"This ….." Momotaro just hesitated Qin Shaojie that black palm appeared in front of him.

After this, I repeatedly said that it was just a white note.
Momotaro thought about shua shua and wrote it.
"Well, it’s good, it’s good." Qin Shaojie pretended to look at the note, and the surface was R Wen Yagen, who didn’t see the white.
Just when Momotaro was glad that he had escaped, his neck was suddenly looked up by the black palm, and then he "slammed" and fell to the ground without closing his eyes, filled with unwillingness.
Chapter 17 Raytheon Wing
"You … why did you kill him? Didn’t he give it to you?" Mei Chuan Yves, who was taking things out of the safe, asked with a trembling voice as soon as she saw that Momotaro had been killed.
He’s afraid, afraid that this god-killer doesn’t keep his word, and he’s afraid that even if he gives him everything of value, he’ll kill himself just like he killed Momotaro.
"Because he hesitated," Qin Shaojie casually made an excuse and said, "If you don’t move quickly, you will die."
"No, no, don’t kill my horse," Mei Chuan Yves said hurriedly, and his hands quickly pulled up in the safe.
In fact, Qin Shaojie just said that he could kill Momotaro because he was critical. The boss of the Yamaguchi group died. His purpose is to control the Yamaguchi group. Since the former boss is still alive, it is definitely not a good thing, but Mei Chuan Yves can’t kill him. He can slap his mouth but can’t kill him.
Qin Shaojie feels more and more evil, but this evil is based on the enemy. For a senior cynic, Qin Shaojie is still very patriotic.
Soon Mei Chuan Yves came up with a pile of papers and two boxes.
"This … these are my shares in the Yamaguchi group," Mei Chuan Yves said after handing Qin Shaojie everything in his hand.
"Oh" Qin Shaojie light should be a conveniently hit one of the boxes.
"Hey? Is this a gem? " Look at that red stone the size of a quail egg in the box and say
"This is a diamond blood diamond. It’s so big that a blood diamond is very valuable," Mei Chuan Yves explained, fearing that Qin Shaojie would kill himself if he was unhappy with something worthless.
"What is this? Like a pair of wings "Qin Shaojie hit another box and looked at something like a pair of badges inside and asked.
"This … this I don’t know what it is," Mei Chuan Yves said cautiously.
"Small this ….. this is a good thing. Come on, come on." Qin Shaojie didn’t speak but heard the ghost urgent way.
Qin Shaojie asked quietly, "I don’t know what it is, but you dare to give it to me?"
Mei Chuan Yves looked at Qin Shaojie frowned in the mind suddenly a surprised hurriedly explained.
"This … this thing was given to me by an American friend. It is said that …" Mei Chuan Yves secretly looked at Qin Shaojie.
"What is said?"
"It is said that it was brought out of Huaxia Garden in those days," said Mei Chuan Yves.
"Then I will accept it," Qin Shaojie said slowly.
"I won’t kill you or that sentence. If you dare to trouble me again, you are ready for hell." Qin Shaojie turned around and prepared for the building.
"Oh, yes," Mei Chuan Yves just breathed a sigh of relief. Qin Shaojie suddenly turned around and said that this made Mei Chuan Yves scared.
Does he still want to kill himself?
"Don’t be afraid." Qin Shaojie naturally knew what he was thinking when he saw Mei Chuan Yves shivering. "I want to tell you not to bother me with any police, self-defense forces and ninjas. I will stay in Tokyo for a few days. As you can see, unless you move a nuclear bomb, you can’t resist me."
Say that finish Qin Shaojie also no longer go upstairs directly push the window step on amber sword instantly disappeared in the night.
Mei Chuan Yves waited for a while and found himself really safe. He just sat down on the ground and suddenly his crotch was hot. He was scared to pee after all.
"What is this thing, old guy? How do you see it as if you saw your own mother? "Qin Shaojie sat at the top of a building and fiddled with the pair of wings-like badges, but it made Qin Shaojie wonder that there was no pin behind the badge and the material felt like stone.
"This … this, this, this, this is a baby. You earned it." I was so excited that I stammered.
"You shouldn’t be so excited if it’s not a good thing," Qin Shaojie said grumpily. "You’d better tell me what this thing is for."
"I asked you who the man with wings is." Ghost asked.
"People with wings? Angels are commonly known as bird people, "Qin Shaojie said." Why do you ask this? You said this thing. "
"Don’t worry, don’t worry." At this time, I didn’t worry but sold it.
"People with wings, if the first one is Lei Zhen," said Ghost.
"Lei Zhen was later named Raytheon."
"Lei Zhen? I know he is not in the list of gods, "Qin Shaojie said.
"Yes, it was more than 3,600 years ago." Ghost paused and said, "Do you think these two stones are very similar to two wings?"
"I knew it was really like two wings," Qin Shaojie said. "But what is this thing for?"
"Don’t worry, that’s what I want to tell you." I meditated and wanted to say slowly
"Lei Zhen will soar into the sky after being sealed with Raytheon, but Lei Zhen found two Lingshi and put part of his Raytheon power in these two Lingshi before soaring into the sky. At that time, there was a rule that people who soared into immortality were not allowed to get these two Lingshi without permission, hoping to meet someone who was destined to take his Raytheon power, and said that if they could integrate Raytheon power, they would have Raytheon wings, which was said to be a magic weapon of the world."
"You mean …" Qin Shaojie listened to the ghost words, and the in the mind was also stormy. How much did his generation accumulate? How good luck can this generation be?
"Yes, if I’m not mistaken, these two stones are Lei Chen’s two Lingshi."
"This … how can I integrate it?" Qin Shaojie asked excitedly. Raytheon Wing sounds so exciting.
"This depends on fate," said the ghost. "This thing has disappeared for thousands of years, but no one has ever got it, but all of them can really integrate it into the body. Of course, you need to put it in your hands and pour your real yuan into it. How can I put it? It’s just like when you dropped blood to collect the amber sword, but this time you need to pour a lot of real yuan."