Luo unlined upper garment female face-deadpan eyes with a sneer.

all of a sudden
Luo unlined upper garment female Zhan Yan smile eyes flush a extraordinary splendour rare charm.
The appearance of Luo Shan’s daughter is unusual, but it’s really exciting to smile like the sun, the moon and the stars are eclipsed, and the eyes are shining like water.
Blink of an eye! All spells are gone!
Seeing this, all monks were shocked by Luo’s tactics.
And Sue ink thoughtfully a little faint guessed luo unlined upper garment female identity!
I’m afraid that the magic door brother Motome can do this kind of means to charm all beings with a smile.
This woman is by no means a Ji demon, but she must have a close relationship with Ji demon
Connecting with this person to cultivate the realm, a little scrutiny, her identity will be vividly portrayed.
Gu Xi, the chief manager of Tianbao Auction House!
Gu Xi quietly removed many spells with the help of Motome’s occultism, and took advantage of the moment when the ten-bit baby was wrong, the palm of his hand was lifted.
Ten cold lights passed in a flash and disappeared into the eyebrows of ten baby gentlemen!
Pause a little bit, baby Zhen Jun’s eyes are dim, and he has lost his breath from the middle school.
For Yuan Ying Zhen Jun, even a broken heart will not fall.
Yuan Shen is the only weakness of Yuan Ying Zhenjun!
Cherish the counter-attack root without giving the other party any chance to directly puncture the ten yuan gods and fall on the spot!
Sue ink secretly nodded.
Not the kui is a magic door middleman.
Blood crow palace these messy small clan Yuan Ying true gentleman root can’t withstand the Motome occult sciences!
Don’t look at Ji’s goblins, who faced Buddhism and Immortal Tianjiao in the ancient battlefield and suffered losses in the hands of Kongoji people.
If she just winks and smiles at these monks in front of her, she can turn them crazy and lose their minds.
Ten babies, the true king, and the blood crow, all of them look pale.
"I don’t believe that so many of us can’t kill a young student!"
The king of blood crow shows a fierce look, gnashing his teeth and preparing to do it himself.
Luo unlined upper garment female accent beautiful light said, "you don’t have to wave strength to get through with me."
Canglang reality and others surly eyes filled with unwilling color.
This Sumede can be a Buddhist monk who has two strong men to protect him in a row!
Just then there was a loud noise in the sky.