"Dare to ask …" Nie Shuang smiled. "Why do you hate me?" The answer seems that Nie Shuang already knows something, but he is not sure.

"What?" Saying wondered, "Don’t you know?"
"I don’t know" Nie Shuang shook his head.
"Hum" snorts and spits out a white mist, which increases the anger. "What are you stronger than me besides your identity? !”
Sure enough!
Nie Shuang instantly released Sa Ying. What would hate him? The answer is simple, because Nie Shuang is a solid king, but Saying is not. Although he is called the king of the southern marsh, no one admits that he was stopped by Luen when he wanted to be recognized and marched north, and finally he got to this point.
That is to say, Saying struggled for many years but failed to achieve her goal, which was easily realized by Nie Shuang here …
It’s no wonder that Saying will find Nie Shuang annoying … It’s not appropriate not to hate it, but to say-
be jealous of
The dragon Saying is jealous of Nie Shuang’s status at this time. Although its strength is much greater than Nie Shuang’s, its status is in Nie Shuang. This is why Saying hates it. The reason is to be continued.
Chapter 144 Long Li
Being "hated" by Sa Ying made Nie Shuang feel inexplicably happy. Once, he had an inexplicable awe of Sa Ying, recognizing that it was the top strong in Ska that could confront each other, while Nie Shuang, a struggling rookie, could look up.
Now it says it’s jealous of itself!
It’s awesome!
"Gee, I don’t know anything, but I always feel that you don’t see it now ….." Muyu smashed his mouth and stared at Nie Shuang.
"Well … I guess we don’t need to start work bss also want to find him trouble" at the beginning of red-violet also laughed and said.
"That’s great. Let’s pick a mineral or medicinal material quickly while bss attacks you! There are many here!" Thousand-month reincarnation, hey, hey, smile, a pick and a hoe have been held in your hand.
There are many precious and rare minerals and medicinal materials in Saying Nest, which are indispensable materials for the manufacture of props or equipment. In the game, there is a special team of players who don’t fight after entering Saying Nest. Eventually bss collects those precious materials near here.
Of course, don’t let Saying let the player invade, even if it is taken, it will make it angry and then attack the player, so this is also a technical job.
If Nie Shuang can hold Saying and hate others, he can collect materials wantonly and easily.
Nie Shuang didn’t plan to take it seriously and get angry.
At this time, he doesn’t want to go to war with Saying immediately. He still has a few questions to ask Yu Luen.
"Saying" Nie Shuanglang cried so loudly that it was almost as high as Saying’s.
Saying’s head moved his vertical pupil and looked at Nie’s eyes. His anger was obvious-not many people dared to call it Saying, the king, the only king! ! At present, this human is too weak to be a scum human!
Angry is angry, but Saying wants to hear what this guy wants to say. After all, the other party is also a king. Give it equal status and respect it enough. Saying can still do it.
The dragon’s eyes have been condensed on his body. Nie Shuang pulled the neckline. "I want to ask you what happened with Luen."
"Listen to you can be like? With me? " Saying laughs at
"Of course not. I was on the kingdom side from beginning to end." Nie Shuang laughed. "I am very curious that you fought in the end."
"Don’t you know? Didn’t Luen hate to publicize it after he went out? " Saying doubt way
"Don’t know the details" Nie Shuang shook his head.
"Hum!" Saying snorted with a cold, hot breath, and suddenly hit like a hurricane. "Do you want to hear it?"
I want to hear it. It is estimated that Nie Shuang, one of the others, can’t wait to start cracking down on the dragon Saying as soon as possible. When he got it, he made a apology to his teammates behind him. After getting everyone’s permission and understanding, Nie Shuang turned to Saying, "Tell me about your Luen fight."
Saying Luen’s battle was not as tragic as everyone imagined. The strength gap between the two sides was not big. According to Saying’s words, each other was injured after several moves. At that time, Luen held his master, the god of war, Dross, and gave him magic-
Immortality? Dross stabbed Luen with this equipment attribute, and finally defeated Saying by a small margin. He succeeded in locking Saying with the seal Longli chain and rivets, but there was no way to continue after that. At that time, Luen was injured all over, and his life would be endangered if he was not treated early!
"Did Luen take your blood?" Nie Shuang asked after hearing Saying’s story
Saying caught a glimpse of Nie Shuang. "Yes, his goal is that the world is safe in the mainland. My fighting root is ridiculous speculation. It’s just a matter of fact. Before that, he fought with me many times, but all ended in failure. But the last time he got the weapon from the old man Dross, he defeated me by external forces and took my dragon blood department away! Damn insidious guy "
Saying words made Nie Shuang laugh. Luen really took Saying blood. According to Saying words, Luen has been staring at Saying for a long time, but it has not been successful … There is a powerful teacher who is really different.
"Xiao, have you come to Luen for revenge?" Saying boomed.
"No," Nie Shuang shook his head. "I’m here to kill you. Although you don’t have dragon blood, you still have keel, Long Lin and so on."
"Oh?" Saying’s pupils closed and gathered into a crack, and a dangerous and fatal feeling surged out. "Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Are you weak humans not afraid of dragons?"
"Hey hey, what’s there to be afraid of?" Nie Shuang suddenly laughed and gently pulled out the jewel staff.