The ground mirrors have come out of the white grassland to the rock wall where the mollusks climbed, but they did not climb along the rock wall but walked next to it.

"Why not track the target?" Lynn asked them a flash.
"Tracking the target will be countered", "will be attacked" and "it is safer to walk around"
Generally speaking, they seem to be afraid that if they pursue the target, they will be attacked everywhere.
However, walking around is obviously uncomfortable and will deviate from the goal. After Lin told them these ideas, it was difficult for these mirrors to consider for dozens of seconds instead of responding immediately, so they decided.
"Then pursue the target" and "crawl to the target quietly"
These mirrors are not stubborn. They quickly accepted the idea and then climbed to the rock wall.
The mollusk went to a small hole in the rock wall, and Lilin thought that place might lead to their country.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Arrival
"Look at my head. Do you realize how bad this situation is for you?"
"It’s too bad, but I have to fight. Nothing can stop me! I want to solve you! "
"If you want to solve me, don’t move slowly and quickly!"
This is a …’ Shadow’
Ground mirror shadow
Just like all sexual creatures, mirrors have a lot to entertain themselves, such as creating stories and showing them.
Most of Lin’s spies are soldiers, but some of them are civilians. They are specially designed to experience the mirror life. The mirror projection room and the royal room that Lin has seen are like a mirror room everywhere.
Then there are all kinds of wonderful lights flashing inside to express the shadow information.
The shadow of the ground mirror surprised Lin a little, but it was similar to the virtual people. There were many scenes of’ justice’ and’ evil’ fighting.
Lin still doesn’t know what kind of mirror likes it so much. Of course, the righteous roles in this mirror are all played by themselves, while the evil roles are played by creatures who are different from them. The mirror never seems to put the same kind in an evil position.
In the shadow of virtual people, almost all the roles of justice and evil are played by virtual people, and creatures from distant virtual stars also have a virtual people’s face and shape, and the color is a little different.
The evil characters of the earth mirror are different creatures, and they are not creatures that can be seen nearby. It seems that they are all imaginary things, but these imaginary characters actually make light exchange.
Through the mirror, Lin gradually learned about the way of communication with the mirror, so that she could better understand the way of thinking of these creatures. Lin felt that these creatures were becoming more and more interesting …
At the same time, the other side
"Nothing found here. Go back, go back, move quickly." "All move together."
Now the exploration team is in a narrow cave, which is three centimeters in diameter. Soft creatures got into this cave before Lin suggested that all the mirrors climbed here.
However, after walking for a while, they found that there was a dead end ahead, so they decided to count back. This decision was made in an instant, and they didn’t seem to have … thought.
The spy went to the end of the cave and flashed at them, "There are traces buried here."
"Buried?" "here?" "I’ll find out"
The mirrors originally intended to return to the earth quickly gathered back and emitted light from their bodies to illuminate the rock wall at the end of the cave.
This rock wall can be clearly seen that it is not’ natural’ but piled up like this. It should be that the soft-bodied creature got into it and the stone was blocked up, but the front mirror root ignored the road and left directly.
It takes Lin to wake them up before they notice that it seems that the ground mirror often looks like this …
Now notice that after the mirror immediately made a decision.
"smash it."
After a ground mirror sent such a signal, all the ground mirrors shot at the blocked place.
Bang!’ This time, they made the road ahead clear after a small explosion with explosive weapons.
It seems to be a long passage, and the passage is very dark. Once again, the mirrors walked forward without hesitation.
Lin spy continued to follow them to detect the surrounding environment.
Can the ground here detect the traces left by the passing of the mollusk.
There will be a layer of mucus on their skin, which will leave some marks when they move. It seems that the mollusk has been along this place …
"It’s this way"
There was a fork in the road ahead, and the ground mirrors immediately went in one direction. It took Lin to wake them up before they turned to the mollusk to cross the road.
I feel that this group of ground mirrors is really too … casual.
Gollum …’