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Chapter 94 Chapter 94
▍ unexpected
Jiangu and Richard Moore were taken to the central square.
At this time, it was a festival, and countless tourists came to the center of the square to play. Chivas Regal went to the center of the stage and grabbed the stage star microphone. He cleared his throat and said, "Good afternoon, everyone, please do me a little favor when I need to take up a little bit of you in this happy festival."
Descending Valley and Richard Moore were pushed to the center of the stage, watching passers-by descend into the valley to make people run for their lives, but his mouth was blocked and he could watch passers-by change from surprise to curiosity and finally to panic.
"Shh-"Chivas Regal laughed. "Don’t run around or scream or I’ll kill you."
Descending Valley and Richard Moore were tied to the backrest, ankles, wrists and necks with different materials. Moreover, judging from the fuzzy projection of the opposite glass, these three bombs were connected with enough to blow up the giant bombs in the central square.
Chivas regal smiled and said to the camera, "Na Na Na, every 30 minutes from now on, there will be a bomb/bomb exploding in this city, and its power will get bigger and bigger. Mr. Maori and these poor citizens will bring Miss Asai here safely."
"And don’t try to kill me," Chivas regal smiled wildly. "Who knows if I have planted a bomb on your foot?"
Maybe others don’t understand Chivas Regal, but Jianggu knows that this man is not only warning the police not to make a move, but also warning Gin and others who are after him not to make a move.
Now that Gin is in this situation, what should we do if the organization is not exposed to the world and has its own safety? Who has the remote control?
The autumn tiger releases its abilities with great reserve.
The scorching sun makes people feel like they have fallen into a fire. The huge sweat from the barbecue rolled down from their foreheads and fell into the valley, knowing that they would be shocked by heatstroke if they didn’t replenish water.
Suddenly, the valley fell and felt that the back of his hand was pointed by his hand. The regular rhythm was Morse code! Descending Valley tried hard to distinguish the Richard Moore Morse code.
Richard Moore, how are you? Can you hold on?
I can hold on for a while. Where’s Mr. Maori?
Richard Moore, I’m fine. What can you do now?
Have you looked around the valley?
Richard Moore tut, waiting for Asai horse to come.
Descending the valley one leng and then thinking that a shallow well is really not important compared with all people’s lives, what’s worse, if the shallow well falls into the hands of these two people, there will really be no life danger. Weighing the pros and cons really needs to bring her out. However, Descending the valley still feels that there is a better way.
The feeling of heatstroke is coming again, and the mouth is sealed with tape and I feel difficult to breathe. Damn it, this is really going into shock.
"You’re finally here," Chihuahua said with a smile, "I’ve been waiting for Miss Asai for a long time."
Valley opened his eyes can see a few vague figure.
"Loosen their mouths and give them some ice water," Asai said very calmly.
Chivas regal chuckled, "Madam, you should pay attention to your present situation."
Asai Jing took out a blade hidden in his hand and pointed it at his throat and said, "You should know that I have blood coagulation difficulties. People who die of illness are of no research value. Do you want to bet with me?" Sir "
Chivas regal "…"
Bacardi got up and tore open the tape of Richard Moore and the mouth of the valley, then picked up the water and poured it rudely for two people.
After drinking water, Descending Valley barely regained some consciousness. He looked at Asai Jing and threatened two crazy people with a paper knife.
Chivas regal "Miss Asai is really in a crisis."
"I’m flattered," Asai said while taking a step back. "Sir, don’t try to control me. When you are ready to suppress me, I will bite the tongue."
Bacardi frowned.
"Beautiful, this is completely through their intentions," Richard Moore whispered.
Descending the valley shows approval, so that the situation will begin to reverse.
Chihuahua’s voice was slightly cold. "Madam, don’t try to pin us down like this. After all, it’s normal for us to kill a few more people."
Asai quietly raised his eyebrows. "Then you can try to die one more person, and I will definitely die. It’s not certain whether it’s a dead egg or not."
The two sides are deadlocked, but Descartes knows that this deadlock can’t last long. Chivas regal will definitely blackmail Asai in the same way.
As expected, Chivas Regal has already begun to draw his gun, but Asai Jing said, "I know and I know that one is more perfect than those two. Are you sure you want me to die?"
Chivas regal was stunned. "What do you mean?"
Asai Jing’s "literal meaning"
Descending the valley, I saw the shallow well, the static ear, the reflective point earrings? Wait, can a person with blood coagulation disorder pierce his ears? This is the communicator.
Realizing this, Descending Valley began to look around. Sure enough, Jiangchuan Conan got in among the hostages in the central square. When he saw the tools in his hand, he realized that it was procrastination. Sometimes she was taught how to talk to Chivas Regal and Bacardi behind Asai Jing.
Descending the valley and watching his ankle explode/bomb, but this new and complicated explosion/bomb takes a long time for the two ace bombs to be dismantled. Can Conan be the child?
No, I have to find a way to save myself, too
Don’t be impulsive. Richard Moore is crying and typing on the back of the valley. Now we don’t know where the remote control is. If you move casually like this, the bomb disposal personnel will have the kid with equipment in his hand and someone guiding him.
Valley one leng he slightly tilted to look at is calling himself haven’t go to see Miss Yang’s new film and sadly Richard Moore across a little surprised in my heart.
Such meticulous thinking will make a detective who lives a life of drunkenness all day. Should he react?
Just when Descending Valley wanted to confirm, a dazzling white light shook him. I looked up for him. I saw Jiangchuan Conan waved the giant bomb/bomb, and the connection line between him and Mr. Maori had been removed.
Can be a little active.
Just then I heard Date Wataru shout, "Miss Asai, watch your back!"
Descending Valley looks up to see a low-level member who is lying in ambush in the hostage. He got up and jumped in the direction of Asai Jing. Asai Jing knew that he would come or not, so he stabbed his shoulder with the impact force, and the blood suddenly came out. Bacardi kicked the low-level member who was incompetent and then shot him in the forehead.
The huge gun made people scream, and Bacardi said testily, "Shut up!" Then turn on your mobile phone and frown, "She will go into shock if she doesn’t stop bleeding or transfuse blood in ten minutes."
Descending valley noticed that Bacardi deliberately avoided a button on his mobile phone.
Chivas Regal picked up Asai’s quiet anger and smiled back. "Madam, you are really better than a broken jade. [1] Now you are really admired, but now you are still in my hands." When Chivas Regal took out his mobile phone and prepared to press the same button, he suddenly hit his arm with a sniper, similar to the mobile phone remote control flying to Richard Moore and the foot of the valley.
Sniper on both sides at the same time. Is it hir and the FBI?