Her goblin figure has been exposed and locked by six demon lords in Lingxiao Palace. It is impossible for her to escape again!

"Ji goblin"
Just then a call rang out in the chaotic ancient city.
Ji goblin body Yishan, in situ beautiful eyes flashed incredible color!
This term …
How come?
Don’t …
Ji goblin turned around and saw a purple man pacing.
Although the purple man’s face is wearing a silver mask, Ji goblins recognize the identity of the bearer at the first time when they see his eyes!
Ji goblin bit her lip, her eyes turned red with tears.
In an instant, budo Zun has come to her front.
This moment is like a dream.
"What are you doing here?"
Ji goblin voice with a hint of KuQiang voice trembled slightly.
"I’ll take you home."
Wudaozun judo
Hearing this, Ji goblin couldn’t bear to cry any longer.
Her mind is blank now and she wants to cry.
When she was in the mainland, she was in the magic door. Motome practiced the Sutra of the Plain Woman, which charmed all beings and rarely showed her true feelings.
Anger, anger, joy or sadness are just disguises.
She has a few people who have shown their true feelings before, and Su Mo is one of them.
In this short time, six demon kings left in Lingxiao Palace have cleared the surrounding ancient city guards to surround Wudao Zun and Ji goblins.
LingXian see her goblin sample in the heart of jealousy, "the original dog men and women also know! So just the man killed that bitch! "
Wu Daozun’s silver mask is getting cold and his eyes are gloomy.
"Let’s run!"
Ji goblin tugged at Wu Daozun’s wrist to find an opportunity to re-enter the vast ancient city guards to hide their tracks.
But she pulled a budo statue but didn’t move it.
"Did that Ling Xian bully you?"
Wu Daozun suddenly asked
Ji goblin looked back at Wu Daozun with misty eyes.
Wu Daozun said flatly, "You wait for me for a while and I’ll kill him!"
"Oh, don’t!"
Ji goblin got a fright, wiped the tears in her eyes casually and hurriedly said, "I didn’t fool that big donkey to death, even I cheated him into collecting a treasure map for many years."
"If someone hadn’t woken him up, he wouldn’t have known that I had cheated him for so many years."
Ji goblin was afraid that Wu Daozun would rush to her desperately on impulse.
After all, Lingxiao Palace has six demon fields besides Emperor Lingxian!
There are also two peerless demons 3!
Ji goblins have long heard about Wu Daozun. According to her understanding, Wu Daozun is the real devil root and the devil king confronts.
"Let’s go and ignore him."
Ji goblin urged a again.
Ling Xian was flushed and angry when she heard the words just now. "Bitch, do you still want to go?"
Wu Daozun took Ji’s demon in his hand and said, "He can’t call you a bitch."
The words sound just fell and Wu Daozun’s feet were heavily hiding on the ground. A loud bang broke out and the mountains shook!
The whole magnificent ancient city seemed to tremble and have a huge earthquake!
Several ancient city guards have a pause in their offensive.
Wu Daozun’s figure flashed before Lingxian!
It’s too fast!