45 minutes when cooling.

Active Skills Revive Doom Doomsday Destroyer Signboard Younger Brother can resurrect a Doomsday Meteorite into his excellent minion. Doom’s attack power depends on the caster’s intelligence.
Consume magic for 7 points
4 minutes when cooling.
Passive Skill Doomsday Destroyer Sighing Messenger Passive spell damage increased by 10%
Make professional law
Magic donook staff
Grade purple
Spell damage 35
Level 5
The active skill Donoghue bless Donoghue’s own energy to help bless the caster and get a temporary high value according to the caster’s mental intelligence and dharma wound. The duration is 15 minutes.
Consume 5 mana.
3 minutes when cooling.
The active skill, Donok’s anger, will also cause huge damage when Donok is angry. The caster’s own axis radiates a devastating shock wave around, and the shock wave has the property of flying. The damage value is determined according to the caster’s mental intelligence and legal damage.
Consume 5 mana.
3 minutes when cooling.
The active skill Donok sheltered Donok’s own energy sheltered the caster, and the caster got Donok’s shield. The caster defended against the damage while absorbing a certain amount of damage. The high value lasted for 15 minutes according to the caster’s mental intelligence and damage.
Consume 5 mana.
3 minutes when cooling
Passive Skills Donoghue Joy Messenger passive spell defense with a high score of 10%
Make professional law
When I heard this, Zhao Bohao was dizzy. These equipment attributes were simply stunning. After calculating his own purse, he estimated that he could buy one, and it was more suitable for him. This pet-eating auxiliary office decided that if he had enough money to photograph the grading staff, he would let Xiao Jing introduce the grading equipment information. Mobile reading
= = = Section 26 When the auction is going on (1)===
Section 26 When the auction is going on 1
Xiao Jing heard Zhao Bohao’s words and introduced the information of the equipment.
Summoner bearing shoes
Grade: grade orange
Equipment site foot
Physical defense 55
Spell defense 35
Increase the messenger’s spiritual strength by 20%
Equip passive skills to increase the number of summoners summoning animals at the same time.
Equip passive skills to increase summoner’s summoning attributes by 20%
Equip passive skills to reduce summoner’s skill cooldown.
Unique skill: shrink the ground to an inch, so that the player can move 50 meters in the instant direction, making 3 times a day.
Consume 5 mana.
Make level 1
Make a professional summoner
Hearing the introduction, Zhao Bohao patted his thigh and jumped up. He was scared. He was introducing the information. Xiaojing jumped up. Who knows that Zhao Bohao danced on the sofa. Looking at Xiaojing, he laughed and heard laughter. Zhao Bohao quickly sat down in shame and blushed.
The announcement that "All players will shoot all the segments at the same time due to excessive shooting, and we will broadcast the players in real time" sounded at the right time to help Zhao Bohao solve the problem.
Zhao Bohao concentrated on staring at the box screen auction, ignoring it and laughing. Xiao Jing saw the gold auction going on like running water. A piece of gold equipment usually costs 34 gold coins at a high price
"Nima’s real loss this time is 60,000 for 6,000. Who knows that it is really sad to become 1w for 6,000?" Zhao Bohao was annoyed.
The auction is still going on. This auction is Zhao Bohao’s violent spike dagger from the Wolf King. Suddenly, his attention is liberated from his just annoyance. It seems that the best way to liberate a person from loss and sorrow is to make him earn more money.
Then I heard the host said
"Dear warrior archers, please pay attention. The auction is a gold spike dagger with a very one-handed weapon.
His attack damage is not low, the attack speed is fast, and the attached skills are passive skills, and all of them are quite good. It is also possible to trigger tearing and bleeding. It is definitely a physical pole weapon to bid for low-priced 3w gold coins. Please bid for players and friends. "
Then I saw the number of the meter rising from 3 gold coins. Zhao Bohao jumped up from the sofa again, but when he saw a side, Xiao Jing quickly sat on the sofa and was dark.
"After the auction, I must go out for a good meal to treat myself." Zhao Bohao decided to have a good meal.
"A piece of equipment is a good thing.
Crown of wisdom
Grade gold grade
Equipment site head
Physical defense 6
Spell defense 33
Active Skill Wisdom Tree Blessing increases the spiritual strength of the caster by 20% for 2 minutes.
Consume 5 mana.
4 minutes on cooling
Active Skills The fruit of the tree of wisdom increases the power of the eater’s various skills by 10% and lasts for 15 minutes.
Consume 5 mana.
6 minutes on cooling
Level 4
Equipment role method
Players, it is really rare to increase the spirit and skill power of this equipment. This helmet bids for the bottom price W gold coins, so please bid for the players and friends. "
Zhao Bohao feels that this helmet is very suitable for Zhao Bohao to press a 3 directly. In the past, everyone turned off the fire this time. After the auctioneer shouted 321, he dropped the hammer. This equipment belongs to Zhao Bohao after he asked him to pay 4w gold coins.
"It’s really like spending money to make money by subtracting 5% from 1w, that is, 95w gold coins, and now spending 4 D." Zhao Bohao snapped his fingers and scolded him after the calculation.
However, scolding, scolding, buying and buying the auction continued, and Zhao Bohao continued his extravagant trip, which made him feel excited again because of a compulsion.
"dear summoner, this is definitely what everyone needs, and that is this cloth armor. Please enjoy it.
The wild calls for cloth armor
Grade gold grade
Equipment position torso
Physical defense 79
Spell defense
The active skill, wild power, wild power is blessed to the summoner’s high summoner attack speed and spell damage duration of 15 minutes.
Consume 5 mana.