There was an exclamation in the crowd.

God emperor’s eyes changed greatly, his pupils contracted violently, and he stared at the protoss bones in the valley of God. After hiding, his palm was clenched into a fist and trembled slightly!
Naturally, he can see that these protoss points have fallen for less than a hundred years!
The veins stood out from the neck of the God Emperor, showing that his mind fluctuated greatly!
Su Mo said simply, "Ten years ago, the Kunlun Enchantment was weak and the mainland of God invaded again. My night spirit joined hands to kill these protoss towns in the valley of God!"
God emperor face has been completely gloomy.
He turned his head and stared at Su Mo, not far away, and made no secret of his pitfalls!
The canyon is full of other people!
If so many people can enter the famine, he will regain the alliance with the mainland and will certainly find opportunities to rule the famine!
But now their identity has been exposed.
And these protoss are wiped out!
At this moment, the God Emperor hates Su Mo!
Chen Dragon Emperor looked dignified and stared at the God Emperor, ready to make moves.
"If you still don’t believe it, just look at these things."
Sue ink palm bag took a direct throw a pile of golden flashing weapons fell to a loud noise.
These weapons are all gold swords, gold spears and some gold shields.
These are the magic weapons of the protoss!
This weapon can only be manipulated by protoss. It doesn’t hurt to take it out casually.
Many protoss are splitting their eyes and killing each other!
These magic weapons completely defeated many protoss psychological defense lines!
"wild arms!"
The God Emperor gritted his teeth slightly and said, "Hello!"
God emperor body flashing suddenly disappeared in situ!
Chen Dragon Emperor’s look changed, and his look was dignified, suggesting that a magical power was condensed in the palm of his blood, ready to shake the sky hard, and Jade Emperor came to attack.
The wrath of the God Emperor is bound to be stormy!
But soon the dragon emperor frowned.
He found that the god Huang Gen didn’t shoot Su Mo but rushed to the other side!
That’s the location of the night spirit!
There was an exclamation in the crowd.
Chen Dragon Emperor hesitated a little or didn’t stop him before.
He dare not leave Su Mo’s front.
If you want him to save the night spirit before, it will be too late if the God Emperor suddenly turns around and comes back to kill Su Mo!
This is exactly the evil heart of the God Emperor!
Although the God Emperor was in a rage, he did not lose his mind.
He knew it was almost impossible to kill Sumo with the guardian of the Dragon Emperor Chen.
But he’s a diversion!
If the Dragon Emperor moves to stop Su Mo, it will be exposed!