Ling Feiyang’s body immediately reacted again. Yuan Junjiao smiled and said, "Sister, don’t compete with me this time, okay?" The body suddenly leaned forward and caught the object without bias or inclination.

"all right! I’ll give it to you this time! " LanYuzhu is also very generous to swim to the side of two people to hold Yuan Jun’s waist and help her move. Three people float across the green lake, and Yubi’s three figures are constantly changing as if they are dancing.
After half an hour, Yuan Jun felt a sudden surge of warmth in his body and had a good time with Ling Feiyang. Ling Feiyang also seemed to temporarily forget all kinds of troubles and misfortunes encountered in the great cause of Lian Jin’s resistance to Mongolia, and felt that people were happier than this.
Chapter 176 North Ghost Magic Show Great Power
"If only the three of us could stay on this cliff and never pay attention to those mundane things!" Yuan jun looked at the opposite jade jade three figures suddenly said.
"But I know that Ling" xianggong "will leave us eventually …" Lan Yuzhu said with a sigh.
"I really want to marry my sister Ling Xianggong, who will stay with him all my life. Are you too?" Yuan Jun asked.
"Well, of course, I don’t know if he is willing or not …" LanYuzhu replied.
Ling Feiyang saw two girls’ eyes full of expectation and some sufferings in his heart, so he said, "When I finish the great cause of resisting Mongolia, I will definitely go back to the Five Immortals Sect and marry you with the dowry …"
"Really?" Two girls asked with different mouths.
"Nature is true …" Ling Feiyang had previously made this promise to Han Xiaoying and now she has made it to the two Miao girls.
The three men returned to the stone chamber and rested for a night. Ling Feiyang practiced the northern ghost magic in accordance with the formula in the secret book the next morning.
"The northern ghost magical power leads the world’s manpower, but I have the northern ghost great water, which is not obtained by the self-generated language" Clouds and rivers converge into the sea ".Wang Yang’s giant immersion end is accumulating the martial arts, and the gas runs from the small business, while the thumb of Yunmen meets each other, which means that if the enemy force is superior to mine, the seawater will flow backwards into the river, so it is very cautious." According to this statement in the general outline of the northern ghost magical power, this martial arts is aimed at absorbing other people’s strength and turning oneself into flying clouds. Undoubtedly, this method is a shortcut.
The first step in cultivating the magical power of the Northern Ghost is to retrograde pulse Ling Feiyang, break the base point of qi in the mouth, pass through the throat, chest and abdomen, and go straight through the points of Shimen, Yuan, Zhongji and Qugu, until reaching the point of Buhui Yin. Ling Feiyang’s skill foundation is very strong, and within an hour, he will run the qi for several weeks, and then continue to practice the following steps.
Unconsciously, Ling Feiyang did not rest for a day, and then practiced Lingbo’s micro-steps. He walked back and forth in the stone room according to the footwork recorded in the secret book, and practiced until midnight. Ling Feiyang had memorized this footwork for two or three years and lay down to sleep.
Lan Yuzhu and Yuan Jun couldn’t bear to consume his physical strength when they saw Ling Feiyang exercising. They caught some small fish in a small lake and cooked them for Ling Feiyang to eat. The next morning, Ling Feiyang continued to practice and spent another day running the acupoints of Du Meridian. Lingbo’s micro-steps were also memorized by 50% to 60%.
Because of the magical effect of strengthening tendons and forging bones, Ling Feiyang has finished the meridians needed for practicing the northern ghost magic one month later, and he has basically mastered the idea that there are less than ten days left from Junshan, and Ling Feiyang decided to leave here.
These days, Lan Yuzhu and Yuan Jun haven’t had a chance to get close to Ling Feiyang. On this night, Ling Feiyang spent a whole night meeting their needs. After a long drought, Ling Feiyang took two girls out of the cliff bottom from the stone steps behind the stone chambers to the raging Lancang River.
The three of them walked along the riverside path for a long time and finally walked along the road. There was a fork in the road ahead. One road led to the northeast of Dali, and the other led to the northeast of Guizhou. Lan Yuzhu decided to return to the Five Immortals Sect with Yuan Jun to rectify the teaching, plan the anti-Mongolian plan, and meet Ling Feiyang in the Central Plains after an agreement. The three of them exchanged greetings and cherished Lan Yuzhu’s heart. I didn’t know when I would receive Ling Feiyang’s dowry. I turned to see Yuan Jun, but she was in tears.
Ling Feiyang looked at her two women from the heart and was reluctant to know that she owed a debt of gratitude. Although the great cause of "pushing the younger sister" continued to move forward, it was increasingly difficult to sort out the mess. Bing Xin and Han Xiaoying were still waiting for their Huang Rong, which was even worse. After that, they should settle all the younger sisters. Ling Feiyang had no way to simply not consider this problem for the time being.
Ling Feiyang walked alone to the road in central Guizhou and hired a carriage in a nearby town for five days before finally returning to Dongting Lake in Yueyang, Hunan.
At this time, three days before the appointed date in Huang Rong, Ling Feiyang took a boat to the island in the middle of the lake opposite Yueyang Tower. Looking at the surrounding scenery, I couldn’t help but think of the big war three months ago.
"If I had stronger martial arts that day, Rong Er wouldn’t have been seriously injured. The helm of the Beggars’ Sect wouldn’t have been wiped out, and Elder Jane and Elder Liang wouldn’t have died …" Ling Feiyang thought, "If you want to complete the great cause of resisting Mongolia, the first thing to do is to raise martial arts. Now, due to the lack of strength, the bottleneck limits yourself. One yang finger still hasn’t broken through to the fourth realm. Six-pulse Excalibur is also a way to practice. After three days, attacking the iron palm to help yourself may not be able to win Qiu Qianren.
"Don’t I go to the Iron Palm Gang to catch some experts and take them for myself?" Ling Feiyang walked unconsciously to the top of the mountain.
It is obvious that Huang Rong and Beggars’ Brothers have not yet reached Ling Feiyang’s heart and are slightly disappointed, so they strolled towards the mountain.
"Skynet is slow but not leaking. Do you still want to escape this time?" A dozen strong Han suddenly jumped out of the hillside trees and lined up in front of Ling Feiyang. There is a huge palm sign behind the clothes, which is the master of the iron palm gang! And the elder Peng is mixed among these people. It seems that he has already surrendered. The iron palm gang led these masters to ambush here!
"I didn’t want to escape if you were wrong!" Ling float in the sky smile on the steps of the hiking trail to these iron palm help master said.
"Hugh wants to be proud!" An iron palm to help master rushed to ling Feiyang and slapped him in the chest! This palm is just as strong as those of Lingzhi people and Huo Dou, but Ling Feiyang is airily pushing his right palm out of the Laogong point in the palm of his hand!
This manpower continuously impacted Ling Feiyang’s thumb, and Ling Feiyang immediately made the formula in the northern ghost magic work convey this true qi forward along the lunar lung meridian of the hand, passed through a series of acupoints at Lieque, Chize and Tianfu, and finally arrived in the abdomen, and instantly it was like a mud cow entering the sea and being integrated into Ling Feiyang’s body.
The iron palm master saw the signs that Ling Feiyang was injured by his palm, but suddenly he felt that the body qi was constantly losing and he wanted to take back his palm. However, Ling Feiyang’s thumb stuck to a root to divide it!
"What is this strange fighting skill? My painstaking efforts for many years have disappeared like this? " This face gradually reveals the color of fear. Two iron palms help experts immediately rushed forward to smash two fists, one left and one right, to Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang held his right palm to the palm of his hand, which was lifted by him, just to meet him. These two fists hit the man’s back and were immediately glued together. Two people quickly flowed forward through this man’s body and poured into Ling Feiyang’s body.
The rest of the iron palms help the master to see such a strange sight, and two masters rushed over to Ling Feiyang’s hands together!
Ling Feiyang has pushed three people out of the top three masters’ light absorption and then put their hands together with the two hands in one place!
These two manpower are also flying away, leaving a few masters with a genial smile that turned and fled to the mountain!
Ling Feiyang has already sucked up the two manpower. When he saw that these people wanted to escape, he immediately jumped and chased them. He pressed one of them in the middle of the back and the man collapsed to the ground! Ling Feiyang then continued to chase out a lamp of tea kung fu. All the iron palm gang masters have become ordinary people who can’t fight martial arts!
"Master Ling, please spare my dog’s life if you don’t remember that the villain told you!" Elder Peng is already a body wrecks, and suddenly his legs are soft and he kneels at Ling Feiyang’s feet!
Chapter 177 Practice Excalibur with Six Veins
"Flying brother!" With a clear and melodious sound like Oriole, a small wooden boat sailed in the direction of the island in the middle of the lake, with six people at the bow: Yu, Qiao, Geng, Reading, Ying Gu and Huang Rong.
In the past three months, Huang Rong has successfully rebuilt the helm of the Beggars’ Sect with the help of four masters in Yinggu and a lamp holder, and recruited 3,000 new brothers. Today, I heard the detective report that suspicious people appeared in Junshan, so I came by boat together.
When six people arrived at the island in the middle of the lake, Ling Feiyang had already made the iron palm to help the masters. These masters were lying on the ground groaning and groaning, and Elder Peng kept kowtowing to the people.
"Peng, I won’t kill you today. Tell Qiu Qianren that three days later, Huang Rong, the leader of the Beggars’ Sect, led his brother to visit more than 200 dead Beggars’ Brothers to get back their blood debts!" Huang Rong helped the iron palm with a green bamboo stick in his hand!
Elder Peng rolled and crawled into a small boat, paddled off the island and went to Huang Rong Ling Feiyang. After such a long separation, he couldn’t help but jump. They hugged each other tightly! Five people, including Ying Gu, saw this scene and walked into the distance in unison.
"Rong Er, how have you been these months?" Ling Feiyang asked
"The four of them, the elder Ying Gu and Uncle Zhu, helped to reorganize the Beggars’ Sect, and things went smoothly. Brother Feiyang hasn’t seen you make great progress in martial arts for three months!" Huang Rong Road
"I went to Dali for two months and now I’m back," Ling Feiyang explained.
"Dali kingdom? How many sisters have you pushed during my absence? " Huang Rong suddenly asked ling Feiyang suddenly.
"No!" Ling Feiyang hurriedly denied that his eyes were flickering.
"Just admit it! I can see it in your eyes!" Huang Rong said ruthlessly stared his one eye.
"How are you preparing for the attack on Tiezhangshan?" Ling Feiyang hurriedly changed the subject.
"You will interrupt!" Huang Rong snorted and said, "Don’t do something bad. I can’t find it. Let you go this time. If you dare to do this again, Wang will spare you!"
Ling Feiyang knows that Huang Rong is so refined that she can’t hide her look and expression. Fortunately, Huang Rong still doesn’t know much about "pushing her sister". Just don’t explain it to her and let her guess at random.
Seven people came to the top of Junshan Mountain and Ling Feiyang took out the ink-and-wash landscape painting from Qu Hanyan. After the water soaked, the map of Tiezhangfeng was revealed. The sixteen words "Wu Mu’s legacy was in the second knuckle of Tiezhangfeng’s middle finger" were hidden in the map. Ling Feiyang told the story of Wu Mu’s legacy, and everyone was determined to attack Tiezhangshan and seize this great soldier. Then seven people studied and discussed the plan to attack Tiezhangfeng together on this map.
In the following three days, Ling Feiyang stayed up all night, and worked hard at the top of Junshan to practice the one-yang finger, which finally broke through to the four realms on the last day.
Ling Feiyang can finally practice Excalibur with six veins and immediately take out the sword spectrum of Excalibur with six veins.