Next to the ink face a change.

Although she had a bad prediction in her heart, she still felt a shock when she heard that Teacher Su had fallen.
"Teacher, master, teacher younger brother Su, he is really …"
The ink-tilting sound is a little shaky.
Yuehua Sword Fairy frowned and said, "Sister, you still call him Brother Su. That’s a vicious beast who deceives his teacher and destroys his ancestors!"
"This beast has been swallowed up by the emperor’s grave and buried!"
Ink tilt body slightly shaking.
"I know."
After a long time, the ink poured down and said, "Turn around and leave the palace of Gankun and go to your abode of fairies and immortals."
In the palace of Gankun
After Yang Rexu and Mo Qing left, Yuehua Sword Fairy asked the patriarch of the school, "Master, why didn’t you slay Yang Rexu who just insulted you?" At worst, he can be abolished and expelled from the courtyard door wall according to the door rules! "
"It’s just a naive ant."
The patriarch of the hospital said lightly, "Su Mo was buried in the grave of the Emperor, and he wanted to find the truth? What is the truth about heaven? "
"If you want to control enough power, it’s not because I’m turning my hands over the rain?"
"I kept him in hospital just to let him know that I gave him everything he got! Since I can give it to you, I can get it back! "
Yuehua Sword Fairy knows "Brother Bai"
The patriarch of the hospital nodded slightly and praised "true obedience"
Qing Xiao xian Yu warring States period
Lin Zhan and Linglong Xianwang were sitting in the hall with a touch of sadness in their brow.
Yu Sumo defected from Gankun Courtyard and was buried in the grave of the Emperor. It is still fermenting in the fairy land.
Although they told the truth about it to the outside world, it didn’t cause much trouble.
Being in the game, Qingyang Xianwang, Jin Wang and others will naturally not admit it, but at the same time declare that Sumo Academy is rebellious.
In this way, they have a good reason to fight against forest in the Warring States period.
Su Mo comes from the world, and there is no backer in the fairy land.
With the passage of time, most monks still tend to believe in Gankunyuan, which has stood in heaven for many years.
Lin Zhan suddenly asked, "There is still nothing going on here in Taixiao Fairyland?"
Linglong Fairy Wang Weiwei shook his head and said, "In theory, the news I sent out has reached the hands of Taixiao Fairy Emperor."
"Isn’t Taixiao Xiandi going to pursue this matter?"
Lin Zhan frowns
Exquisite fairy king shook his head and said, "It’s unreasonable that the jade book is too clear. It’s a taboo secret book. Besides, his son was killed by the patriarch of the hospital. It shouldn’t be enough."
Having said that, it’s too small for fairy land to change.