The other five people saw Hu Yuanfeng turn and run away, and they dared to stay for half an hour and hurriedly turned and fled, and the speed broke out to the extreme.

"Since I’m here, leave your life!"
Yun Fan a cold drink palm roaring continue to display Xuan Yue big handprint to attack to six people.
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Yun Fan breath even six palms!
In vitro, the six true qi were transformed into two-meter-high handprints, which respectively hit six Senluomen brothers.
These six Xuan Yue handprints flew dozens of meters in the blink of an eye, and even the first one escaped, Hu Yuanfeng failed to escape from Yun Fan’s attack range. Xuan Yue handprints fell from the sky in an instant, and six Sen Luomen brothers avoided it.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Six handprints of Xuan Yue hit a Sen Luomandi first.
Even if they resist the explosive potential of death crisis, they will make up for Xuan Yue’s big handprint. Six people will be destroyed and five people will die immediately.
Only Hu Yuanfeng’s strength barely blocked this palm and he was still alive.
But the body was also cut out by the meniscus mark, and blood gushed out and suffered a fatal blow.
When Hu Yuanfeng saw Yun Fan striding in, he realized that there was despair in his eyes. He shouted, "If you dare to kill Brother Sen Luomen, you will die if you take medicine out of the mysterious territory. Your sect will be destroyed and your family will be removed from the world!"
"Ha ha … it was Sam Rohm who could hit me before!"
Yun Fan sneer at one by one, slapping Xuan Yue’s big handprint and patting Hu Yuanfeng to death.
South domain seven males and one sen Luo men entered the mysterious territory of medicine, and their younger brothers were also wiped out.
Death in the mysterious realm of medicine will be automatically sent out and returned to the original place.
Ten pieces of medicines from Senluomen, Tianluo Prefecture, Nanyu were sent back to Senluomen from the mysterious realm of medicines.
Senluomen’s high-level officials are not angry, and they are the 36-door sect of the Yuan mainland. Senluomen’s southern domain has always been the peak.
Or provoke the three major sects, Senluomen, to be afraid of heaven.
The mysterious realm of medicine has been opened many times, and it has never happened that an elite brother army has been wiped out.
The Lord of the Senluo Sect personally ordered "When the mysterious territory of medicine is closed, find the survivors of various sects in the southern region to investigate this matter. Whoever dares to kill me, Senluomen will kill the family!"
Chapter 113 Medicine Temple Open!
In a few days, the Medicine Temple will appear.
Yun Fan returned to the crowd and waited in peace.
Sen Luomen’s brother didn’t appear, and Yun Fan’s safe return surprised some fighters.
Those are the brothers of Tianluozhou Sect, and they know very well that Brother Sen Luomen is after Yun Fan.
As a result, Yun Fan came back, and none of his brothers in Senluo showed up. This result is true and shocking.
You have spoken to Yunfan, Jun Chihu inquired about the news of Yun Fan, and learned about Yun Fan’s "identity"-the eldest brother of the Red Moon Sect in the state of AD "Red Chasing the Soul".
A few days passed quickly, and soon it was the day when the medicine temple appeared.
At noon this day, a dense fog enveloped the area not far from where the fighters gathered, and a huge palace dispersed and appeared in front of the fighters.
It is the temple of medicine
All the fighters looked excited and poured into the medicine temple.
At the forefront of the crowd are three teams, each with 30 people.
Thousands of fighters are bustling behind, but no one dares to rush ahead to surpass the three teams.
What all dare not tied with three teams.
These three teams are the three major sects in Ganyuan mainland-Gankun Sect, Tianyuan Sect and Ganyuan Sect.
There is a big gap in strength between practitioners and practitioners, and there is a big difference in strength between practitioners and practitioners.
Repairing a big gap can easily crush a large area. For example, a Guiyuan fighter can crush a large area of condensate fighters, and a true Dan fighter can crush a large area of Guiyuan fighters.
Different sects have different levels of influence, and the strongest sects have different practices.
The Sect of’ Jiao’ is initiated by the King of Transcendental Realm. In the Sect, there is a collection of martial arts that can cultivate the King of Transcendental Realm, and there is no shortage of the King of Transcendental Realm to sit in the seat.
An extraordinary king can crush a vast expanse of power!
The strength of the’ teaching’ level sects is far from being comparable to that of the’ door’ level sects.
There are no sects in the whole dry yuan continent that dare to compete with the three sects except the three sects.
The same is true for practitioners who enter the mysterious realm of medicine.
Thirty fighters from each of the three major religions collapsed into the mysterious realm of medicine, and each of them had an older fighter. Yu Yu was a junior and returned to the peak of Yuan realm, and all of them were geniuses.
Three great practitioners stopped outside the temple and thousands of practitioners followed.
Ganyuan taught a 19-year-old young fighter to be arched by the stars of Ganyuan, and even the old fighters seemed to have a lower position.
At the age of 19, returning to the peak of Yuanjing is rare. This person has a high status in Yuanjiao, and he is a powerful and straightforward descendant of Xuanjing.
He came out from the dry yuan cult fighters, and his eyes swept away the avenue. "The medicine temple is about to open. I Duan Xingyu will tell you about the rules!
As we all know, there are three layers in the Medicine Temple. The first layer has the common three-way medicine, the second layer has the extremely three-way medicine, and the third layer has the most precious three-way medicine’ Zhenzhengguo’.
These three-tier factional fighters are allowed to set foot on the first floor, and the door-level fighters are allowed to set foot on the second floor and the third floor. There are three major fighters to enter.
Listen to this rule clearly. Anyone who dares to violate our Duan Xingwen rules can kill and forgive together! "
There is no such rule. In the mysterious realm of medicine, we all compete for the elixir by our own strength.
The practitioners of various sects heard that they were unhappy, but they did not speak out against it.
Ganyuan religion is a newly established religion in Ganyuan mainland for less than a hundred years, but its strength is strong, but it is the first force in Ganyuan mainland.
The practitioners of Gankun Sect and Tianyuan Sect didn’t speak, and it wasn’t his turn to speak.
Yun Fan heard Duan Xingwen’s words in the crowd, but his eyes were bright.