Journey to the south didn’t slow down its flight until it entered the Arctic ice sea and the iceberg suddenly became colder.

Stay in front of a tall iceberg Wei Ya stop dun everbright drink a way
"Old friends still don’t visit?"
The tenth volume Section 6 Xuanshui Zongmen
After a tsunami-like noise, the six famous mountains and five mountains are not inferior to each other, and the magnificent iceberg is revealed by splitting into two halves and a deep tunnel leading directly to the seabed.
There is a small pavilion floating on the top of the tunnel, which is like a delicate bonsai. It is generally very attractive. An old man with a gray beard walked out of the pavilion with a cane and came to Wei Ya. This is the same as the "Yuanzhimen", which belongs to the side door and the left side door. It is because the "Yuanzhimen" is old that Wei Ya will be so rude.
"Hey hey hey yell at me when who? So it’s you, little brat! Hey! Why don’t you see your master coming with you? "
The old man spoke in a tone of seniority, but Wei Ya was very polite after meeting him. He said upon it
"Ya visit predecessors! Don’t you know? The teacher has solved the problem for many years. "
At first glance, the old man heard the news, then shook his head and sighed and said
"alas! There are fewer and fewer old friends. Come in and talk. "
Wei Ya followed the old man in tandem and walked into the tunnel. Only when he got near did he see that the pavilion was made of sapphire and glowing with green light. When they entered the pavilion, the old man waved his robe and sleeves and slowly lowered the pavilion. At the same time, the iceberg was folded together, as if there was a wall that separated the cold sea water from the pavilion vertically from the sea.
After about five minutes, the gazebo stopped and suddenly there was a big light in front of me, and the gardens around the magnificent palace building appeared together.
Looking around, Wei Ya recalled the past experience and laughed
"Senior, you are living a happy life, and you are as scared as a fairy. So much for that?"
The old man burst out laughing and stroked his jaw-white beard quite proudly and said
"Ha ha ha ha laughed. The old man is still guarding his ancestors at an age, and this family business can’t be maintained."
Wei Ya suddenly felt that this palace and garden was very deserted, except for the stars, and several servants could never see anyone else except the sweeping hall. The memory of the bustling scene in the past was quite different
Looked at Wei Ya heart feel strange mouth asked.
"Remember the elder said to include two younger brothers? Moreover, there are still many scattered practitioners who come to visit. Why don’t you see anyone now? "
What seems to be said to be sad, the old man became dim and said
"alas! No! No! Every family has a hard time chanting! I envy your master very much. Although he can’t be relieved of the robbery, it’s a pity to have such a good apprentice as you! "
Listening to the old man’s words, Wei Ya guessed that there should be something to hide. He was not too fond of hexagrams, and he was not interested in digging others. Then he deliberately skipped this topic and cut to the chase and said
"Elder, I came to visit this time to ask you for some Xuan Ying jellyfish."
Wei Ya, the "Xuan Ying Jellyfish", just got the "Ruby", which belongs to the category of five elements. To be pure "Ruby", it is necessary to go through fire and water to get the essence, which is why Wei Ya came to the North Pole specially.
I heard that Wei Ya asked the old man to suddenly say that his face is hard to say and stop
Wei Ya, who had dealt with the old man, knew that he was not a stingy person and asked.
"How do predecessors have difficulties?"
Smell speech old man cheeks red said
"Shame tight speaking is really laughed at! The old man recorded that two younger brothers had gone out to stand on their own feet with the secret hidden in the door because of love! "
Wei Ya didn’t expect the answer to be so bizarre and asked
"ah! Is there such a thing? Senior, don’t you just let them do this? "
With a sigh, the old man seems to have no words, but he is unable to do so. Although he feels it is shameful to betray his legacy, since the old man himself has no objection, Wei Ya also said that it is not necessary to intervene.
"In that case, Xuan Ying jellyfish must have fallen into their hands. Could you give me some advice on where these two stay?"
Looked at Wei Ya old man with shame and said in a low voice.
"alas! Cheng Lingbo, the eldest brother of the old family, heard that he had gone to Ailaoshan and defected to her aunt’s naked religious leader, Galand Gui Mu, and his second brother, Zhao Yan ran, who smelled that the small Antarctic area was uncertain. "
Hear two women’s names Wei Ya was frightened to disgrace and said
"What? Are the two younger brothers included by the predecessors both women? Then how can love make waves? "
The more old-fashioned people feel that this kind of private matter is inconvenient, people talk about asking the old man in Wei Ya reluctantly and say
"alas! It’s really unfortunate! The qualifications of the two old brothers are not bad, but I don’t know that I have secretly come up with some fake phoenix business activities, and that’s all! Who knows that they will fight for a foreign woman and turn against each other. "
When I heard this, Wei Ya was completely speechless. Even the Arctic Ice Sea Qianxiu Sect has come up with such a bloody thing. Today, it really deserves to be the end of the law!
Sigh sigh with emotion for a moment the old man shook up again and took Wei Ya’s hand and said
"You come to calculate Xuan Ying jellyfish maybe and medicine? Dan medicine is old, but there are still some nozzles here! "
Know that this trip must be returned to Wei Ya with a wry smile on his face and said
"oh! You misunderstood that the younger generation just got some Redjade and planned to sacrifice it to the furnace. Therefore, it is necessary for Xuan Ying jellyfish to reconcile and unexpected. "
Old man Wei Ya wry smile in the eye later said
"What is my good nephew going to do?"
Wei ya thought about it and said
"Since the senior apprentice knows that he is in Ailao Mountain, I’m going to go there. If not, I’ll try my luck in the small Antarctic again."
Seems to think Wei Ya plan is good. The old man nodded and said
"alas! Let me write a letter to you. It should be helpful. "
Wei Ya also there is no good way to thank you and say
"Then the younger generation will thank you first here."
Volume 10 Section 7 Smoke locks heavy buildings
Ailao Mountain is located in the southwest plateau of China, and it is also the watershed that separates the Yuanjiang River from the Amoy River.
The climate around Ailao Mountain is sultry and humid, and poisonous insects and poisonous snakes like damp and hot, and there are many breeding places here. Because the mountain area is blocked by Chongshan Mountain, it has long been synonymous with the sky being high and the emperor being far away. Therefore, witchcraft has long since declined in other parts of China, and it still occupies a very important position in Ailao Mountain and surrounding plateaus. All kinds of origins are also the first-class and more than a few can be crowned in China.
Wei Ya, who left Xuanshui Zongshanmen, went straight to Ailao Mountain through the south with a letter. Wei Ya’s escape was far better than that of a jet plane, but he crossed more than half a big six to Ailao Mountain in half a day.
But when I really came here, Wei Ya was now alone. It was no less difficult to find a place with no exact location in the valleys, mountains, forests and dense mountains than to ponder over a needle in a haystack for a moment. Wei Ya fell out of the light and didn’t know the way. It doesn’t matter. The key is to find someone to know and ask.