Conscientious Ling Yanjun Chen raised his left foot behind him.

"Does it really make you so uncomfortable that the Lord is not a queen?" Dark glanced at the door revealing half boots sad tone asked
Xin Yao straightened his neck and threw a teacup. The teacup was very obedient and flew to the door.
Bang! Hit a hard object, and the broken tea flowed down the skirt.
Dark as a bolt from the blue, Ling Yan’s head thundered.
Xin Yao, clutching his darling, complained of injustice. "I voted for fifty-two thousand and lost when I was the queen!" ! ! ! !”
Interrupt-Southern Tang folkways put all kinds of circles, and they like to bet on such things as the draft.
Dark one fell pale with fear and looked at Xin Yao to show that the Lord tried his best.
After this incident, she changed the route of flattering her housemaster because she concluded that she could not expect her housemaster to say something appropriate when she understood her affection.
Jun Chen drew a charming arc in his left foot and turned around firmly.
Good Ling Yan has enough experience to follow Jun Chen, and it will always be so neat. Jun Chen turned around and he immediately followed.
But his squire behind him is far less flexible than Ling Yan’s.
After Jun Chen turned around outside the temple gate, many people fell down because of the unstable center of gravity. Xin Yao stuffed crystal dumplings into his mouth and asked him vaguely, "What’s going on outside?"
Dark a hand on the forehead to answer "about dry qing palace to thunder"
Xin Yao is lamenting the sadness of life. She was too focused for a long time to find Dark One and went to Dark Two to find her alone in the palace.
So she was clubbed.
It’s either metaphorical or literal.
Xin Yao fell black at the moment in the severe pain of the back of his head.
Jun Chen walked out of Yaohua Palace with a gloomy face. Ling Yan was about to ask for instructions. Jun Chen left and ordered "back to the palace" as soon as she wanted to go to the Queen.
Ling Yan got the message and shouted "Ganqing Palace!"
Xin Yao felt that she had been carried out of the city when her stomach was knocked out.
Holy shit!
A princess can be robbed. Xin Yao really wants to go to Qin Tianjian and ask you if you have chosen a special day?
The situation of the enemy and the enemy is not good. Xin Yao is tied behind her back and her head is covered with a cloth bag. She feels very unfavorable.
"I said hit … burps!" The sound is not smooth because of the bumpy road.
"Who * * * * burps?" One person rudely replied to Xin Yao.
"I mean big brothers!" Xin Yao endured to vomit feeling force reiterated.
"Be honest!" The man spat more crudely with a loud slap-slapping Xin Yao’s left ass.
Xin Yao shrank back. How did she feel that the eyes around her were not very friendly and there was a hot breath near her?
The carriage stopped somewhere. Xin Yao was thrown and finally spit it out.
"Smelly bitch! Let you vomit all over! " The man slapped Xin Yao’s right ass again.
Xin Yao bounced two steps to grind her teeth!
The emperor didn’t even hit her!
This guy hit her twice and spanked her!
I’ll cut off your two pieces of meat and feed them to the pigs!
Xin Yao is still immersed in YY, and the cold air of the blade has been scraped from her neck.
"The hero forgives!" Xin Yao quickly squatted down to let the blade pass along her head.
The man who hit Xin Yao’s ass stopped the knife wielder. "Boss, this bitch is watery enough. It’s better to leave her to play before killing!"
Xin Yao’s hair stood on end. What on earth did this gang do? They tied her up on their wedding day and tried to kill her!
The soul is weak! Emperor, why don’t you come and save me?
The knife wielder is their leader, to be exact, the employer looks at the man like two ice ridges, with disdain in his tone, "Do you want her?"