Huangfuqing looked out of the window at the rustling snowflakes, saying, "I’ve made up my mind that you don’t have to persuade me again." How can he not go back immediately with his queen and his son in the palace? Moreover, the most dangerous place is also the safest place, and it will be much easier for him to move after entering the palace

Lu Suiyun Gu Qi looked at each other and then looked at Liang Rong together, but he shook his head and said that he could persuade the emperor himself, so the three men were silent for a while.
"They can sneak into the palace easily, so can I," Huangfuqing said with his hands clenched behind him. "Can you find someone?" Yesterday morning, there were many unspeakable words in the streets and lanes in Beijing, and those foul words were directed at Liancheng, saying that they were rotten shoes and were pregnant before they got married. Chapter 74
It’s extremely unbearable, especially when Gu Ning is said to have no shame as Liancheng, and most of them have also been that!
There were not many pedestrians in the New Year Street, but since the rumor came out, the whole capital has become boiling.
After suspection.i Qing knew this, he was angry with Gu Qi, who personally went to check the figures behind the scenes, but Gu Qi didn’t know the root of the rumor until this afternoon. At this moment, he heard the emperor ask him his expression and immediately replied, "The news came from a maid-in-waiting named Cui Xi in Yanfu Palace."
"The sinful woman Mei is very good!" Huangfuyi eyes deep and remote cold sink a way
Gu Qi said, "The emperor is not angry about this. I believe that the words of the second sister’s temperament can’t hurt her. She is the third sister of the minister. When she heard those words, she also said a sentence:"
"It’s me and the queen and princess who decide the country, but it’s also the spirit of the moon!" It’s a fact that the country is pregnant, but it’s a great event for him in Xiao Jiu and the whole royal family. How can he bear that bitch to ruin the country’s name by means of loss? Huangfuqing feels sick at the thought of Mei Guifei’s face. After a while, he pressed his heart and angered Gu Qi, saying, "I will give the country an account to Miss Gu San."
Gu Qi thanked him.
After Yi, Huangfuqing and Liang Ronggu Qi made careful arrangements to enter the palace smoothly, ensuring that Huangfuqing could easily follow the clouds.
The three of them are all members of the Kingsguard now.
In Yanfu Palace, Mei Guifei knelt on her knees and her cheeks swelled, kowtowing to Luo Ao to admit her mistake. "The emperor’s courtiers know that they are wrong, and they know that they are wrong. Please spare them this time!"
"Stupid woman, you are a stupid woman! Is it true that I am as stupid as you are that you are doing such stupid things under your nose! " Day everyone would fly black face leg lifts kicked MeiGuiFei.
Cui Xi knelt down and saw the Lord being kicked by the emperor and kneeling on his back. He climbed in front of Luo and cried and kowtowed. "The emperor is not the empress, but the handmaiden is the handmaiden. Please forgive the empress!"
Los ao malicious folded eyes locked her body for a long time.
Cui Xi was blanched by him, and his whole body kept shaking, and he added, "The handmaiden can’t see the princess of Dingguo’s arrogance … just thinking of giving her a lesson. The handmaiden of the emperor knows that she is wrong and pleads guilty …"
Luo Ao said coldly, "Did your master and servant also have that cheap maid who died at the palace banquet?"
"It’s … it’s a handmaiden …" Cui Xi shivered. "The dead maid was Que ‘ai Empress, and it was also the main reason before the handmaiden … Because the princess Que ‘ai Empress of Dingguo was cut off by the bright prince and then was exiled by the emperor to the sinful slave Que ‘ai Empress, and the handmaiden felt bad in her heart …" Before she finished, Luo Ao raised her hand and hit a palm on her head.
Cui Xi cried and fell down without breathing.
MeiGuiFei lie prone eyes stay dazed straight at blood outflow from cui xi head.
Lots of blood, lots of blood …
"You’d better behave yourself or go back to the cold palace!" Luo Ao left his sleeve with a negative hand.
He is planning a safe and wrong way to get rid of Gu Liancheng and get rid of the whole Ningyuan Houfu stupid woman, but suddenly something bad happened to him, which made Gu Liancheng’s syren unable to be vigilant and made his plan run aground in the future.
What an idiot!
Cold Palace, a magnificent palace, represents defeat and desolation.
A slim figure is only delicate. When I saw no one else walking around, I quickly stretched out my hand and pushed the dilapidated wooden door in front of me and flicker and went in.
"You really don’t leave?" Seeing her approaching this cold and defeated cold palace, a cold and slightly low voice rose with it.
The maid-in-waiting paused and looked at herself several steps away. There was a stubborn way in the tall and straight male voice. "What about you?" You want me to stay away from here. What about you? "
"I have something to do."
"I have something to do too."
"How can you wrong-headed? Think about what you can do as a woman? "
"I’m not a young woman."
The two people in the conversation were none other than Cenluo and Mo Wanqing.
These two people are really destined to meet yesterday on New Year’s Eve, and it’s a coincidence that they met in the palace. Even if they are both easy, the fate is really wonderful.
He and she can recognize each other with one eye and one behavior.
"Didn’t you come in at the palace?" On New Year’s Eve, this woman was not dressed as a maid-in-waiting. At that time, he could see clearly that there was absolutely no mistake. Cenluo’s eyes flashed, "Are you aware of his identity?"
Mo Wan said, "I have entered the palace with a waist tag." After a short pause, she lowered her head and continued, "I’ve always wanted to have a good palace banquet that night. How can there be so many assassins and emperors and queens? After a long period of abnormal palace banquet, the Jade Princess did not leave the palace … All unreasonable places were connected in series. I can’t help but be suspicious of this one in the palace."
"You are clever." Cenluo’s words don’t know whether he really praised Mo Wanqing or just casually said that he raised his deep and cold voice "Grandfather Liang around him should be your grandfather."