"You should be careful that the ghost emperor is a terrible person. If he comes back and takes charge of the treasure, I’m afraid you two will be in danger."

Duan De was kind enough to wake up. He walked in the tomb for many years and learned many secrets. He learned that the real ghost emperor is the most terrible source of hell.
Ye Fan remembered that Liu Chen looked weird when he heard Duan De’s words. Didn’t he say that the ghost emperor was sitting opposite me?
The ghost emperor is really terrible. He almost peed his pants just now.
Duan De was running out of time. Because it took too long to rob the tomb, several people didn’t talk for long. Duan De chose to cut off all the new lives.
Lu Chen and Ye Fan threw Duan De to Beidou, making him a journey to Aotian Long in this life is Duan De’s character, and I am afraid he will continue to rob the tomb.
Lu Chen and Ye Fan looked at Duan De’s distant figure and smiled at each other. They went to Beidou to revisit some old places and drink in the holy city restaurant.
To Ye Fan’s surprise, Miaoyu Temple appeared again in the Holy City after many years. It was a former person, but it could not be changed.
He and Lu Chen went to the nunnery to drink and watch young women singing and dancing, and finally left with Lu Chen with a faint sigh.
Ye Fan had already found the similar flower, but the other party couldn’t remember what happened. He took Kou Xiaoxiao as his brother, so Ji Ziyue had a quarrel with him, but it didn’t work out in the end.
Because the big black dog went to do ideological work for Ji Ziyue, Lu Chen was very surprised when he learned about it.
Will the big black dog be so kind? Shouldn’t the big black dog’s sex be that he ran out of the divine source and looked at Ye Fan’s jokes with his big mouth wide behind his ear?
Later, Liu Chencai realized that the big black dog had ulterior motives. This was a "vaccination" for Ji Ziyue.
Lu Chen knows that the big black dog has been "unfaithful" for years, and he wants to find an opportunity to give Ye Fan a congenital Eucharist tire, but he has been suffering from the lack of time.
The main reason is that Ye Fan is too strong to knock on the sap, but many years ago, the virgin of Zifu had already settled down, but the congenital tire was never born, and it could not find its target.
Real Liu Chen knows that Ye Fan is this fellow man show. In the original book, the big black dog helped Ye Fan "breed". Ye Fan happened to be so lucky that he didn’t wake up for so many times, but he woke up after marrying Ye Yishui’s mother. If Ye Fan didn’t pretend to be white, he didn’t believe it.
Of course, in Ye Fan’s heart, it is not necessarily that one day the whole life attacked Xianlu and reunited with his wife and daughter to "sacrifice" himself
For Kou Xiaoxiao, Ye Fan is really a brother at present, but there is nothing nasty in his mind. He occasionally looks at that familiar face and gets lost in thought.
It can be said that Ye Fan is a romantic man, but he was relieved after marrying Ji Ziyue. When he was young, it was really a wave.
Not to mention that after Beidou is the earth, according to Pang Bo, an insider, Ye Fan had several relationships only when he was a student.
After stepping into the society, I got up early to mount Ye Fan, and which girls had stories with Pang Bo. It is not clear that I know a woman named Xu.
Liu Chen Ye Fan bid farewell to their respective homes.
Time flies, and time has buried several eras.
Emperor Wudi lived for 400,000 years, and now Ye Fan is the seventh old age. The world has become accustomed to and numb to Lu Chen and Ye Fan.
This year, Ye Fan did a great thing. He cut off the source of the Eucharist and turned it into a mortal body, causing great waves.
You know, he once beheaded the chaotic body in the sixth century and returned to the Eucharist. Some people don’t understand it very well, but now he doesn’t even want the Eucharist to become a mortal body.
However, it is also reported that Emperor Wu once went through the same road to cut down the chaotic body. That first Emperor Wu did not cut down the chaotic body, but cut everything clean and turned it into a mortal body.
Lu Chen, the first emperor of Ye Fan, lived out the sixth life in 390 thousand years. This time, Lu Chen, the Qing emperor, exchanged ideas on the barren tower and lived a long life, and went against the sky to return to youth
And Lu Chen looked at his Shou Yuan column and found an outrageous fact, that is, there will be nearly 300,000 years of Shou Yuan in this life.
He realized that he probably didn’t need to reverse the life of IX to undergo another transformation, and he would be detached, because he had accumulated too much fighting power every time.
The sixth Lu Chen’s comprehensive attribute is as high as 269 points. He feels that even if the immortal emperor comes, he can be killed hopefully in World War I.
It is worth noting that in the long years, Wang Bo actually lived two more lives on Changsheng Avenue through Lu Chen’s guidance.
It is not difficult to say that the road has come out, and it is not difficult for Wang Bo to be re-enacted
Of course, most people can’t do this kind of thing, because Lu Chen doesn’t make sense, and even people with amazing understanding like Lu Zhetian and Lu Xiaoxiao will be trapped in their lack of longevity, which leads to the lack of time to deduce the law of immortality.
Wang Bo is a congenital chaotic body. According to Wang Bo himself, he didn’t reach the end of the first life at that time. He could live for 30 thousand years without the first life of congenital chaotic body.
It was Wang Bo who was so competitive that he lost to Lu Chen and Ye Fan. He was unwilling to cut off the chaotic body constitution and came back to life directly.
Now, 150,000 years later, Wang Bo has become the fourth generation. His third generation unified the source of chaos into a new life, and the fourth generation saw the rebirth of the immortal medicine and changed again.
Facts have proved that the juxtaposition of congenital Eucharist fetal foot and chaotic body is a manifestation of the high status of chaotic body. Wang Bo’s main road is not a problem, and it is really promising to win the world of mortals
In the original work, it was Ye Fan who completely collapsed his mentality and finally humbled himself to fight Xianlu. This is suspected to be a stupid impulse.
If he dares to cut the chaos and start all over again, it means that he has a good spirit. If he is patient, practices well and has the right guidance, there is absolutely hope to impact the world of mortals and immortals.
You know, Ye Yishui’s talent is mostly not as good as that of the emperor, and he will soon become a world of mortals in the later period, that is, with Ye Fan’s advice.
Over the years, Wang Bo also felt a sense of belonging to Emperor Wudi’s Palace. Since then, Lu Chen has been lamenting that this is "inviting wolves into the room" for many years.
Over the years, Wang Bo has often discussed with his former opponents, because his realm is higher, and he will eventually become a guide.
With the growth of age, Wang Bo’s stable life also reminds him of the eventful years when he was young, and he often talked with Lu Xiaoxiao about the emperor’s road in those days.
As a result … I don’t know what happened to Liu Chen in the long run, but one day Wang Bo came to kiss himself.
Lu Xiaoxiao is Ye Fan’s granddaughter and Lu Guizi’s daughter. In a sense, Wang Bo seems to have "defeated" the Emperor of Heaven.
Lu Chen once joked with Ye Fan about the chaotic body and what kind of constitution he could have if he got married with his constitution. But at that time, both of them said with a smile that it would be difficult to be born. Unfortunately, Lu Zhetian and Ye Xian are girls.
As a result, after a long time, they once thought that something really happened, but Ye Fan and Lu Chen were a little upset and beat Wang Bo more than once.
Wang Bo, this fellow, though still thinking of challenging Ye Fan and Lu Chen in his heart, had to admit that he was his grandparent after all in terms of kinship.
Strangely, he is Lu Chen’s registered brother. In this respect, he is still Lu Xiaoxiao’s granddaddy.
The General Heaven and the Emperor Wudi Palace are … quite messy.
Wang Bo and Lu Xiaoxiao also have a pity. It is still a chaotic body, which is different from what Lu Chen Ye Fan thought in his early years. Because chaotic body is the product of the combination of all things, the physique has reached its peak together, and the blood force is also very overbearing, which has absorbed the Yuanling Eucharist.
"Master, did your mother really go to Fairyland?"
Because Wang Bo doesn’t pretend to be himself, he has become the person who spends most time with Lu Chen over the years.
Years of teaching and guidance, coupled with Lu Chen’s strength, have also made Wang Bozhen feel grateful and very respectful.
The most curious thing about Wang Bo’s quest for Fairy Road is whether Fairy Land is true or not. When will they enter Fairy Land?
Wang Bo, it seems that his master Lu Chen has been enemies for nine days and ten places. I’m afraid he is also the strongest man in history. Is this the way to force his way into the fairy land?
"They are waiting for me over there, and it will be a long time before we pass. You concentrate on practicing and strive to live the fifth life."
Lu Chen said that he was satisfied with his registered brother’s performance over the years, but he wanted to vomit about Wang Bo’s famous skills.