The dark curtain is retreating, and the soldiers of the dark tribes are retreating.

"Became …"
Finally, in the dark temple, there came a sound, and then a dark source force surged like a tide, and then quickly converged and invaded the human world. The dark clan army actually took the initiative to retreat.
At the same moment, the boy suddenly opened his eyes with three eyes as if he could see everything in the semicircle Fashen Palace at the end of the holy court.
"Dark Chineydy …"
He whispered softly.
"This day … is coming after all …"
Then his three eyes slowly closed together again.
It seems that everything that happens outside than the massive invasion of purgatory and the dark world can’t interest him at all.
"What’s the matter? Together with the purgatory, they should occupy the wind. There are still several dark gods who haven’t made their moves … Why did they suddenly retreat? " Some local gods can’t understand it, and wonder if the dark gods have any conspiracy.
Dafa God murmured, "They have reached the goal of the arrival of the dark temple and the sacred court of the human world. The gods of both sides have tried their best to crack the sky. It is not important to win or lose temporarily. What is important is that with this war, the belief power of millions of people of the dark families can reach its limit and help Chineydy break through."
The heavenly god shocked and said, "Dafa God, do you mean that Chineydy has broken through?"
Solution god some heavy nods "if no accident … he should be a breakthrough …"
When this sentence came out, it became silent all over the place. Everyone felt that there was a great oppression in his heart, which made people feel breathless and depressed.
The dark tribes suddenly retreated, but the orcs still killed the world of purgatory. Instead of retreating, they forced the gods of law and justice to retreat one after another. In a short time, purgatory occupied a large number of territories originally belonging to the orcs and continued to deepen.
"These purgatory families-"Dafa God suddenly let out a growl and rushed toward the distance.
Dark Chineydy’s suspected breakthrough has caused great psychological pressure to everyone. Goodbye, the Purgatory clan is still deepening, and it is even more annoying. Immediately, it rushed towards the Orcs.
Su Li frown followed.
In this battle, the old Terran lost a lot. The seventh fortress was completely destroyed, and the casualties were not serious. Most of them were evacuated before.
Su Li followed Dafa God and Difa God to return to the orcs again, and found that the fiery magma waterfall was a series of sacred badges, and several sacred badges could not resist the constant collapse and rise.
As soon as the Dafa God appeared, he immediately entered the virtual and real body and rushed into this lava waterfall in a stride.
"Boom" a will this magma blasting cloth with a huge hole.
He is beyond the peak god, although he can’t reach the level of the king of God, but he is not comparable to the general peak god
As soon as the Dafa god appeared, the magma exploded back and forth, and wherever he went, the magma caused a big explosion. The magma was blown down and fell with the magma, and there were purgatory creatures inside.
These purgatory creatures look like a group of deformed humans, which makes Su Li very strange. I always feel that this purgatory creature may be human.
Dafa God, Difa God, Tianjue God, and Proto-Terran deities have successively made moves, and the original approach to the magma waterfall in the depths of the Orcs has been stopped.
Su Li looked at the virtual lux magma giants who were fighting together with the gods of justice, law and criminal law.
Chapter 47 Dark Chineydy, the King of God
This is the peak from purgatory, and their strength is comparable to that of the peak. The gods are all very deformed, but human beings control the magma power. The magma melts together and becomes a statue. Several dharma gods and deities fight each other.
Because the gods of justice and law were outnumbered, they retreated while fighting, and it was not until the gods of Dafa and Difa arrived that the defeat was stabilized.
"The treacherous dark world …"
Suddenly, a hoarse and terrible female voice came from the depths of the fiery magma.
Just now, the purgatory clan and the dark world joined hands to enter the human world at the same time. Seeing that they occupied a good situation, the forces of the dark clans suddenly retreated and abandoned the purgatory clan here, which triggered the female anger in the deepest part of this hidden magma waterfall.
However, although the woman in the deepest part of this hidden place made an angry sound, she didn’t come. It seems that she has some kind of fear, and even the original expanding magma waterfall has gradually converged and retreated.
This magma waterfall runs through the end of the earth and extends to a fiery world, which is the purgatory world with the worst environment among all the worlds.
At the moment, there is a giant ball of magma in the depths of the inferno, with chains on its surface and symbols on its surface.
A surge of energy was born from the inside, and the giant ball of magma kept expanding, and the huge surface chain rattled and vibrated endlessly.
Suddenly, bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.
A figure came out slowly with bare feet in this huge lava wave.
This man with long hair and thick eyebrows is Chineydy.
Just now he came out of the fiend cave again.
He walked slowly in the lava fire, every step was slow, but one step out was like a small step of shrinking thousands of miles.
He walked out of purgatory in three steps.
Facing the sky-tilting and fiery magma at the end of purgatory, I went out again in a countercurrent.
He followed this lava waterfall and stepped out of it, and he has reached the human world.
In front of him is the sacred court, the dharma gods and the deities of all ethnic groups, and a red giant from purgatory fighting and fighting.
Su Li also blocked a statue of a flaming giant who had just sacrificed the immortal furnace. Suddenly, he felt that the distant lava waterfall cracked from the bottom and a figure came out of the cracked lava waterfall.