Duan Tianliang many drug farmers, deacons and a small limelight can not help but blush in the heart secretly pleased.

But he soon calmed down.
Because he knows that although these fairy grass seeds were planted by himself, they grew green buds overnight, and he should be fine.
It’s like this night, the vitality of the ten acres of spiritual fields suddenly became rich, which made the two kinds of fairy grass grow rapidly!
Duan Tianliang touched the mystery.
He can’t think of Su Mo’s body.
This means even what fairy, fairy also can’t do what’s worse, a man who just rose from the world.
Duan Tianliang decided to stay here to find out.
At the same time, Su Mo also perceived that there was a scene outside, and her heart gradually turned white.
Nature’s violet is a treasure to seize heaven and earth.
His violet’s promotion to nine is already a very high-level plunder. It’s nothing!
If Su Mo wants to absorb the vitality essence of Fiona Fang Shili Xiancao elixir, he can directly refine it!
Nature’s violet is the most respected among plants!
Of course, when you come to Fiona Fang, Shili Xiancao will wither.
At this time, it was daytime, and many drug farmers came and went. Su Mo was cautious and did not practice to absorb the vitality of heaven and earth.
Although the vitality of heaven and earth is shaped, once he practices the spirit field area of more than ten acres around here, his vitality will skyrocket, and it will be much richer than the outside, which is easily noticed by people.
This matter is directly related to the fact that the violet is not easy to be exposed.
The fewer people know, the better!
Of course, Su Mo has not been idle, but continues to understand the Prajna Nirvana Sutra.
There are not many words engraved in Sanskrit on one side of the tripod wall, but every word seems to contain mysterious and exhaustive geography!
Soon night fell.
The surrounding drug farmers have already dispersed separately.
Duan Tianliang is the only one left wandering around this spiritual field.
On this day, Duan Tianliang stared at this piece of gv 10, and there was no abnormality in the results. He couldn’t help but be disappointed.
But he wanted to think or not, so he simply moved a bamboo chair and sat down in Lingtian.
In Sumo’s thatched cottage, I felt this scene thoughtfully and decided to practice huffing and puffing.
It’s impossible to hide this from everyone.
What’s more, this virtuous posture is obviously ready to keep this spiritual field at all times.
Su Mo can’t not practice because of Duan Tianliang’s defense.
It’s Duan Tianliang who’s still in control!
Duan Tianliang relies on bamboo chairs and still has some spirit.
But his eyes looked up to heaven and his ears listened to the frog cicada singing, and his eyes gradually blurred and he fell asleep.
Duan Tianliang’s heart is always thinking about it.
Even if you sleep in the past, it’s not practical
Trance Duan Tianliang Huo Ran woke up!
It is already late at night.
Duan Tianliang suddenly felt something was wrong!
The vitality around him has become extremely rich!
Duan Tianliang stared at his eyes for a moment.
He still has some illusions that he can’t believe, and he deliberately ran out far away from this more than ten acres of spiritual fields.
The vitality of his place is still extremely thin.
There are more than ten acres of Lingtian area full of vitality and amazing!
Duan Tianliang looked at two kinds of fairy grass in Lingtian.
But a few hours later, the buds of these two kinds of fairy grass seem to grow a little taller!
"How did this happen?"
Duan Tianliang eyes flashing look indecision.
He thought a little and suddenly raised his head to look at the ordinary wooden house in the spirit field of more than ten acres!
"Don’t …"
Duan Tianliang thought of a possibility.
Although this speculation is a bit of a fantasy.
He has lived in the snowy mountains for ten thousand years.
There has never been such a strange situation before, but it has only happened since that man soared!
That is to say, it is very likely that that person has it!
"This is a big deal!"