Chapter 471 Wan Ciwang is about to go.

A minute later
Mark strolled past an armed sentry.
Mark can see the armed sentry.
The armed sentry couldn’t see Mark.
"Hey, do you feel anything?"
"What’s the matter?"
"I feel like someone just passed me."
"… the detector didn’t respond to your illusion."
"… well, let’s go to the bar for a drink later."
"Your treat?"
"Go home separately."
Listen to the conversation between the two armed sentries behind him
Mark has already entered the fortress.
The rotation of invisibility cloak is in normal working condition.
no way out
This fortress may be a nightmare prison for a mutant.
But unfortunately
Despite the ability of mutants, I didn’t think of guarding against high technology
Typical arrogance
Very significant
Mark’s comments in his heart were like shopping. It was like strolling around the office made of glass.
A little while
When I went out along Reed, I left a remnant of my thoughts. When Mark got to the second floor, he saw a suit and tie with a file not far away. Reed.
And Reid was accompanied by a black woman.
Mark followed directly.
Reed walked towards the end of the passage and leafed through the materials.
After a stop at the gate was inspected by the soldiers at the gate, Reid pushed the iron gate and went in.
Black girl and behind her
In the invisible state, Mark followed closely.
door of a house
Mark saw at first sight that there was also a prison made entirely of plastic in the room.
Hao feature
Mark commented unceremoniously in his heart
But these are not the point.
The point is that a little sister in this plastic prison
It is code-named Polaris.
Lorna Dane
Fast silver and crimson little sister
Two giants of mutants-Wan Ciwang Eric’s illegitimate daughter
Black, a little messy, long hair
An iconic face
Wearing a set of orange prisoners
No more