So when they looked into the distance, they saw Zhong Li’s horse and threw the whip to the hand, and asked people to present the saddle bag to Yu Wensu Ji, who also followed Zhong Li’s horse. It seemed a little embarassed. As usual, Zhong Liyi greeted Jia Di. BecauseContinue Reading

Exactly. They’re not allowed to go back. However, in order to take care of their emotions, Heaven and Hong Jun also assured them that Western religion would not be destroyed. that’s right Western religion owes a lot of merits to heaven. If it is destroyed, won’t it be wasted ifContinue Reading

Even a few breaths. They will be suppressed by Fuxi. After a moment of gaffes, the clan chiefs quickly recovered as if nothing had happened. But greed has planted desire to nourish their hearts and take root. …… …… "Emperor!" "The emperor! Emperor! " At the moment when Shennong becameContinue Reading

Director Feng said it with confidence. Factory director Zhu blindfolded and sat on the edge of factory director Feng, steadily folding Shao Qingze with a snort from his nostrils. He took a smug look at Xu Taotao and said, "You have Xiao Shao and I have Jamlom. Your new factoryContinue Reading

They thought that the spirit boat was getting closer and closer. Lingzhou bow with a series of figures. Dragon Tiger Pavilion Patriarch and others gazed intently at it, and they couldn’t help but feel shocked. Unbelievable colors surged in their eyes! The first person of Lingzhou is dressed in aContinue Reading