The clouds are burning with heat and continue to make tea respectfully and silently.

At this moment, the pear-shaped clothes near the entrance of the high-god soil are painted with a simple compass, which seems to look at the wild star near the high-god soil.
"Strange as if someone look here …"
She just felt a strange feeling of being spied on, which was not a perception but a sign brought to her by the fluctuation of the law of fate.
So she deduced the magic compass of fate, only to see chaos, just like a high hacker who erased all traces after finishing.
"What’s the matter? Draw a pear coat and figure out where there is a baby?"
Xia Mi is very curious about the new ability of painting pear clothes around him.
Painted pear clothes shook his head and showed his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. "Shouldn’t it be? Is there a skilled operator who controls the law of fate here?"
Chuhang noticed that the situation here was no longer focused. Lu Chen came over and asked what had happened.
They don’t need to worry about Lu Chen over there. At this time, Lu Chen has completely released himself and entered a state of war madness. Seeing his high fighting spirit and red eyes, Chu Hang knew that he couldn’t pull it back if he wanted to.
The institution of higher learning sent more and more heavyweights, and finally three enemies and one stopped Lu Chen from moving forward.
"oh? Is there any messenger of his destiny? "
Chuhang listened to the painting pear clothes and described the situation thoughtfully.
"Mrs. Lu, can you judge whether observing us is the secret method of your sacred institution?"
It is also a mental move to hear the description of painted pear clothes near the world of mortals.
"It’s hard to judge, but it’s clever to erase the traces. I feel like he is familiar with the secret method of the sacred seal door. I can’t trace it back to the source."
Painted pear clothes explained
Thousands of snow at this time and Wang Ling together looking at painting pear clothes for a long time also don’t know what to think.
This is the first time she has been thinking about what kind of girl the captain will be before she meets the pear-painted clothes. I didn’t expect this, and I didn’t expect such a match.
"I don’t think there are many saints in this world. Note 1: It is normal for you to be a junior."
Wang Ling mouth analysis said that she heard grandpa say that the sacred institution of higher learning was "a little fancy and difficult" in Lao Wang’s mouth.
Some of the inheritors of Shengfeng University died of excessive manipulation and changed their lives, but quite a few of them are still alive. Nowadays, some of the high-level people in the high world have long been taboo, and many eras may not be remembered once.
Painting pears and smelling clothes will no longer make me want to put away the compass and continue to watch the game.
At this time, the magician in the remote wilderness accidentally picked his eyebrows. "The little girl is not bad. She actually reacted."
"It must have been an adult who made her feel lucky once."
Huoyunkou way
The magician smiled and waved. "It’s not that we have no luck in this vein. I’m afraid she does have some talents that are not inferior to me and Hongjun. No wonder Jker…… …"
Speaking of which, he stopped for a sip of tea and became a cool look again.
He was just the law of fate. Observing in this way is not a matter of god’s mind. He is not an avatar watching the war from a distance, but a form of fate evolution. Another scene has evolved here, which is similar to deduction.
In this way, the strong is also difficult to detect, which is conducive to his hiding his whereabouts.
Those fellow brothers and sisters in Gao Shentu must be aware of it, but it’s the tacit understanding of the same family, or will they mind their own business?
At this time, the high-god, earth, gold, Yuan Ye, Lu Chen, and all the Tianjiao wars cut out with one knife, leaving three Tianjiao with comprehensive attributes as high as 32 points with a knife mark on the surface of the shock mouth and coughing up blood.
With the completion of warm-up, Lu Chen’s talent became more and more sharp, which made him boast three attributes and suppressed three people. It seems like a fantasy to people in the high world.
It’s not that there is no martial arts strong man who cultivates the soul, but it is also crushed by Lu Chen. Both sides’ souls are crushed by Lu Chen in terms of quality and quantity.
"Go to Muscle Religion and invite Brother Niu Man!"
See the crowd tianjiao qi qi retreat someone shouted.
"Brother Niu has arrived. Make way!"
Someone in the rear shouted that the crowd was suddenly scattered with birds and animals, and the shadows of people’s names could be seen.
Lu Chen also noticed the commotion behind the Tianjiao crowd and sensed a strong breath at the same time. He took a knife to smash the Tianjiao weapon in front of him and glanced at the other side’s neck lightly.
The tianjiao shuddered inexplicably and quickly retreated and stopped attacking.
See gold and Yuan Ye, a powerful momentum bent the long fairy grass, and a tall man came over in the crowd.
He is nearly 15 feet tall, more than twice the height of ordinary people, and it can be seen that he did not make his body bigger, but that his body is so big
Newcomers wear thick leather armor, which looks thick but doesn’t actually affect their activities. Skillful arms and tight skin shorts are completely different from monks in other universities in the high-god land.
Tall, extremely tall and bare, the muscles outside are all like spheres about to explode, and a thigh is almost thicker than Lu Chen’s waist.
When he walks, the earth trembles. That’s the real weight, which means that this man has refined into an extreme state of terror. Because there is no Tao blessing, every step makes his feet bear his real weight, even the solid earth like the high land is shaken.
The man wears something like a helmet and a hat on his head. The helmet has two horns to make him look like a primitive tribe coming out of the leader.
He has no weapon in his hand, but his cramped muscles and the blue veins that rise and fall like angry dragons mean that he is the ultimate fighting weapon.
Lu Chenwu’s eye swept through the sky. Boy, there are 313 spiritual attributes, but the strength attribute is as high as 321, and the physical attribute is 322.
Obviously, this is a "partial branch" immortal creature, but Liu Chen dare not say that the spiritual field must be the weakness of the other side before he has met.