Saying it’s a cave is actually just a dent more than one meter away.

Just staying for three or four days doesn’t even make Fangzhou feel anything.
Li Fuan settled down, covered the hole with dead branches and weeds, cleaned up the traces of people coming, and went to the nearby mountains to hunt pheasant and rabbit food.
Even Fang Zhou thinks he is a little too careful. How can those people follow so tightly and so quickly? Otherwise, how could he have noticed?
He must be so careful, and she is just fine.
Even fangzhou was afraid of being scolded by him, so he didn’t dare not listen to him sitting and chatting in this hole, watching the sunshine move bit by bit through the cracks in the branches and leaves, listening to the wind blowing the leaves and rustling the grass, which was quiet and natural.
If it weren’t for the hidden darkness, I don’t know when I might jump out. The enemy can really afford the word "years are quiet" at this moment.
Even Fang Zhou smiled bitterly and sighed in a low voice-I don’t know if I have a life to go back alive this time!
Both she and Li Fu underestimate that courage of these people!
Waiting for a long time, I haven’t seen Li Fu come back. Listening to the monotonous rustling of the wind and the movement of the grass for a long time makes people feel a little jumpy.
Even Fang Zhou’s heart secretly worried that the fried water would boil out of control and entertain foolish ideas.
I was so flustered that I almost couldn’t help rushing out and finally heard the footsteps of rustling. Even Fang Zhou’s big face couldn’t help but burst into laughter, and a heart was finally released.
She was too busy to push away the branches and leaves that stood in the mouth of the cave and came out with a smile. "You finally came back. How did it take you so long?" I am worried to death! "
"Be careful of your foot injury!" Li Fu hurriedly put the things in his hand carefully to hold her. I’m sorry and laughed. "I’m to blame for not remembering to tell you clearly that this place is not good for making a fire. I didn’t come back until I cooked the two pheasants. Are you thirsty? I also brought water! "
Even Fang Zhou looked at the big leaves wrapped in two burnt yellow mud balls at random, then looked at the long bamboo tube filled with water, shook his head and smiled, "I’m not thirsty or hungry!" I told you, the big prey in the mountains dare not say that there must be many small prey such as pheasant, tit, hare and otter. How come you haven’t come back for so long! "
Li Fuyi laughed. "You’ll know when you get back. Don’t worry about me!"
They sat and talked. Li Fu pulled out a thin dagger and brought it back in the armpit. Two pieces of bamboo, nearly two meters long and with thick bowls, were cut open slowly. He began to cut bamboo tips and told Lian Fangzhou that traps would be set everywhere around here in the afternoon in case someone found it.
Even Fang Zhou smiled and "well" sat next to him, holding his cheeks, watching him busy and gossiping with him.
Not only are there many kinds of bamboos in the south, but even Fangzhou can’t help laughing and sighing, "It’s a pity that the time is not right, otherwise it would be very good to get some bamboo shoots to bake and eat."
Li Fu wanted to think and smiled. "Bamboo shoots can also be baked? This is strange! Let’s try it in spring! "
In the spring, I will still work here!
"Well, try it!" Lian Fangzhou smiled cheerfully. "You promised to accompany me to the seaside. There are all kinds of fresh fish, shrimp and shellfish at the seaside. It will be fresh when baked!"
Li Fu looked up at her with a gentle smile in her eyes. "It depends on you!"
Both of them are well-advised, and it’s no longer difficult to say it in front of them. It’s kind of fun to say it, as if it’s normal and unexpected.
It was a peaceful night.
The next morning, even Fangzhou could barely walk, and both of them were very happy.
Her ankle sprain is not serious. Good medicine combined with Li Fu massage will naturally recover quickly.
"Why don’t we go day? God, I think I can go! " Even fangzhou said with a smile
Li Fu stared at her feet and said with a smile, "This is a mountain road. I can’t carry you any more. What if I get hurt again?" It’s not bad these two days. It would be nice to keep it for two more days according to this drug effect. Chapter 1175 Encounter
Even fangzhou knows that he is telling the truth. What are the two people waiting in front of him? It will be inconvenient for him to carry her again.
Then he laughed, "So listen to you!"
Four days later, the sun, the moon and the moon flashed by in the mountains, and Li Fu and even Fangzhou were relieved.
After a hearty meal, the two men joined hands and covered the winding mountain road along the trees.
It’s not so easy for those people to think about their hands again when they get out of the mountains and out of the forest and go around this deserted place to a densely populated place!
Those people are even more hesitant when they see the local government’s bright identity.
However, the two people’s ideas are reasonable and beautiful, but they often don’t play cards according to people’s ideas
Li Fu suddenly held Lian Fangzhou in his arms and said coldly, "Come out, don’t hide!"
Lian Fangzhou was shocked and low "Ah!" I couldn’t help but feel my heart pounding. I grasped Li Fu’s skirt and woke up. What’s the matter? I opened my eyes and looked around. I didn’t see anyone except the tree or the tree.
Even Fang Zhou hoped that Li Fu had bitten her lips wrongly.
A gust of mountain wind blows over the branches and turns them up like a person. Li Fu sneers and blows a few sharp bamboo tips at a bush where vines are flourishing. "Ah!" A man squeals and screams.
Even Fang Zhou was startled when he saw a man wearing a strong suit in Tsing Yi and wrapped his head rolling out of the grass.
Almost in the blink of an eye, he and Li Fu were surrounded by nine people who didn’t know where to drill out.
Similarly, with a sword in his hand, his eyes are cold and murderous, and looking at them is like killing a lamb.
Li Fu held Lian Fangzhou tightly in his hand and put a sticker on his body. His cool lips flew over her forehead and said softly, "Don’t be afraid, mother!"
Even Fangzhou’s nervous and jumping heart suddenly settled strangely, and suddenly gave birth to a kind of old feelings based on eternity, and her heart was full of tenderness and fullness
She died once. What’s there to be afraid of? But he-
Even fangzhou felt sad.
She didn’t tell him to leave himself alone and take revenge. She knew he would never do that, and she didn’t mean this time!
"Jane, I believe you!" Lianfangzhou looked up and smiled like a blooming delicate flower on her lips.
Li Fu looked at can not help but also smiled and nodded.
Then a long eyebrow was picked on the wrist, and soft sword shook the blade less than an inch wide and two feet long, but it was silvery in his hand.
Li Fu’s eyes coldly swept the crowd and finally stopped at the left in front of him. A man with a square face and a flat nose was plain and in his early thirties.
The man zheng immediately face upwards jie jie strange laugh thick black eyebrows a horizontal laughed "Weining hou not the kui is a Weining hou! Just for this, the villain also deserves a few points! But it’s a pity that we are destined to be enemies, but we can’t let you go! Little people are pointing to the duke’s head for promotion and wealth! Alas, our brothers are really lucky. Didn’t we find that family if it didn’t work? Haha, what’s this called again? This is called skynet, and it is not leaking! "
Said the nine people satisfiedly ha ha laugh at the same time.
Even Fang Zhou and Li Fu’s face changed.