Once you start.

Even a few breaths.
They will be suppressed by Fuxi.
After a moment of gaffes, the clan chiefs quickly recovered as if nothing had happened.
But greed has planted desire to nourish their hearts and take root.
"The emperor! Emperor! "
At the moment when Shennong became a new emperor, the whole Terran naturally gave birth to induction and worshipped their new emperor in succession.
The vision of Shennong becoming an emperor lasted for three days.
In these three days, Fuxi and Shennong also completed the handover.
This day
Fuxi suddenly felt that the time had come to leave.
He said to Shennong, a veteran.
"Now I have achieved great success in my merits and deeds, and I should enjoy a great deal of fruit in my ascent to heaven."
"It’s time for me to leave."
The colorful glow of talking blooms from Fuxi’s body, setting him off from the sacred ratio.
Endless merit convergence
Slowly flow into Fuxi body
Everyone in the field is well-connected. If you don’t see this, you won’t stop Fuxi from leaving
So they all worshipped the Tao.
"I am ready to send Fuxi!"
"I wish you luck!"
Everyone respectfully sent Zhong Fuxi driving colorful Xiangyun and slowly rising away with all the merits.
Chapter six hundred Qing Di
Deep in the sky
Cloudy and hazy
In the past, the great avatar Hongyun Dojo was the first cave in the wilderness.
Finally ushered in his new master.
Yes, Huoyun Cave is the Dojo prepared by san huang, the Terran of Heaven.
Terran san huang
It is a sacred position.
A saint with equal status.