Wang Yue looked at Da Yuer with a slight stare and smiled. "What is it?"

Wang Yue’s temperament is like an ordinary person, but he is not like a peerless master.
Since the liquefaction of mental power, Wang Yue’s body has also become stronger. Although it has not yet reached the level of the master’s body, the physical strength of the master fighters is also the top.
More importantly, Wang Yue has finished the magic "gymnastics", and now Wang Yue’s body is pure and has no impurities.
Wang Yuexian’s physical condition is not a problem even if he can’t become a strong fighter and easily live to be 200 years old.
Da Yuer stared at Wang Yue and begged, "Wang Yue, I beg you to let go of Fu Lin and Fu Lin. Although he is a Qing Tai, he is still a child. If you destroy Qing, I beg you to let him go."
Da Yuer now has no hope for Manchu, and Manchu fighters will not be able to compete with Wang Yue even if they are severe.
Wang Yue smiled. "I don’t think you’re telling me this now. Some things are better to get rid of the grass. After all, that’s the most convenient and thorough."
"But it doesn’t matter if I can’t let him go. It’s important to let the law decide what to do."
Wang Yue remembers that after the Qing Dynasty, he treated the Zhujiajian family with no mercy. Even if the Qing Dynasty unified the whole country for decades, he found someone who was a little bit like Zhujiajian and would directly kill him.
Big Jade is pale, and the law will take care of it, and she will die.
Shui Jian next to say with smile, "imperial doctor, if you say it’s good, the law will judge whether it will live or die. Who dares to break the law in Nanjing? Even doctors and emperors dare not violate the law, right? "
Li Mu and others will "do it according to the law" in the future.
Yuan Chengzhi sneered, "When I break into Beijing, I will definitely leave the Qing Dynasty too small to judge the Qing royalty. Hehe, I really want to see what their faces are at that time."
Yuan Chengzhi hated Huang taiji’s guts and even Fu Lin since he knew that his father died of Huang taiji’s "counter-plot".
Wang Yue smiled. That’s what he wanted. The more hatred the soldiers have, the more horrible the power will be when the time comes.
Of course, you have to be rational in anger.
"When the imperial doctor bypasses this mountain, the Yellow River crosses the Yellow River, but it is Manchu territory." Shui Jian said to Wang Yue.
Wang Yue nodded and said, "Good order! Let the soldiers speed up and set up camp after crossing the river! Attack in the day! "
"Yes!" Generals, take the lead with your fists.
Fifty miles north of the Yellow River, the Manchu army was stationed here.
Dourgen, Zu Dashou, Hong Chengchou and others in Huang Taiji’s army account are all worried about Huang Taiji and Ao Bai with strong confidence.
Huang taiji said, "What are you doing? You all look sad. Do you think I will lose in Qing Dynasty? I tell you that I am sure to win, and the whole day will soon be my Qing. "
Hong Chengchou said with a frown, "The emperor is not a minister, and others are ambitious to destroy themselves. Wang Yue has a solid million-strong army and is divided into three ways to attack me in Qing Dynasty. I have a hundred thousand troops in Qing Dynasty, and our roots can’t withstand it."
There are 100 thousand troops in Manchu banner?
Nature is impossible.
There are less than 300 thousand people in the flag army. They are all servants and coated slaves
Huang taiji recruited all the young people from Manchu territory to scrape together 100 thousand people for combat effectiveness. Except for the flag, he was all Ukrainian.
Hong Chengchou and others still don’t know that the great master Huang Taiji is confident that he will come from Ao Bai. With Ao Bai, he thinks he won’t lose, even if the army is finished, he will definitely win in the end.
It’s a pity that neither he nor Ao Bai knows that Wang Yue has become a great master, and it’s still unclear who will win the battle in the end.
"Well, that’s all for today’s meeting. I crossed the Yellow River early in the morning to fight in the south!"
Huang taiji said
"Zha!" They knelt down and shouted
The sun rose the next day.
Today is a fine day, which is very suitable for the two armies to fight!
Wang Yue, with 300,000 troops at his command, has marched to the north in a mighty way.
At noon, the army of Wang Yue finally met with the army of Huang Taiji Banner.
The two armies stood up at the same time when they were two miles apart.
Shui Jian smiled and said to Wang Yue, riding a war horse, "The imperial doctor is said to be invincible, but now it seems that they are not so good either."
All the soldiers are smiling.
Three years ago, they were afraid to hear the Manchu flag army, but now there is contempt and fighting spirit in their eyes.
At present, every soldier in southern Fang Shimin has martial arts skills, even the weakest soldiers have strong skills, and even if they die in the imperial court, they will raise their families. These Manchu people are no longer fierce demons but meritorious deeds in their eyes.
Ao Bai had a bad feeling when he saw Wang Yue’s army rising like a flame and fighting spirit.
"The Emperor Wang Yue’s army is so competitive that he fights slaves with him now, fearing that our army will suffer." Ao Bai said to Huang Taiji.
Huang taiji cold way "so-called"
"Ao Bai, since Wang Yue is here, you can go and catch him for me. Without Wang Yue, it will be interesting to see what the Han army has to fight for."
Ao Bai nodded and said, "Zha!"
Huang taiji ordered "attack!"
Two miles away Wang Yue corners of the mouth with a hint of sneer at the order, "Manchu Dalai attacked you to kill! Give me a hard kill on the battlefield. I don’t want to be captured by the flag. We want to kill Tatars in fear and fear! "
The armies on both sides rushed to each other like a flood.
Just then …
"Wang Yue!"
A thunderous sound rippled into everyone’s ears.
Wang Yue saw a golden streamer flying towards him.