Exactly. They’re not allowed to go back.
However, in order to take care of their emotions, Heaven and Hong Jun also assured them that Western religion would not be destroyed.
that’s right
Western religion owes a lot of merits to heaven. If it is destroyed, won’t it be wasted if it owes merits?
It’s a matter of necessity before the merits are returned, and heaven absolutely does not allow the collapse of western religion.
"But …"
"If my brother doesn’t go back, what about those brothers in Sumiyama?"
After getting the guarantee from Heaven and Hongjun, the two men’s faces eased a lot, obviously putting a burden on their hearts, but it’s a little difficult to think that they have finally cultivated their younger brothers.
Can one’s younger brother be unclear about his strength as a teacher?
But you’re welcome. It would be a ghost if the brothers attacked by the magic door could stop them.
"You can rest assured!"
"If you want to teach the West, you will be ruined forever."
Then see two people worry about master brother heaven hongjun mouth again and said
After hearing this, the two people’s faces are wonderful, but they can’t see the joy anyway.
On the other hand, Nu Wa and others in Sanqing almost laughed when they heard the words of Tiandao Hongjun.
This sentence is interesting.
What do you mean, "if you want to receive the approval and return to Western religion, you will be in danger forever"?
The meaning of this sentence is simple
It doesn’t matter that Mount Sumi was captured by the magic gate;
It doesn’t matter if the master brother is dead.
You can rebuild western religion at any time if you want it back.
It’s not hard to see from the attitude of Heaven and Hongjun that it’s nothing to sacrifice just western brothers in front of the safety of the wild.
of course
Heaven can abandon western brothers, that’s his fault.
Can you take the lead? No!
Most of the younger brothers of western religions have come from the east with their skins on their backs. If they give up like this, wouldn’t it mean that the price they paid for tens of millions of years of hard work has been in vain?
Life is unbearable pain!
Never do this!
"Two Taoist friends, although you can’t go back, you can send two places at once!"
Seeing that the face of the two people was gradually distorted, it was too clear that the saint finally couldn’t see it and woke up.
This is not to say that the saints are too clear-minded and kind-hearted, but that if the enemy is too hard to persecute at present, it will easily make a big mess.
It’s time to stop when the noise is almost over, and it’s time to push it hard and get it right.
That is to say, in this situation, people are not good at docking and guiding, and they are forced too much. If this happens in a peaceful year, it will be disgusting to stop them from receiving and guiding.
"Two places at once?"
"Why didn’t I think of that?"
Too clear sage’s words woke up and the accurate quotation made them breathe a sigh of relief.
They still have two places at once.
I was in such a hurry just now that I forgot this.
(From this point, we can see that driving the chaotic fiend of heaven is also extremely exhausting for the saints.
If not, the two of them will not be lost in the ups and downs of emotions and forget to be in two places at once)
If you can’t come forward, you can send two places at once. Even if the strength is far less than that of the statue, you can compete with the ordinary mixed Taoist master.
"Thank you for waking up!"
A ceremony was given to the Taiqing sage, and the two of them hurriedly raised the top three flowers and released two incarnations respectively.
It is they who are good and evil!
Although the ancestor of Hongjun established the method of "cutting three corpses to achieve enlightenment", in the flood, the Emperor Tai was the only one who achieved enlightenment, and everyone else achieved enlightenment in other ways.
And the six saints
In the final analysis, they are all sanctified by virtue.
It is precisely because of the sanctification of the six saints by virtue that they can keep the three corpses.
Among them, except for the Qing sage, the three corpses were beheaded, and the Nu Wa Empress was beheaded with one corpse, while the other four were beheaded with two corpses.
"I have seen Zun!" (×4)
Take lead quasi avatar just appeared to salute the two way
"You need to wait and go!"
In my heart, I was anxious to get the approval, but I didn’t care to greet them. I waved to them to go to Sumi Mountain as soon as possible.
The four incarnations didn’t hesitate to directly turn a jin hong across the vast sky and fly in the direction of the universe.
Although the three-corpse method is mysterious, it also has various restrictions, the most important of which is that the realm of the three-corpse will not be greater than that of the statue.
These four incarnations are all half-step mixed elements.
However, because they are saints, they have a sage heritage. Although their realm is half a step mixed, their strength is comparable to that of Taoists who have just entered the mixed realm.