The road was broken and the dragon, violet and night spirit fought in the past!

Protoss, blood rattan, witch, the sun, Luo Cha, the rest of the strong have also made moves towards the mana vortex and tried their best!
Although the dragon can move and dodge, the magic vortex will not.
If you want to break this mana vortex, you can’t get rid of the three martial arts lords who sent a large array of famine!
At this time, there was a loud noise in the sky and a huge gap was cracked!
Then a shadow looms, though small, but it exudes terror. Black hair dances and the whole world trembles!
This kind of power has completely surpassed the fit!
Group repair looked up at the sky that figure look horrified eyes reveal all shock hold your breath!
Ancestral territory!
This kind of power is absolutely ancestral power!
Even the six fierce families frown slightly.
"Terran half-ancestor?"
A protoss mighty eyebrows a wrinkly.
"Is this half-ancestor here to save the famine?"
"Look at this semi-ancestral robe and breath. It seems that there is a deep grudge to mix Yuan Zong and Yuan Zong!"
At this time in the middle of this figure slowly mouth.
"Wild Wu, you killed my blood and let you live for so long. It’s your turn to blood out today!"
Every word of the semi-ancestral sound reveals strong coercion and makes the virtual tremor.
"Ah, it’s the emperor’s half-ancestor!"
"I know that the authentic is the emperor’s half-ancestor! If it weren’t for the strong ancestors who buried the Dragon Valley behind them, they would have fallen! "
"The second time the emperor’s half-ancestors didn’t show up, but they actually came today!"
"It seems that the wild weapons are doomed to have such a big robbery and can’t live today!"
Su Mo’s face sank.
Emperor Brahman stretched out his palm and pressed it in the direction of Su Mo through the heavy emptiness!
Big bastard!
The half-ancestor’s power releases this big mixed palm with equal power!
The whole has emerged a series of subtle cracks!
I can’t bear it!
At the same time, the strong attack of each fierce clan has also come, and Su Mo’s two real bodies and night spirits have been enveloped in an instant!
Now it’s possible to fight the first world war, leaving the dragon to look like himself.
The dragon can’t retreat!
As soon as he retreats, the large array will be broken. Once the large array collapses, his retreat will be completely cut off!
But in the face of so many fierce people’s moves and half-ancestral power, the claw root of God can’t resist!
There is a possibility to stop this attack!
The dragon waved his hands and drew a semicircle on both sides of his body, and finally gathered in his chest. Finger change and condensation method was used to stroke his chest.
His eyebrows generate a divine light into his hands!
Make these dragons look faint and weak, and Yuan Shen has a dull pain. He Yuan Shen has already advanced to the limit!
The dragon really drinks lightly.
Shake the heavens and the earth, arrival!
When the dragon waved his hands in front of him, a huge stone shield appeared. The rough old face depicts the mysterious mystery of winding ravines.
This stone shield is like an ancient tortoise shell.
"What is this?"
"Another magical talent?"
"If I remember correctly, Arakawa Wu, the dragon avatar, has released two talented magical powers. Is this the third way?"
Don’t say it’s a monk in the distance. Even the six fierce families look horrified!
This magical power is one of the four magical powers recorded in the Secret Book of the Wild Lich King-Linggui Shield!
At the beginning, it was released once in the battle of the dragon in the valley of dragon bones.
However, at that time, the dragon’s real body had just awakened, and the magical power of this talent had not yet fully understood the complex and mysterious grain gully of Linggui Shield, and there was a small part flashing with light.
Even so, this turtle shield can resist the fifth claw of the dragon.
But now the gully grain of this Linggui shield has been lit up!
This talented avatar dragon has been cultivated to perfection!
It’s not only because of the dragon’s unique talent that he can practice the Secret Book of the Wild Lich King all the year round.
Even more, when Su Mo stepped into the territory of then, he had condensed a vision of tortoise and snake, and the Xuanwu back also had a series of gully lines!
Compared with the dragon’s real body, this talent avatar can be cultivated to perfection as quickly as possible!
Chapter one thousand three hundred and twenty-one Get away
The spirit turtle shield is condensed into an instant Su Mo holding the night spirit and jumping into the magic vortex.
Almost at the same time, the six fierce families attacked the palm of Emperor Brahma’s hand, arrival Linggui Shield!
A loud noise is earth-shattering