But it was on such a quiet and beautiful night that Ziwei Garden received an amazing news.

When I passed through Chenjiazhuang, I met the fleeing victims. I don’t know that the victims had a conflict, but now they have been dispersed by people.
Xie Ting surprised to put the bowl chopsticks looked at Changchun way "seriously? !”
"I really didn’t receive the news until soon, and the great-grandson of the emperor has gone to the Qinzheng Hall."
I went too far to pray to heaven, but something happened, and it was a conflict with the main victims who came to pray!
Xie ting looked ugly, got up, picked up his robe and went out.
"Where are you going? !” Gu Man immediately followed behind and got up and glanced around coldly and ordered, "Autumn moon and moon shadow you go."
Qiu Xi and the moon shadow are both very reluctant. Nai Shifei has already spoken, and the world looks at it and agrees to go out reluctantly.
Gu man swept past Pei Yin and Pei Qin with one eye, and automatically followed him out spontaneously.
"It’s not that simple." Xie Ting explained to Gu Man while dressing. "At the beginning, when I left, the emperor’s grandson said that he always felt that there was something wrong and asked me to check it out. I found out that the suggestion was too much to sacrifice to heaven, but the official of Qin Tianjian was surnamed Wei."
Last name is Wei! Gu Man reacted immediately and then took the baggage and take the journey "Then I’ll go with you."
"Do you know where I’m going?" Xie Ting thought for a moment and suddenly said, "I forgot."
Sure enough, it’s getting earlier every day. Thanks to my good friend’s restaurant for three sachets.
Everybody go to bed early. Oh, good night
From then on, I will be Kouga’s sister. I don’t know if I will marry or not.
Seventy-five rejected
By the time I got to the Gourmet House, the rain was getting heavier and heavier. Even through clothes, there was pain and touch. Gu Man unconsciously looked up at the sky and was suddenly pulled into the room by Xie Ting.
"Why are you still staring at the sky at this time?" Xie Ting took the water droplets away for her, untied her cloak and told Lao An to make hot tea and took her downstairs.
Liangqing and Chen Jiayan have been waiting there, and Changchun soon brought Wang Nianyuan in.
So many people seem to have really had an accident. Gu Man sat quietly and tried to reduce his feelings.
Wang Nianyuan was a little surprised when he saw Gu Man, but he quickly calmed down and asked directly, "What do you think is the situation now?"
"It’s not that simple." Chen Jiayan frowned and looked serious. "It’s too much to go to worship, and there are enough local officials to entertain you. How can you touch the refugees? It’ s too embarrassing. "
"There is something even more strange," Liang Qing added. "I heard that one of the people who followed Taiwai was a distant nephew of General Wei."
Since this incident, Liang Qing has been looking into Wei’s family affairs, and Wei Jiazu’s ten generations have been afraid of being turned over by him. After what he said, they all look ugly when they think of Qin Tianjian.
"Anyway, the most important thing now is to make sure it’s too safe. Someone should have gone to find it by now, right?" Xie Ting tapped on the desktop and said, "If it’s too real, something was wrong."
Everyone knows in their hearts that the emperor doesn’t like the king of Zhou when he comes. It is purely because the civil and military officials are too persistent to stand up.
If something happens too much, it’s too sure.
Who is it? After the king of Zhou, the biggest is the prince of Zhao, and then the king of Chen. However, it is estimated that the prince of Zhao is unlikely, and the king of Chen has no chance. The biggest possibility is that it is six emperors.
After all, he is the one that the emperor has always liked.
The atmosphere was a little quiet for a while. The emperor was old. Seriously, even if he was healthy, he wouldn’t last for a few years. If the six emperors ascended the throne in the end, they would all die.
"Is there any news from the emperor’s grandson?"
Quiet for a while Xie Ting suddenly spoke.
Liangqing shook his head. "I have already sent people to contact, but there is no news by this time. It seems that there will be no news tonight."
Wang Nianyuan thought for a while, "Since there is no news today, it’s better to leave first. Look, it’s getting late."
Chen Jiayan nodded. "Now Jinyu has entered the palace. I will inform you as soon as I have the news."
The atmosphere on the way back is very heavy. Gu Man can’t help comforting him when he sees that he has never been out. "It may not be an accident. People who follow him around are very selective."
Xie ting nodded and took her in her arms without speaking.
I just entered the second door, and the car is holding pictures and holding jade, and I have been waiting with an umbrella with hemp fiber.
"Miss Ten Master has sent Schumer a letter, and now he is waiting in Ziwei Garden." The painting quietly leaned in and took a look at the side and added, "Sister Pei Yin has already looked at Qiu Xi, and they don’t know that our family is coming."
Now at this time, of course, it is best to have less trouble and less trouble. Gu Man nodded and looked at it. He also heard Xie Ting and his wife hurried back to Ziwei Garden.
Schumer was already waiting in the room. When he saw them coming back, he quickly saluted.
"Don’t bother," Gu Man waved him to get up and asked, "What did Tenth Master ask you to do?"
Schumer bent down and sent the letter that had been sealed with wax to Gu Man with his head down, saying, "Grandpa Ten said that something big was expected to happen, so let me send this letter to Shi Jieshi."
I have forgotten that Gu Chengfeng, the Grinch Grinch, is often more acute than them.
Xie ting took the letter and swept it again.
"What did you say?" Gu Man was a little curious and puzzled. "Can my brother really know this without knowing it?"
Xie Ting held the writing paper in his hand for a long time before he reacted and handed it to Gu Man, explaining that "it’s not an Oracle, but that he has been with Wei Jinran recently and heard something. Forget it. Liangqing has something to do. I still have to go out again."
"But it’s so late!" Gu Man looked at the sky outside and was worried. "And we just went out and heard that the princess had already come to ask for several times. It would be wrong to go out now."
Xie Ting wanted to think, "That’s good. Let Schumer come first."
Schumer is reliable smell speech immediately feel great glory generally straightened his back, "I’ll go! I must get things done for the Lord. "
Xie Ting and Gu Man couldn’t help laughing. Xie Ting thought about it and wrote a letter saying, "There’s nothing to ask you to send a letter to the Gourmet House. You must personally give it to the shopkeeper Lao An, okay?"
Schumer heard that he was sending a letter. At first, it was a little faded. Later, on second thought, since it was necessary for Master Shi to send a letter, he happily agreed.
Xie ting youzi felt uneasy and asked Changchun to send several people to send him out.
Later, indeed as expected, the Prince of Zhao and Princess Zhao sent people to ask what disturbed Dingyuan Hou Fu’s full service road because Gu was ill and wanted to eat her crystal rolls.
This time, Princess Zhao didn’t think much, because she felt that Dingyuan Hou Fu didn’t make too much fuss. Eating a crystal roll also required heavy rain. Baba first asked people to come over and then specially asked for it.
The prince of Zhao wants a lot. He inquired about the housekeeper several times. "Did you really go to Dingyuan Hou Fu? Can other people come in and out halfway? "
The housekeeper who followed him was so anxious that he couldn’t help but prevaricate, "This little man didn’t know it was raining heavily. Maybe the younger brother of Shifei was ill and went to visit him on the spur of the moment?"
It can’t be that simple! The prince of Zhao still felt something was wrong.
It’s a pity that no one followed them when they went out. He thought for a moment and seriously told the housekeeper, "Go and ask the groom who drove them where on earth!"
It’s been so long, and this gap has naturally been blocked. It’s much easier for the housekeeper to ask back. "Asking clearly is really going to Dingyuan Houfu and not going to other places."
When I really went to Dingyuan Houfu, I don’t necessarily know what the old fox said to Xie Ting. But the prince of Zhao thinks about it carefully. After all, now that the two families are in-laws, how to Dingyuan Houfu should and won’t be harmful to themselves.
Holding the painting and Baoyu came in to wait on them and went out after grooming. Gu Man still felt a little uneasy and said, "I don’t know if Ten is true after all. How did he know that Wei family incited the victims?"
Yeah, there’s no reason why Gu Chengfeng is only a few years old. How can you know that everyone doesn’t know the news now if you don’t have the power and potential?