I wired directly in the cave.
Taking off my game glasses, I found my parents actually came into my room.
"Small hou what happened to you just now? Can’t you wake up? Scared us to death, "mother said, patting her chest with a worried look."
"Mom and Dad, I’m fine. I just slept in the past. Don’t worry. Have you eaten?"
"Not yet. I haven’t called you for dinner for a long time, and I haven’t seen you at the door. Your mother and I came in to see you. I didn’t expect to wake you up. You really scared us. I wish you were okay. Let’s hurry up and eat."
Although I said nothing, my parents said the situation really surprised me. I really didn’t expect that coma would be linked to reality in the game. If that’s the case, it’s really dangerous, right? I remember that when I was studying the Dark Knight, didn’t I show that the danger number was as high as 7%? Are these two comas related to this dangerous number? I’m really hungry. I’ll definitely ask a guest about it after dinner
It’s really good for my family to have dinner together, because I bought my parents’ horse and swept it away. Just now, my worries became more and more. I quietly listened to my parents chatting all over the world and occasionally interjected a word or two that I had forgotten my father’s love for many years, and my mother’s love was recovered in this dinner.
After dinner, my parents went back to my room to watch. I picked up the phone and dialed the "Crazy" guest.
"hello! Welcome to the "Crazy" Guest Center. Can I help you? " At the other end of the conversation, Miss Guest sounded beautiful.
"hello! I want to ask you what the attached danger number is after learning skills in the game? "
"Oh, well, would you please tell me which one it is?"
"Dark Devil Chop"
There is beautiful music at the end of the sentence "Please wait a moment"
A minute later, the voice at the other end said, "Sir, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. The danger number you said after learning the Dark Devil means that after learning this skill, you will have a state of powerlessness and dizziness for a certain period of time. If the situation is serious, you may have a coma. In this state, players are very vulnerable to various external danger factors, and the danger number of this skill is set at 7%."
"Then what is the possession?"
"Can you be more specific?"
"Well, I feel that I was possessed by a person who claimed to be a magic statue in the game. My body has been hacked twice. After each time, I have to fall asleep in the game for about two days. The damn thing is that I know that he is possessed by me, but I just can’t control my body. I want to ask what the hell is going on?"
"I’m sorry, sir. We have never met this question. Will you please enter the game and ask GM?"
"Well, there are so many GMs in the game, can they all answer my question?"
"It’s not for you to ask GM1 to answer some special questions."
"Ok, thank you!"
After hanging up, I entered the game. I really don’t understand that the guest staff can’t return to the game. Fortunately, there is someone in the game who can answer my questions.
A very magnetic man came through GM1 channel. "What can I do for you?"
"I want to ask you about being possessed. Please let me know."
"Oh possessed? Is it a god or a demon? "
"It’s the magic statue"
"ah! Oh, my God, where are you? I’ll come to you. "
I told GM1 my location, and he appeared in front of me before long.
GM1 is a very tall middle-aged swordsman. He came up to me and looked left and right. After reading it, he said, "It’s a pity that I can’t see that you are possessed by a magic statue. Can you let him out?"
The GM1 question made me laugh and cry. "Are you mistaken? He is attached to me and I am not attached to him. How can I ask him to come out and show you?"? You just tell me what’s going on with the possession of the magic statue. You see, because of this, I can’t even go back to the city to hide in this wilderness. If I didn’t have friends to protect me, I would have hung up. "
"I’ll answer you if you don’t let it out. Can you let me follow you for a while and I’ll tell you then?"
Oh, my god. Is this happening? It’s strange that GM should follow me and not laugh off his fangs. Anyway, he said so, and I can’t help him to follow.
Chapter 12 gm classes
Few people around me follow the sudden addition of another person around me. It’s really a little unaccustomed to GM1. It seems that GM1 doesn’t care about my feelings at all. He keeps asking me about the magic statue at my side, and I can prevaricate him with one sentence: "I don’t know until you find out!" I was really tired of walking, so I said to GM, "You can’t help it if you keep following me like this. Will you help me to blame and kill people?" I think you’d better go, "but this GM said stubbornly," Sir, don’t be embarrassed. You are our duty. I won’t leave you until your problem is solved, but you can rest assured that I won’t ask you anything except to answer your questions. "
"Don’t you want to see the magic statue? I’ll take you to a place to make sure you can see it soon. Do you dare to go?"
"Oh, sir, you’re joking. There’s no place in the game where GM is afraid to go. Tell me where to go and I’ll take you."
Fire Island Arena
"good! I don’t know what you mean. Close your eyes. "GM pulled me up. I haven’t come yet. Close my eyes. A dazzling white light darkened my eyes. By the time I could see things clearly, the two of us were already at Fire Island Beach, and several people in Zhu Rong’s house were in sight.
"Lord GM, welcome to Fire Island. Excuse me, where are you going?" Little sister Zhu Rong glanced at me and said, "Hello benefactor!"
"Hello, little sister, we are going to the arena, please take us all the way." My impression of Zhu Rong’s little sister is quite good, and her tone of voice is very sincere
"Okay, please follow me."
First, GM came from near the den of thieves and got me to the fire island. Now, Zhu Rong’s younger sister is also doing teleportation, which made my heart itch and I couldn’t help asking GM a question. "I said, GM’s adult, do you know if I can learn to teleport?" Just like you, it doesn’t matter if you cross thousands of miles in an instant. "
"This question is very simple." Crazy "is enough for everyone to imagine that you can think of nothing that can’t be achieved through your own efforts. Come on!"
MD said it doesn’t mean I didn’t say I went to the arena in dismay and said to GM, "Let’s come here and have a fight to ensure that you can see the magic statue. If you can’t answer my question, I’ll be rude to you!"
"Don’t worry! I can’t answer the question without me. I just need to see it with my own eyes. Sir, will you fight with me? "
"Why? Are you afraid that I will kill you? "