There is a law here, the law of the jungle! Wu Daozun saw this information in vain. Before Cui came over, there were also weeping souls. This group of creatures would have scruples about his hand. Because the consciousness of this group of creatures in Cold Spring Prison is onlyContinue Reading

She moved her eyes to the window with delicate eyebrows without any other emotion. "You don’t know what happened before, so go back and ask clearly. Don’t be such a natural excuse to come to me. I’m not you. You also said that we have only met several times now.Continue Reading

A minute later Mark strolled past an armed sentry. Mark can see the armed sentry. The armed sentry couldn’t see Mark. "Hey, do you feel anything?" "What’s the matter?" "I feel like someone just passed me." "… the detector didn’t respond to your illusion." "… well, let’s go to theContinue Reading

Wang Jian remained impassive. "Are you threatening me?" Yi Yu smiled faintly. "If the predecessors are so understanding, they can also say so." "Very well! You are very good! " Yi Yu leaned down slightly and laughed. "It’s a great honor to be able to get your appreciation for theContinue Reading

Wu Tianyin looked at him without saying anything. "Brother Yin, I was wrong. Please forgive me once … I beg you. I don’t want to go!" Chen Er blindly lay on Wu Tianyin’s legs and cried for decades. Men are just like children. Real people are like this. Impulses andContinue Reading