Don’t the elders of the bone spirit and others still leave their hands behind, and they don’t kill them all, leaving some important people behind?

They thought that the spirit boat was getting closer and closer.
Lingzhou bow with a series of figures.
Dragon Tiger Pavilion Patriarch and others gazed intently at it, and they couldn’t help but feel shocked. Unbelievable colors surged in their eyes!
The first person of Lingzhou is dressed in a blue coat with black hair and beautiful eyes. It should have fallen into the wilderness!
How come…
Elder Bones, what are they doing?
Elder Bones and Spirits, who are not dead, are going to remove the barrier of knowledge and unblock the blockade, or are they going to be separated by Arakawa and others?
Dragon Tiger Pavilion Patriarch, Blood Fog View Master and others stared at the figure of Lingzhou.
A guess flashed through their minds.
But this guess is too shocking to be true!
Just then, the figure of Lingzhou looked down slightly, with a hint of mockery in his dark and deep eyes.
Dragon Tiger Pavilion Patriarch and others are in a panic.
They dare not make eye contact with Su Mo!
The spirit boat quickly passed over their heads without stopping for half an hour.
Dragon Tiger Pavilion Patriarch and others glances hurriedly set off for the old country of Yan.
They’re going over there to see what’s going on there!
Xingyue Zongzhu and others are also curious to go in the heart.
In a short time, many door patriarchs and aristocratic patriarchs once again visited the old capital and looked down to see several corpses in the ruins.
Dragon Tiger Pavilion Patriarch and others blanched and shook their bodies.
Six combined powerful departments have fallen!
Recall the wild Wu just that look in the eyes, such as the Dragon Tiger Pavilion Patriarch and others, and there is a chill on the back!
They don’t know what happened just now in this old capital.
But they know that this killing is really a stupid decision!
Su Mo didn’t shoot the Dragon Tiger Pavilion Patriarch and others.
For one thing, he has just spent a lot of money on a big war and doesn’t want to fight again.
Secondly, the fall of six combined statues is a great loss to these clans.
What’s more, the six great powers have been separated from the clan, and he can’t kill these clansmen because of these six great powers.
Of course, this matter will not end like this.
Write this account down for the time being and calculate it later.
Monkeys and others were reluctant to leave without leaving first. They insisted on sending Sumo to the Dragon Valley, and then they parted ways.
They are not in a hurry to hurry, Lingzhou is talking and laughing.
Although the spirit boat was slow, it reached the edge of the buried dragon valley smoothly after ten days.
"Come on, don’t send it again."
Su Mo turned and looked at the crowd and smiled. "Take care of yourself after all these years."
Little fox called a red eye to leave and was about to cry.
Su Mo patted his forehead and took out a dark iron cover from the bag and stuffed it into the fox’s hand. "I almost forgot that it was not returned to you when it was taken back from the fire cover."
After a pause, Su Mo gently pinched the little fox’s nose and jokingly said, "Are you worried that I will take away your treasure?"
"it’s not."
Fox smiled through tears and snorted.
"Be careful if you have to, don’t force it."
JiYaoXue look gentle told a.
Su Mo nodded, turned around and waved, and jumped to bury Long Gu.
If you want to enter the real world, you must have the strength to break down the barriers.