"No-"Xia Dazhuang has two hands.

Su nine niang said in a hurry, "Dad, this cow is a flower that won’t cost you money. I won’t get dirty if I take it home."
Xia Fu’s feet are still hesitant. Xia Kong’s mouth towards Xia Fu Nu Nu gave him a hard stare. "There is no rigid thing. No man is afraid of women to hold it quickly." He turned to look at the west wing. "Ping Ping Ping Gui, don’t be as frustrated as your mourning ghost mother. Why don’t you come out and help your uncle Petunia?"
Xia Pinggui cried. Kong Xiuzhi was lying in bed with her forehead covered. She wiped her tears. When she heard that Jiao’s marriage had really become, she still had the heart to get even with Lin Lushi. She couldn’t wait for her parents to tell Jiao’s parents the truth. Besides, Xia Ping ‘an was told that she was going to die again. She was not allowed to tip off for fear that the silver would fly.
One is a charming girl, the other is a summer peace, the palm of your hand and the back of your hand are all fleshy, and Kong Xiuzhi’s heart is broken. Later, I thought that my daughter was the family after all, and I promised not to reveal a little bit to the charming girl.
Xia Rong hasn’t come back yet, that is, he went to Zhujiacun’s brother-in-law in the west, wishing two dog’s family to inform Kong Xiuhong and his wife that Li Tianyou had a hidden illness and kept it a secret from Kong Jiaojiao, so as not to have a variable halfway.
Kong Xiuzhi saw that there was no room for turning the globe, so she simply got up and said she couldn’t afford to be sick, or told her parents and her own men to know about the silver, but she was robbed of her heart.
Now, listening to her mother-in-law scold her for crying outside, her heart is gray, and she heard that Xia Hua came back with a cow and beat her chest in bed. She also called Xia Pingan, "Go out and bring the cow back to my mother before she dies." She was so angry that she coughed and added, "Be careful."
Xia Ping ‘an rushed out of the house when he heard Petunia rush. Kong Xiuzhi scolded Xia Pinggui again. "Dead girl, your brother is injured and I don’t know what to cry about dying here. Go out and help your brother. Don’t call Xia Hua that little bitch a good one."
As soon as Xia Pinggui heard Xia Huaya bite resentment and wipe a tear, she ran to the yard with Xia Ping ‘an.
Su nine niang saw that everyone was rushing around to rob the cows. Xia Dazhuang thundered, "Big scalpers poke … poke them to death …"
"I can’t!" Su nine niang hurriedly pulls Xia Dazhuang’s "stabbing the dead but committing the crime of decapitation"
Xia Pingan cried, "Xia Dazhuang, you idiot, don’t give me the cow-"
"Xia Pingan seems to be too cheap to break an arm!" A cold voice in the air
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A cold voice suddenly burst in the air.
Everyone Zheng lifted their eyes to see that Xia Hua had stood at the entrance of the courtyard, holding a big bolt in his hand and wearing coarse clothes, but he couldn’t hide his awe-inspiring spirit. Xia Ping-an shook himself and almost fell.
Xia Pinggui gritted her teeth and stared at Xia Hua coldly. Deep hatred floated in her heart. This summer flower face turned out to be good, so she was pretending.
Xia Zhongwen coldly said, "Flower girl, you’re here. It’s just that I’m in charge of this cow and use it to plow the fields."
Xia Hua snorted coldly and handed the big bolt to Su nine niang. He went straight to Xia Zhongwen and sneered, "Do you know that you have a characteristic?"
"I just take myself too seriously."
"This also got flower girl, you are going against the sky. I am your grandfather." Xia Zhongwen thundered.
"good! You also know that my grandfather Ma Qiu harvested, and you should have a grain of rice in my family. "
"Want rations?" Xia Kongshi looked at Xia Hua’s little face and knew that it was good for Kong Jiaojiao to talk about marriage, but his heart was always full of evil spirit.
She couldn’t sit still and stamped her feet, so she got up and shook herself. "We’ve been busy harvesting rice for half a year, and it’s not enough for two people to eat. We want to have no rations for nothing!"
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Xia Hua smiled coldly and said with a calm face, "I can tell you something about this cow, so you can take the family home but make a life and death first."
Xia Pingan thought, "The dead girl is just leading Niuli in life and death."
Xia Pinggui doesn’t hate the attachment. "Grandparents’ summer flowers just don’t want to honor you and deliberately find fault."
Xia Fuguang wanted to get in a word, but Youshi secretly pulled Xia Fu’s sleeves and whispered, "You can’t make a fart when the child’s father is out."
Xia Fu will copy his hands into the cuffs and shrink his neck to watch from the other side.
Xia Hua calmly glanced at Xia Pingan’s brothers and sisters’ faces, which were dark and difficult to provoke. "Xia Pingan, don’t you dare to make a life and death?"
Xia Dazhuang scoffed at "shrinking … little puss-head"
"Stand … stand." Xia Ping ‘an is short of confidence.
Xia Kongshi’s eyes turned to look like a monster and looked at Xia Hua, wondering what the hell this girl was doing. Xia Zhongwen was impatient and asked, "What kind of legislation?"
Xia Hua’s eyes are pale. "When there are witnesses present, it’s just the right time. Tonight, I invited Grandfather Li Liu and Grandma Zhou to come to my house to discuss rations. Then please ask them to prove a life and death before they can go to Petunia."
Xia Zhongwen’s wrinkled face is as gray as a pig’s liver, his eyebrows are as gray as a pig’s liver, and his sharp eyes are staring at Xia Hua’s eyes like frost. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Be good, be good, your heart is big, too. I want to see what Li Chang and Sixth Uncle can do for you."
When Xia Kongshi heard that Xia Hua had moved to the backer for food, she suddenly shouted, "This food is my family’s business. I’m telling you, you didn’t even move the county’s master here."
"Niang words can’t say that. This ration was originally when we gave you the field. Dad promised to come." Su nine niang argued with a big bolt.
"When did your father promise?" Xia Kongshi simply cheated and asked Youshi, "Have you heard your father say that you want to give rations to the second family?"
Youshi quickly waved his hand and smiled. "I have never heard dad say that."
Summer flower eyebrows a cu sneer at a way "this time ye milk aunts don’t busy skimming until late has its own conclusion" said and turned to say "niang this time I’m hungry to go back to dinner"
"Shuan Er is hungry, too. Niang goes back." Xia Dashuan took Su nine niang’s skirts.
Xia Hua shouted, "Da Zhuang will come back for dinner after tying the cow to the pear tree."
"Well," Xia Dazhuang happily promised that he was not afraid of having a mother in the world. He thought it would be good if he could always be with her.
Xia Kongshi is especially unwilling to grab the white words before the righteous desire. She gave her a cold look with a terrible murder. Xia Kongshi shrank his neck and copied his hands into his sleeve. He walked into the house with his mouth still unwilling to scold and say, "I want to see what this dead girl can make late."
Xia Zhongwen saw that Xia Hua’s family just fell off and left his grandfather here for nothing. He felt that his majesty was almost trampled in the mud by Xia Hua, and he vomited a thick sputum and waved at everyone. "Go back to the house to eat first!"
After dinner, Xia Zuwang went to Xiahua’s home with an elder in his seventies, Xia Zhongwen’s uncle Xia Lijiang and Zhou Jiaoshi.
Sue nine niang busy respectfully tea and sent the big strong and big bolt out of the room and summer flowers there quietly waiting.
Xia Zhongwen and his wife found two chairs in the morning. Xia Zhongwen looked as black as iron and sat there without saying a word. Xia Kongshi hunched her body. When she was short, she looked as if she was not a child. She put on a pathetic look with a high face.
As soon as she saw the mayor and uncle coming, she spoke first and said that it was difficult. A few tears were squeezed out of her muddy eyes, sighing and sighing. She also said that the second family gave three acres of land and looked at the strings of rice ears. In fact, it was all inside.
Zhou Jiaoshi gave her a contemptuous look and hummed, "Don’t give us a hard time, old sister-in-law. I have pinched the ears of rice full."
Xia Kongshi immediately retorted, "Heaven and earth conscience! Where is the fullness when the score is flat? The old man and I have to support this family, Zhou Damei. Don’t talk like it’s easy. "Then we looked at Xia Lijiang with white hair and eyebrows." Uncle, my old man is an honest man. You can ask your nephew to be the boss! "
Xia Lijiang coughed without looking at Xia Kongshi, and said directly to Xia Zhongwen, "Zhong Wenxian can always harvest some food in the end regardless of whether the ear of rice is full or flat. This field is a Chinese family, and it is more or less necessary to divide his family’s rations."
"ouch! Sixth Uncle, it’s going to kill my family. His old thigh is not good. His daughter-in-law is ill again now. He was counting on peace to hold a face, but he could pour his arm and let the flower girl interrupt him. Now, the old family is still dragging three small ones to open their mouths to eat. The old family is like that. Where are the extra rations? "
When Xia Kongshi spoke, he wept bitterly. "It’s not that I don’t care about the second child’s family. It’s really a second child’s family. There are white rice, white flour and meat to eat. They just ignore the two of us, but the two of us have to take care of this family’s life. Uncle, aren’t you trying to force my family to death?"
Li Chang was about to interrupt Xia Kongshi and took a selfie with his thigh and cried, "The second child’s family doesn’t lack this ration, but I am short of it!" Are you going to starve my grandchildren, Uncle Liu? " After a meal, I pulled out my handkerchief from my waist and wiped my eyes. "Why don’t I bring my grandchildren to your family and ask you to eat and drink? I will starve myself and give rations to the second family."
Zhou Jiaoshi sneered, "Isn’t this cheating, old lady?"