I waited for half a day in the office, but I didn’t wait for the familiar figure to look aside. Yas said quietly, "Get her back."

"Master rolling maybe the ladies’ room I …"
"There are no women in the company?" Yan Yan frowned, obviously in a bad mood at the moment.
Jas leng leng immediately bent down and went out.
Yas walked into the office half an hour later.
"Master, I can’t find the rolling company. I’ve looked everywhere in many hand washes."
Yan Yanche frowned, reached for the phone and dialed Yuan Gungun’s number. Later, music played in the quiet room. He threw a curse and said angrily, "Go find it!"
"Yes," Yas hurriedly ran out of the room.
Yan Yan che thought for a moment, picked up the car keys and walked to the garage with a bad complexion.
A Rolls-Royce silver charm ran at a high speed, and from time to time, she looked at her mobile phone and felt a little uneasy. At this moment, the mobile phone rang and almost immediately the owner pressed the call button.
The hoarse voice of "Hehehehei President" is obviously a transformer.
"What’s the matter?" Yan Yan said coldly.
"Are you looking for your pet?"
Yan Yanche heard that his purple eyes were slightly narrowed. "What do you mean?"
"I accidentally took her with me. Do you want to see her?"
It’s uncomfortable to have a hoarse voice with a strange smile.
"Address" Yan Yanche clenched the steering wheel and was severely pulled up.
The other party suddenly hung up and looked at the phone. It was almost freezing in the purple eyes.
After half a ring, the mobile phone sent out a short message, and it was a few familiar photos that were almost covered with scarlet. The photo was an address and the car rushed forward like a rocket.
Yuan Gungun crooned a few times and opened her eyes. She felt a pain in the back of her neck and wanted to stretch out her hand and rub it, only to find that she was tied with thick hemp rope and shook her head and looked around a little scared.
At this moment, the door hit a man with dark hair and brown eyes and came in with a beautiful foreign woman in her arms.
Yuan Gungun was surprised to see that handsome man spit out three words: "Brother Xiu?"
The man with dark hair and brown eyes always looks at his picture with a light smiling face, and the temperature in the past is less with a freezing chill, although his mouth is still smiling.
Yuan Gungun couldn’t help turning back and asking, "Brother, what’s wrong with you? Did you knock me out? "
Chapter 91
Yuan Gungun kept crying with his eyes closed
The door slammed, and the cold purple eyes outside the door stared at Jixiu.
"Che! Che! !” Yuan Gungun cried and cried, trembling like leaves in the wind.
Yan Yanche came in and kicked the dead woman aside. "What do you want?"
Jixiu stroking Yuan’s rolling face looks very gentle, but it makes people very uncomfortable.
"I want to be the leopard king."
I don’t even want to take the thumb leopard ring and throw it at him.