yourself. Don’t pretend to be forced to beat him!" The eldest brother and the youngest said to the security guard
"It’s okay, boss, this * * is a job-seeking student and can learn some martial arts," said the security guard.
"Will point martial arts? Are you sure? " The boss asked
"Do you know that this kind of person may be a master if you don’t provoke him? You provoke a person and then a group of people come out to beat you," said the boss
Li Yi feels funny when he looks at it. What is this thing? The boss is dull for a while, and suddenly he seems to be very excited about what no one knows.
"Is there anything? If there is no words, I have to go. "Li Yi is a little impatient. Although these two people are fun, how can there be a beautiful woman like Lin Keer?
"Yes, there must be. Where did you learn martial arts?" The security guard asked
"I’ll learn by myself!" Li Yi replied without hesitation
"The boss should not have any problems learning by himself. Let’s be direct!" The security guard asked
"Then hit him directly." This boss should have not fought for a long time, and now he wants to fight when he meets someone.
"* * I’ll let you know the cost of robbing me!" The security guard shouted
"Oh, I’m going to do it in broad daylight. I’ll see what you can do to me!" Li Yi doesn’t care at all when it comes to
"Brothers, hit him!" The security guard shouted
"I think you look like an organized and disciplined gang later. Which gang is it?"
"Me? I don’t have a gang. They are flying legs. If you are capable, ask them to fly legs to help Wang after you are beaten. If you dare to go, I promise you will be even worse than now! " The security guard smiled and said
Li Yi especially wants to laugh that one of his own people hit his head, so he has to teach them a lesson anyway, otherwise, Zhang San, Li Si, Wang Er Ma will dare to show off to himself.
"Oh, wait, I really should go to their gang leader theory one," said Li Yi.