Can I understand this sentence as she has been looking for me?

"Invite the month? How do you do this? "
"Don’t you like me? Why didn’t you come after me when I left Or are you lost again? "
Like it? I smiled awkwardly. "Aren’t you missing?"
"So did you come to me later?"
"I …"
"I knew you must be lost and don’t want to admit that it’s so hard for a demon to admit that you’re lost?"
I know that I am arrogant and hot, but I can’t admit that it’s not that I am lost, but that I haven’t looked for her and I don’t like her.
I was about to speak when she jumped away. I woke up in the moonlight.
I wonder if she misunderstood something.
For example, when she suddenly ran away, she just wanted me to catch up with her, so that we could be together naturally, but I didn’t.
Why did I suddenly laugh? I have such a ridiculous idea. It is better for the demon god not to provoke the demon god
She assured me that I also knew that I would not make ridiculous mistakes.
When I turned around and went back to the house, I always felt that there were a pair of eyes behind me looking at me resentfully.
I thought maybe it was an invitation to the moon, and she longed for me to turn around and chase her, but I didn’t have anything to do. She kept looking at me …
Love is the disaster of the demon god. If it is not inevitable, I would rather be lonely all my life than never touch it.
In a trance, I seem to hear the sound of an umbrella landing, and the cold echo will split the shadow into pieces until I invite the moon to leave me.
-if you don’t come to me, I will come to you.
I was awakened by a dream, and in a few days, the magic emperor meant to get married, and the other party’s identity was the daughter of Xiang Fu.
Although she changed her new identity, I saw through her at a glance.
I don’t know what I did when I invited Yue to marry me.
I finally understand that I may have done something wrong and made her misunderstand something.
She really looked at me from behind that night …
And that sentence "If you don’t come to me, I will come to you" is not my illusion …
Inviting the moon won’t really like me, will it?
It is impossible for me to like her, and I will never like a person.
I left the world government after leaving a letter.
But I invited the moon to chase me and blocked my way.
"Where are you going!"