Such a situation made Cannon’s variation bite his teeth. He didn’t come back at all. Instead, he was surprised that he couldn’t come, but the other party’s direction made him really surprised-he was single-handedly preparing to pierce the position of the phoenix meeting from the north to the south …
Is this a daring artist or is it stupid and insane?
Cannon didn’t want to guess, but there is no doubt that the other party completely ignited his anger. He still wanted to fight with him, but he didn’t want to hit the other party and found his own door.
"Sister Ziwan didn’t see you come to face in person. What do you say?" Canon’s variation eyes turned to squeeze her five fingers into a silver glove, which was slightly ferocious.
Violet Wan’s eyes turned over and some Naijun didn’t see it. It’s really a doubting person. The Junsheng guild in front of her is burying flowers and singing duets. She was just about to let the burn club also support the past, but she was surprised to see the guild members being killed and showed surprise. At the same time, she didn’t see you boldly.
What should I do when I ask … You don’t see the power, but it’s absolutely difficult for ordinary players to deal with him, even if they are afraid they will lose to that guy. At this time, the death of an influential person will affect the war situation. To be honest, Ziwan doesn’t want to deal with you, but he can’t do it without it …
Pie Pie Ziwan said, "I’m not the president …" It means that she doesn’t want to make any decision.
"Wow, Ziwan, you are not kind. Let me make a decision now!" Canon variation stare to purple wan call way
Face a twist purple wan added, "what do you want me to do? You bite me, but I suggest you look for someone else."
"You said oh … gnome male-"Canon variation evil evil smiled two or three turned around and waved at a group of people behind him "a group of people with the old to torture you to death to dare to kill us! ! !”
"boom! !”
The land ahead bloomed with the magic flame of Jier Dragon, and the burning temperature made it illusory. With the roar of this magic, several bodies of members of the Phoenix Club hung with red phoenix logos on their chests also fell to the ground …
Nie Shuang’s name on his head has been bright red, which proves that he killed many people-similarly, if he dies, the punishment is also very great.
He has killed many members of the Phoenix Club hidden in the dark by Caroline, who is very sensitive to objects, and most of them have sneaked on their roots without loss. They have gained a lot of equipment and can throw it into the Junsheng Guild later to reward those members who have lost in this war.
Just as Nie Shuang was about to continue looking for a target, Caroline suddenly stretched out her jade arm and stopped him from moving. At the same time, she sank, "Someone is approaching!"
It’s not surprising that Nie Shuang has been looking for someone since he was just a child.
"How much?" Nie Shuang frowned and asked, although I was looking for someone just now, I really didn’t find him, and I could hear it from Caroline’s words-
The other party is coming directly towards themselves.
Caroline mostly wanted to answer "a lot", but her mouth was full of notes, but before it came out, she slowly walked out of the team of dozens of people, all of whom were well-equipped and high-spirited, and walked at the front with a smile. A teenager’s mouth was smiling, his eyes were shining, and his hands were shining …
Nie Shuangxin looked at the name of the man’s head-the name of cannon variation … Nie Shuang immediately looked at each other’s chest and sure enough.
Name of guild: Phoenix Club
Guild president
Nie Shuang saw the phoenix meeting, a kind of horse phoenix meeting staff, and naturally saw him look at each other. After cannon’s variation, he made a fist with his fingers in the previous step and pointed to Nie Shuang’s light way
"You just can’t see?" There is not much emphasis in the discourse, but at least there is not much contempt.
Eye situation is to let Nie Shuang feel relieved. The Golden Mage Shu shakes his hand and gently rotates the jewel staff, while his eyes scan before everyone laughs.
"I just can’t see you" to be continued
Chapter 85 MiYi sound
Boya is cold and windy.
In front of Nie’s eyes, there are a number of senior players who have a burning meeting, bss cannon variation, in which there is no doubt that the other party is coming to kill himself. To be honest, Nie Shuang doesn’t want to directly confront the other high-level players-
That’s definitely not going to win.
Nie Shuang is not stupid to try to be brave when he knows whether he can win or not? He’s here to contain the burn meeting. If he contains himself, it’s really a loss.
It’s not surprising that Cannon’s variation and others will come to Nie Shuang. The whole phoenix will be a great threat to Nie Shuang. However, if you disperse and fight Nie Shuang one-on-one, no one will be vain. Cannon’s variation has never been dealt with, but he won’t despise being able to sit for a long time, even if he died at his hands once before.
And just Nie Shuangcai killed the other person. It’s not surprising that the other person knows his position, but the president personally led many younger brothers to encircle himself …
"Canon variation? President of the Phoenix Association? " Nie Shuang squinted at cannon’s variation and read it.
Canon nodded slightly, smiled more, and grasped the silver epic gloves more tightly. "It’s me. Hey, hey, you don’t see me, but you’ve heard your name for a long time. Everyone says you’re amazing, but I think you’re just like that. How do you fight with me?" Yang Yang fist when speaking.
"hey!" Nie Shuang smiled in a low voice "Don’t fight …"
"Sure enough," Cannon’s eyes flashed as if he felt something. "But can you refuse if you don’t see you?"
Behind him, a group of members of the burn club flashed their weapons, pink and purple, and a few orange lights flashed faintly. This background and strength called Nie Shuang, the president of this emerging guild, could not help but sigh-when will Junsheng be so cool?
The more so, the less he will fight.
There is no doubt that the queen can exert several people’s fighting capacity if she wants to be immortal during the group battle, and it is not easy to let Nie Shuang die. It is very difficult to catch Nie Shuang under the cover of the queen …
"Cannon has a chance to fight you again after the variation, but I’m not here to die today." Then Nie Shuangshen retreated and fled into the low bushes in the middle of the hills …
"Don’t run! !”
At the sight of Nie Shuang’s escape from Cannon’s variation, everyone’s face sank, but they couldn’t catch up. Before they took two steps, the magic flame and frost came crashing up, and the horror effect frightened Cannon’s variation. They also paused to catch up, and then looked forward. Did you see that the figure had disappeared?
"Eldest brother …"
The eyes of the members of the Phoenix Club beside him are focused on cannon’s variation, waiting for his decision …
Malicious eyes flashing several minutes cannon variation for the first time to experience this kind of angry no place to scatter feeling and you see not long not short a few words of dialogue but let him feel heavy fist hit the cotton against the shock his chest tightness unceasingly teeth bite cannon variation sink to drink a way.
"chase! !”
Nie Shuang’s ignorance of the Queen Summoner’s career once made this career a bit lame, but as he became familiar with the profession, he gradually realized the strength of this profession-not only enjoying all kinds of people’s happiness, but also the strong fighting ability.
Caroline, the queen of the ant tribe, has brought her specialty into full play in the jungle. In a certain range, she can detect all occupations that accurately know the specific location of the other party and the number of people, and the weight of each foot is urgent.
Those assassins who pursued the burning meeting fell down to Nie Shuang’s seemingly rambling, unaware of the danger and close to his eyes-I can’t see you are a master of acting this day! When he was close to him, this guy deliberately cuddled and flirted with the women beside him until they relaxed and suddenly attacked and killed them! !
This guy doesn’t know what it is to detect the stealth unit. The assassin root can’t get close! !
It’s not just assassins who gnash their teeth, but they can’t succeed. When the team catches him in the past, they are often avoided or hidden in a dark corner, waiting for the actual maturity, and then they suddenly launch an offensive to harvest all the heads, even without a chance to resist!
It happened that Cannon’s variations were not met by the top players.
It’s strange to encounter it!
In the corner of the hill, Nie held a shadow compass in his hands and entered a name to confirm the search. He looked at it and showed the exact location of the variation of cannon. The two little hands of the Queen, Pie Pie, Rachel and Caroline, approached the center of the Boya big hill and the position of the Phoenix Club …