Didn’t say anything more. Suirenshi smiled and gradually disappeared.

One day, everyone was discussing Terran issues in the ancestral temple. Suddenly, a sweet bird song came to shock Wan Li, which contained inexplicable rhyme and shook everyone’s mind.
"This is …"
"I’m waiting for my chance!"
Hearing this bird song, the rest of us haven’t responded yet. However, Chao Shi and Yi Yi Shi feel that their spirits are shaking again and again, and they faintly express a sense of joy. They can’t help but look at each other with ecstasy and turn around and run away.
"What chance provoked nest emperor, Hua emperor so rude? I’ll wait and see. "
The heart curious wanted to think and followed and went out.
It wasn’t long before I saw a golden phoenix flapping its wings and flying very fast, and in the blink of an eye, I came to the front of everyone with a decree.
"In accordance with the law of Nu Wa Niangniang, three terrans, namely, Suiren, Youchao and Juyi, were called to the Imperial Palace for an audience!"
"it’s the decree of the virgin Mary!"
At first glance, everyone was frightened and then swished and knelt down. They were so calm and respectful that they dared not show any disrespect.
"Suiren’s family, Youchao’s family and Juyi’s family abide by the laws of the Empress!" In the previous step three people said at the same time
"Empress doesn’t like empty gifts. It’s good to have a heart. Please ask the Taoist to let them get up first!"
Jinhuang transformed herself into a palace-dressed beauty and walked to the front of Suirenshi and respectfully said to him
Luo Jinxian is the embodiment of the road, and even if Jin Huang comes from the imperial palace, if she is not Luo Jinxian, she will not dare to disrespect Suiren.
"Please wait for the fairy" Suiren nodded and turned to everyone and said "Get up!"
"Thank you, Empress!" They first bowed in the direction of the ancestral temple before they got up and left.
"Please come to the temple to rest. I can’t go to the Imperial Palace to see the Empress until I have to wait for a little delay because of worldly affairs." At this point, Suiren asked with some trepidation, "So the Empress shouldn’t mind?"
"Empress is well versed in everything. I didn’t let Daozun speak immediately when I came. I think I should have expected this!"
"Besides, the empress is broad-minded and loving, so how can she care about it because of such a trivial matter?"
Seriously wanted to think, Jin Huang answered
"So I’m relieved!" Suirenshi took a long breath and led Jinhuang into the ancestral temple.
"Tao Zun, if you have something to do, just go and be busy, regardless of me." The ancestral temple Jinhuang curiously looked at Suirenshi and said to him.
After more than 100 thousand years, Suiren cultivated to pick Jin Xian, which is the most innate creature except the innate sacredness.
Therefore, I don’t know how many creatures are curious about him, and I don’t know how he cultivated, so that he could transcend the long river of fate so quickly and enter the realm that all beings dream of.
Speaking, Suiren’s practice is far less long than Jin Huang’s, but the former is an immortal pick Jin Xian.
The latter is still struggling in the world to find a way out. It’s a fate!
Chapter one hundred and twelve Small talk
"So I’ll be excused."
"And if you stay here to chat, you can go out and have a look at the development of our Terran now."
Said the SuiRenShi apology smiled and got up and left the hall.
"Second brother, go and get some red dates to get the most."
"Third sister, this is the innate enlightenment tea that Zichen gave me. You go to make a pot and wait for the second brother to get the red dates and send them inside."
Just out of the hall, Suirenshi quickly ordered Chao’s and Yi’s behind him.
"Eldest brother, this is ….." Asked Chen Yi’s frown.
"The first time the Empress sent someone to Terran, we can’t miss the gift. If we neglect her, it will make the Empress unhappy."
"Besides, this person can be sent by the empress, and it must be the people around the empress. Now she has a good relationship, and when she wants to ask for the palace in the future, she also has a way."
Will be surrounded by virtual blockade SuiRenShi explained to them
"After the second brother gets the red jujube, he directly gives it to the third sister, and then she sends it in, and then you bother to go and call all the tribal leaders and elders to come to the discussion hall."
"Third sister, this fairy will trouble you to entertain her. Don’t let the people collide with her." Here, Suiren’s face looks unhappy
"After all, this fairy is so beautiful that some people are really bad roots and will make a gift."
The terran base is there, and the people can’t do everything, so they can’t give birth to a few scum.
On weekdays, it’s just that if they accidentally collide with Jin Huang, it’s too small for Nu Wa to make him dislike Terran, and that’s a big trouble.
"I am white!"
Chen Yi, who is responsible for educating people, naturally knows the human nature of his family.
"Terran was born shortly after the foundation is shallow, so I can’t get anything good to entertain Taoist friends. I hope Taoist friends will forgive me." Feng Xiancha smiled and said to Jin Huang.
"Taoist friends are joking!" From afar, Jinhuang felt that the red jujube body of Daocha exuded a congenital brainwave. When this is the modest words of Guyi, it will not be taken seriously.
I took the jade cup and tasted it. I felt a cool air flow all over me to wash my body and mind, which was enlightening.
"This is …" Looking at the hands of the tea, Jin Huang was shocked for the first time.