"This ….. this is a miracle? Is it a miracle of the goddess? "

With a grain of salt, everyone suddenly remembered that they had heard of the "goddess" from others, but they didn’t believe that they couldn’t help but swallow their saliva when they looked at each other.
"It turned out to be a true goddess?"
"Of course it’s true?" The person who walked in front was Tian Hongcao. Seeing that everyone was shocked, he looked quite proud. "You should believe me."
"Red Grass Sister" Tian Tang came over to see Tian Gongcao triumphantly and greeted her with a smile.
"Little sister …" Tian Gongcao immediately waved at her in the middle and felt that it seemed inappropriate to bow down to "God made an adult".
She moved, and the others moved. After seeing Tian Jiacun’s magic, they were full of piety.
"God makes an adult"
Tian Tangdan nodded and turned to look at Tian Gongcao. "Sister Gongcao, I brought some people back from Fengshou Town today. Mei Qi is dealing with his lack of people. If you are too busy, you can go to find him."
Tian Hongcao nodded "Yes" seriously.
Tian Tang saw that there were many people here, so he didn’t talk to Tian Hongcao more. After a few simple words, he turned and walked in the direction of "Kanda".
This time, besides Tian Jiacun, she has to send a lot of food to Fengshou Town. Unfortunately, those people in Fengshou Town are not counted as Tian Jiacun villagers, and they still have to find a way to bring them to Tian Jiacun as soon as possible.
[Congratulations on upgrading [agricultural products] (grade)/upgrading Chinese cabbage seeds (high yield) *1]
[Congratulations to the player for taking the [agricultural] skill to the level to reward the agricultural warehouse *1 germinated sweet potato (common) *1 kg germinated soybean *1 kg]
【 adopt [agricultural] skill upgrade, lock and unlock conditions, first-class town 】
After watching the upgrade, Tian Tang showed that the reward was still as expected, and the lock-up bureau was also as expected. It is a good thing to get a kind of warehouse in front of the agricultural warehouse.
Don’t think that the latter two rewards are definitely for the villagers again.
Just as Tian Tang was about to close the display interface, a display box suddenly popped up in front of him.
[Congratulations to the players. Fengshou Town recognizes that the number of people exceeds 8%. Do you want to open up Fengshou Town? 】
[The player failed to make the security zone 4 square kilometers]
Tian Tang, huh? ? ? Lie in the trough! ! !
Chapter 14 Choose to hide
What do you mean by lean, lean, lean?
Tian Tang quickly opened the show.
Open up a bumper harvest town?
When confirming this sign, Tian Tang’s hand trembled with excitement, but he couldn’t find a way to deal with this sign after searching for a circle.
Go to ancient verse 7 with life games.
Until she clicked on the map of the safety zone.
The original map of the security zone is mainly the Tian Jiacun area, and the expansion of the map is related to the expansion of the security zone. Only after the expansion of the security zone will the map show the expandable area.
However, at this time, the map of Anzu was completely divided into two parts, one with "Tian Jiacun" written on it and another area in the right corner with "Fengshou Town" written on it.
The only difference between the two is that the map of Tian Jiacun is bright and the area of Fengshou Town is dark.
Tian Tang tried to order one in the noodles.
[Not unlocked]
as expected
Tian Tang returned to the main interface showing the size of the safety zone.
During this period, Tian Jiacun intermittently rose to the sixth grade village, and every time the village was upgraded, it would increase the scope of the security zone by 1 square kilometer, but the scope from Tiantang to the security zone was a total of square kilometers.
The remaining 4 square kilometers of the security zone have not been used.
It’s not that Tian Tang doesn’t want Tian Jiacun to be so big, and the square kilometer is enough to make the villagers feel uneasy about the safety zone.
The upgrade of the first-class town requires that the size of the security zone be 1 square kilometer. According to the current expansion rate, Tian Tang feels that he may have to wait until the horse arrives at the first-class town, and then expand to 1 square kilometer in one breath.
I never thought there would be such a fuck.
It’s a stroke of genius to directly cross the middle area of Fengzhou Town and Hotan Village and put Anqu in Fengshou Town.
The only problem is that no matter what Tian Tang thinks, he can’t figure out how the condition of "the number of recognized people exceeds 8%" was reached. Now the people in Fengshou Town should also include those prisoners, right?