Today, he actually came to show off, "Don’t be complacent, Lao Zhu. When Xiao Shaoxin’s research tractor appears, you will be blind. Then I will find Minister Qin to criticize him. He will definitely build a new factory for our machinery factory!"

Director Feng said it with confidence.
Factory director Zhu blindfolded and sat on the edge of factory director Feng, steadily folding Shao Qingze with a snort from his nostrils.
He took a smug look at Xu Taotao and said, "You have Xiao Shao and I have Jamlom. Your new factory hasn’t been seen yet. Our new factory is about to start. Tut tut envy you?"
Director Feng wants to kill this old thing.
Suddenly, his eyes turned to Xu Taotao and said, "Jamlom, I heard that Lao Tan asked Minister Qin for secondment to their non-staple food factory several times recently. I heard that the position is not low, so you have no idea?"
Chapter three hundred and twenty-three Set up a study group
Xiu-lan zhao holds half a pig leg in her hand, and she is really stunned by her daughter’s suggestion to resume the college entrance examination.
Song Damei Chou the eye next to become speechless xiu-lan zhao satisfiedly say "xiu-lan, do you hear? Resumed the college entrance examination. "
Zhao Xiulan looked at her and said, "Did you hear that resuming the college entrance examination has something to do with you?"
Song Damei sneered, "My daughter is definitely going to take the college entrance examination. By then, my daughter will be a college student, and your daughter will be a high school student!"
What about the deputy director? The deputy director is not a high school student!
Xiu-lan zhao see silly eyes watching her "your daughter can take an examination of my daughter can’t take an examination of? Say as if you could be a country master. "
""Song Damei can’t believe it. "Your daughter is a deputy director, and she wants such a good job in the college entrance examination? Zhao Xiulan, I think you are stupid! "
Zhao Xiulan was choked by a conditioned reflex and said, "What about my daughter? It’s none of your business. If we want to take the exam, we’ll find another job. It’s just a job. My daughter doesn’t care!"
The words are so said, but Zhao Xiulan’s heart is bleeding.
Oh, my God, I saw if my daughter was there before. I just came to see if she was determined to take the exam, so good work was gone, or the deputy director, their old Xu and Lao Zhao’s first official, was gone.
Zhao Xiulan felt that she was suffocating.
Song Damei doesn’t know that Zhao Xiulan has a hard time. She doesn’t care about the position of deputy director.
She opened her mouth wide.
What a fool this is!
Xu Taotao also heard about the resumption of the college entrance examination, and there was a feeling that the stone finally came to the ground.
Ping excited in front of her, "Xu, deputy director, did you hear that? I can go to college and you can go to college! We can all go to college! "
His hands were shaking like disbelief and surprise, so he was a little confused.
Xu Taotao said with a smile, "Yes, we can pass the college entrance examination."
"But" Ping suddenly reacted, "If I take the college entrance examination, can’t I continue to work now?"
I’m afraid he’s a little upset, not because he has to leave his job before the college entrance examination, but because he has to review the production and research department. Is he busy enough?
Just as Ping had gritted his teeth and made up his mind to take part in the college entrance examination even if he watched the oil lamp later, he heard Xu, deputy director of the factory, say
"There should be a lot of people taking the college entrance examination in our factory. There must be a balance between work and review. I will discuss this with the factory director Zhu. Just be a good worker."
Ping was surprised and then asked uncertainly, "Deputy Director Xu, are you going to take the college entrance examination, too?"
Xu Taotao nodded "of course"
She is not a person who pursues education very much, but if she wants to develop well in the future, she will definitely not be able to get a high school education now.
Someone accompanied the college entrance examination, and he was directly under his leadership. He relaxed as soon as he was calm.
Recently, I have been busy with new things and the upcoming’ capital exchange meeting’
Xu Taotao didn’t go to the factory director Zhu until noon.
Into the factory director’s office, factory director Zhu seemed to have expected that when he saw her, he first sighed with a flat mouth.
Xu Taotao ""
Director, take away your little eyes of bitterness.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-four Preparing for the college entrance examination
Director Zhu was slightly moved in his heart, but he still felt a little unrealistic.
"That somebody else’s university package distribution workers will go to the state unit to see this small temple?"
Xu Taotao asked, "Director, when have you always been so modest about our slaughterhouse?
Although our meat joint factory is not big enough for ten thousand people, its benefits are increasing and its production capacity is expanding.
Seeing that a new factory is about to be built, we need to recruit workers. It’s getting more and more prosperous. Why do you think we are a small temple instead of a huge ship?
Besides, even if this part of the college entrance examination comrades finally choose to go to the new unit, it’s a good karma for comrades in our factory to leave a family line and a lot of contacts, isn’t it?
Take a step back, even if we don’t get anything, many leaders have eyes to see the country resume the college entrance examination because of the shortage of talents. We support the national policy and train talents to be a model unit, and you will have light when the conference is held, won’t you? "