It’s not like "the wasteland" in summer. When will it be your turn to see things that can’t see the light running rampant here? You must want the treasure here, don’t say that if you don’t have it, you can’t take a penny away! "

Anyway, these black treasure hunters are well aware of their purpose of going into the wasteland. Just let them know that if they want to run wild in the wasteland, they must first ask them if they agree.
"Ha ha …"
Treasure hunters in black face upwards after laughing primly facing Yunlie day.
He has seen that Yunlie genius is the first person in this team. "Then you come again? Don’t tell me that you’re just seeing things differently. What’s the saying? We all have the same goal and we have to pretend to be good people. "
He said this to the woman in red just because he didn’t want her to feel grateful to these people and tell them the secret of the treasure.
"You’re really wrong. We’re not here for treasure, but to protect everything in the wasteland."
Yunlie Tian smiled slightly since he had been seen through by the other side, so there was no need to disguise himself again. He simply showed his true face, but he took off his red hair, which was actually made of red horse’s tail. It was also a loss for the ancient uncle to look around for red horse, which made a few.
It’s easy to dress in red.
"protection? Don’t you think it’s funny that you can fool those inexperienced children into saying such things in front of me? "
I can’t see the face expression of treasure hunt in black, but I can see his eyes narrowing slightly, and I am full of hatred for these fake people in red.
"You don’t believe that I never wanted to make you believe that we will take practical actions to prove the 137 chapter 137 retreat.
On the one hand, they want the woman in red not to believe that they are friendly, while on a cloudy day, they want to convince the woman in red that they are friendly, although he also knows that it is not easy to get the letter from the woman in red.
Both sides know that if we fight again, both sides will be hurt, and they have been fighting all night and need to rest, but neither side seems willing to retreat first, as if the one who retreats first will lose.
The treasure hunter in black saw that he had lost a lot of people, and there were still some injured people, while the other side was injured, but it was a minority after all.
Today, I have to retreat to the cave first and then make plans. I thought of this and put my hand in the middle to signal everyone to retreat to the cave.
These treasure hunters in black are well-trained, and suddenly they pull away to the cave.
"What shall we do now?"
Yun Gu wanted to rush in and knew not to rush in, so he asked Yunlie for advice.
"We also withdraw!"
Yun Lietian didn’t go in, but he knew these people well. Uncle Gu once described the terrain here. They must have set up obstacles in this cave, or they were forced by the machine, not by rebellion, which would cause heavy casualties. He couldn’t take risks with these people himself.
"Girl, you must be familiar with this place?"
They retreated to the moon peak and said to the woman in red on a fierce day
It was not until then that everyone saw the woman in red and saw her waist-high red hair hanging freely behind her back.
At first glance, it looks like a fairy, but on closer inspection, although this person has good facial features, his skin is white and there is no trace of blood, which looks very scary, especially his eyebrows are white and clean.
The woman in red turned her head and walked away as if nothing had happened just now, and she was not curious about these people in front of her.
"Girl …"
Xia Houlian tried to stop her, but they tried hard to get in touch with her. Doesn’t she want to know who these people are?
Yunlie waved to him as soon as possible to stop wasting his energy and let her go.
The woman in red took a few steps and then cast her flying skills and disappeared instantly.
"Is this the true face of the man in red?"
Yun Gu has some accidents.
Xia Houlian nodded.
"Let’s go back first."
Yunlie, God knows, now everyone is not only tired, but also has many questions.
When they returned to the moon-seeking peak, they stayed here. Tang Yu greeted him, not only staying here, but also the injured people to deal with their wounds and then let everyone have a rest.
Yunlie leaned against a stone wall to repose, and all kinds of ideas came to mind, but they were all denied by him in the end.
Xia Houlian came to him and sat opposite him.
Yunlie sat up straight in the sky. He knew that Xia Houlian must have something to say to himself, and his eyes were relatively silent for a moment.
"Our method looks good, but it is not optimistic to implement it. The woman in red is still wary of us."
It’s so quiet in summer that he doesn’t want to disturb others’ rest.
"Yeah, I’m also thinking about how to make her accept us? It’s good to let her know that we are not hostile and our goals are the same, so that it can be more beneficial to drive away those treasure hunters.
"This kind of thing can’t be rushed. After all, we have never been in contact with it before, and she must have grown up in the wasteland since childhood. She is hostile to all those who enter the wasteland. I believe we will gradually influence her."
"I hope so."
Cloudy days are still full of worries. "What I am most worried about now is that something will happen in this period that we can’t predict."
His eyes are looking forward, and they have not yet found out the true strength of those treasure hunters.
"But this kind of thing can’t be solved urgently. As you can see, those treasure hunters in black are threatening and their real strength hasn’t been shown yet, but we have already exposed it, and how long will they increase in Xu Bule?"
"Never mind, we have to confront them head-on. The place where they are located is that we can’t get in now, and this place is not where we stay for a long time. After they have a rest, we will go to that place called Emperor Cave. We must also have a foothold that is easy to defend but difficult to attack. Otherwise, if we are all tired, the treasure hunters in black attack, we may be caught in a nest."
Although this place is easy to defend and difficult to attack, it is too far away from the water source. If the other party sends people to stay in Shanfa, the prospect of obtaining water source will not be optimistic.
"Big brother has a situation."
Yunzhong, who was on sentry duty, said something outside the cave and the horse withdrew and returned to the place where the situation was found.